Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 vs UPPAbaby Cruz 

Going out with our little one is fun and can be a short recreation so we are not going to feel bored at home all the time. Strollers like Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Vs UPPAbaby Cruz are great options to have if parents will be taking their baby to the park, grocery stores, restaurants, or just for some quick ice cream break out there. They are richly featured and convenient but, before you head to shop for one, see what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Parents Need a Stroller
  • How to Choose the Stroller
  • What are Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 and UPPAbaby Cruz
  • What Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 and UPPAbaby Cruz Look Like
  • How are the Canopy in Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 and UPPAbaby Cruz
  • How are the Seat in Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 and UPPAbaby Cruz
  • What else Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 and UPPAbaby Cruz can offer
  • How are the Folding System in Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 and UPPAbaby Cruz
  • Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Vs UPPAbaby Cruz

Stroller Advantages

Preparing to be a parent is an unforgettable moment and at this stage of life we have to learn lots of things to make sure our babies are properly taken cared of including how we will transport them later. If the parents will transport the baby from places to another, the most important item to have in your vehicle is their car seats. This can be either an infant car seat or convertible car seat for toddlers and younger children. But, after getting off the car, we will need a stroller for convenience.

Of course parents can always go by without using any stroller and it is great as well to hold our baby all the time but, if you are going to spend quite the amount of time outside or while doing some tasks, then it can be very tiring to hold our little one on our arms in such situation. This is when a good stroller will come in handy because they can take those weights off and allow you to move freely without having to worry about aching back.

A stroller will let the parents be free from the weight and allow them to move freely while paying attention to what they are doing such as doing some grocery shopping. It is also great for the baby or passenger because they have a more comfortable seat to sit or nap while their parents do the chores. The seat will be featured with a harness as well to prevent the passenger from getting off their stroller accidentally or to keep them safe on their seat.

Shopping for a Stroller

Just like everything else, there are lots of strollers to choose from in the market and this can be confusing for first time parents. While all strollers will be able to deliver similar benefits of easing the weight from your shoulders, each one of them can be different as well. First, we recommend considering the seat type for some are only ideal for older babies who can support their neck and head or not ideal for newborn which may require a flat bassinet or infant car seat.

The type of stroller will matter as well because usually a full size stroller will offer a higher weight range compared to the lightweight or umbrella type. Traveling parents or those who use public transportation may want to look for lightweight or umbrella strollers as they are easy to fold and light enough to be hand carried. For parents who plan to bring their little one on their active journey, jogging strollers that can handle various terrains will be the best option.

 Baby Jogger City Mini GT2UPPAbaby Cruz 
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Product Dimensions44.9 x 21.2 x 43.5 inches
36 x 17 x 22.3 inches
Item Weight22.5 pounds
30 pounds

About Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 and UPPAbaby Cruz

Among those many types of stroller and other factors you may want to consider, there must be at least one that will fit your application or family the most. If you already have an image on how the stroller must be or look like, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because you will find tons of them from those names we are already familiar with to those we never heard of.  We personally prefer to stick with popular names as they are often being the more reliable option.

To save the time, you can also shop based on the budget range so then we can quickly eliminate those models that are not fitting the price points you want to spend. For those who are looking for high-end models that carry lots of features and are also convenient, Baby Jogger and UPPAbaby are two ideal options to consider. They are not as affordable as many other brands but if parents are in the market for strollers that come with various useful features to ease your day, then these two are very reliable.

They also carry quite the options to choose from so every parent can get the best model for their family and if you plan to use the stroller since early days, Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 and UPPAbaby Cruz will be two ideal options to consider. These strollers are very similar to each other and our favorite part of their capabilities is that they are useful since newborn until our little ones are big enough to walk and run on their own.

Price wise they are sold at the same range so it can be confusing for parents to choose one but, the fact that they are coming from different brands, we can at least ensure that Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 and UPPAbaby Cruz are not identical. Not only from the external appearance but these strollers are also quite different in terms of features and they might affect your shopping decision. Read also: UPPAbaby Minu Vs Cruz.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 and UPPAbaby Cruz Design

Side by side both of them are very attractive and we do think they are fashionable as well but our favorite part is their fabric because they are soft to touch and thick as well as looking very sturdy. However, standing next to each other the City Mini GT2 will be slightly wider and taller compared to Cruz. In measurement, when unfolded both strollers are 42.8-inch tall, 25.7-inch wide, and 41-inch deep compared to 40-inch tall, 22.8-inch wide, and 37.5-inch deep.

They are also not as heavy as many full-sized strollers out there but compared to each other the City Mini GT2 will be slightly lighter than Cruz as it is only 21 lbs. while the latter is about 4 lbs. heavier. Since these are not a travel system set, there will be no infant car seat in the box and you may want to have one for travelling. As for the maximum weight, both strollers are ideal for children weighing up to 50 lbs.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 and UPPAbaby Cruz Canopy

The first part we often see in a stroller is their canopy probably because they are so prominent and we always like a huge canopy because it can make sure our little one can sleep and rest properly without being exposed to sun rays. Here both strollers have 3-ply canopies that can be folded when needed and when extended, they are further reaching until almost half of the front opening. However, Cruz also adds its value by including rain and bug shields to provide maximum coverage.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 and UPPAbaby Cruz Seat

Moving further, let’s talk about the passenger seat and this is probably what set Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 and UPPAbaby Cruz apart the most in our opinion. First, their seats are adequately padded and can be reclined while also featured with a harness to keep the baby securely on their seat. Second, the Cruz seats can be removed fully from the frame and this allows for lighter application with other accessories such as infant car seats while in GT2 we have to dock the seat on top of the existing passenger seat.

Third, being removable also allows Cruz to adjust its seats in different facing options thus, instead of facing forward, parents can install the seat facing them while strolling. In addition, this seat is also further adjusted to offer a lower reclining position or lay almost flat for younger babies when not transported using the infant car seat. However, the City Mini GT2 is also very capable in offering a further reclining position and we do think both are great in this side.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 and UPPAbaby Cruz Handlebar

On the additional features part, what we love from Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 and UPPAbaby Cruz is their handlebar because many cheaper strollers are not offering any method to adjust the height or position and thankfully, this is not the case for these two. Baby Jogger offers a rotating handlebar so it can affect the height but will not affect the distance from the stroller while UPPAbaby has a telescoping handlebar thus, not only height, it can affect the distance between user and the unit as well.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT and UPPAbaby Cruz Folding System

The last point we want to mention is their folding system because it may affect their performance and convenience on the go. For City Mini GT2, this model is very easy to fold for what you need to do are only folding the canopy and pulling the concealed handle on the seat to collapse the frame into half. Cruz also folded from the canopy first, followed by locking the rear wheel, and extending the handlebar to the highest. There is a switch on both handlebar sides and when pulled, the stroller will fold into half but not as compact as GT2.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 vs UPPAbaby Cruz 

Both of these strollers are richly featured and convenient as well but different especially on the seat because you can remove it from the Cruz frame while Baby Jogger is non removable and it will affect the stroller weight in general when used in such scenarios. You can also reverse Cruz’s seat to face either forward or the parent. In addition, Cruz uses telescoping handlebars which may be preferred more by some parents but GT2 offers the easier and most compact folding dimension.

- SAFE AND SNUG: Stroller seat holds a child up to 65 pound and includes a 5 point stroller harness to keep your child safely secured
- UNCOMPROMISED AGILITY: Stroller has forever air rubber tires with all wheel suspension, providing uncompromised agility on any terrain
- ONE HAND FOLD: Lift a strap with one hand and the City Mini GT2 stroller folds itself simply and compactly
- CREATE A TRAVEL SYSTEM: Add a City GO Infant Car Seat using the included City GO infant car seat adapters (car seat sold separately) and go anywhere from day one
- Includes toddler seat, rain shield & bug shield-Full size front and rear facing toddler seat-180-degree recline with one hand
- Adjustable canopy with peek-a-boo window-Extendable UPF 50+ sunshade
- Bumper bar with neoprene or leather cover in select fashions-One-hand, adjustable handlebar with leather cover in select fashions
- Combines aluminum with magnesium for optimal lightweight, durable performance-Shock-absorbing front & rear suspension- One-step fold, with or without seat attached-Large, easy-access basket holds up to 30lbs.


You can pick any of these strollers because they are equally amazing but, depending on your family’s need, we do think that Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 will be more ideal for parents who are looking for easy to carry stroller or will often use public transportation as it is more convenient compared to Cruz.


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