Baby Jogger City Mini vs GT

Not all family will need a stroller because they can choose another type of carrier to bring their baby along but having one will ease the weight in your shoulder when walking or strolling with your baby or toddler. Baby Jogger as one of the most popular stroller brand offer many great items in their catalogue such as Baby Jogger City Mini vs GT. If you are also interested in them, go check our article below to see which item fit your family the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a Stroller
– What are Baby Jogger City Mini and GT
– What Baby Jogger City Mini and GT Look Like
– What Baby Jogger City Mini and GT can offer to you
– Baby Jogger City Mini vs GT

Baby Stroller
Stroller is an important equipment to purchase when you are expecting a baby because they are exceptionally useful when it comes to help carrying your baby around, so you can more focus on other task such as when going shopping or at least it can lessen the burden in your shoulder since you don’t have to carry them manually. Baby also have so many gears which you will need to bring along and with a stroller, you just can put them into their storage.

There are several types of stroller available nowadays and even though their main purpose are the same which is to carry your baby; some of them are added or enhance in some of their parts to be able to stand against more weight or even rougher terrain. Those who already own a full-sized stroller even often needs to purchase lightweight or umbrella stroller since this model are easier to carry around everywhere due to minimal weight. There are also stroller that comes with 2 seat initially if you are expecting twin.

About Baby Jogger City Mini and GT
When purchasing something, often we need to check about the manufacturer because the trusted brand are more likely to provide quality products for our baby. Among those many strollers manufacturers out there, Baby Jogger is very popular with their collection of strollers that ranging from types and price. This company has been around in the market for quite some time now starting in 1984, so they already have a huge amount of experience to build many dependable items in their catalogue for their customers. (See also : City Select vs City Mini)

What makes Baby Jogger popular and reliable as stroller manufacturer is because they are building their stroller based on real-life experience, so they can understand what kind of problems faced by parents with their children and then craft a product that offer the solution but without the high price. This brand’s strollers are not cheap and not a budget items, but they are not expensive either. With all the features and quality included in each of their stroller, the price you pay can be considered fair.

Among those many strollers in their catalogue, Baby Jogger have some products that stand among their peers like City Mini and City Mini GT. Both of these strollers are even similar in name which makes many parents confused about which to choose and wondering what features separate them from each other. As you can expect, these stroller falls into the same line, so you actually can get most of their features in the other one as well. Beside these two, the line also offer the twin version of the two models.

Baby Jogger City Mini and GT Design
From the outside, as you can see, both of these stroller look like each other very much and if you don’t know which is the more expensive one, you probably won’t able to set them apart from each other without trying to check some of their features. These two model has been around for quite some time now and the company still hasn’t upgrade neither of them since the features available are already enough to provide you with nice ride and good comfort for your baby.

However, it doesn’t mean you can’t set them apart quickly because if you see the front wheel, then you can realize that the GT is using single wheel while the other is double but is also thinner. Since they are different item, it seems that the company also use different material for GT because the weight limit is higher if compared to City Mini. However, the sturdier material also makes the stroller having a heavier weight as well.

Baby Jogger City Mini and GT Features
Being in the same line makes the two of them are having most of their built the same especially on the canopy because as you can see, City Mini and Mini GT are having an equally huge canopy which are probably one of the best in the market because they use 3 panels to cover your children from sun rays, moreover, since the size is huge, they actually put two decent sized peek a boo windows in the canopy made from clear plastic and covered with a fabric locked with Velcro. Read also: City Select vs City Mini here.

When you check the seat, you will love how wide and well-padded they are combined with a padded harness as well. The benefit of having a wide seat will be prominent when your child is taller than average because some seat will be too uncomfortable for them; of course we don’t want to see their head touch the canopy or any feet touching the ground while they are seating. This seat can be reclined and since it is using strap system, you can use one hand to lower them.

When you lower the seat, the back part will reveal another window made from mesh which is great to allow air going through it and make sure your baby stay cool while sleeping. However, when you need to bring the seat back, you will need two hands to properly execute the process. The farthest they can go is quite far but still couldn’t lay flat like a bassinet. Behind this seat, you can see an additional mesh pocket which is very useful to help you carry around things.

Moving to the upper side, you can see their handle bar and this part is what we think separate City Mini and Mini GT the most because unfortunately, the handle bar in City Mini is not adjustable and located around 41-inch from ground, so it may feel too high for shorter parents. At the other hand, Mini GT is coming with an adjustable handle bar and can be adjusted starting from 30-inch up to 42-inch from the ground to accommodate both shorter and taller parents.

Another part you may want to consider when looking for a stroller especially for those who loves shopping or doing grocery runs with their baby in the stroller is probably the basket under the seat of these strollers. The older model of these two are actually having a different shaped of basket underneath and for now, they used a slight bent form on its backside to promote easy accessibility from behind but some parents still think that they still need to be improved.

Another part that set City Mini and Mini GT prominently is the wheels because even though they are coming with the exact 3-wheel design, the type of wheel used are different since Mini GT is using all terrain-wheels. Unlike many other stroller, both of them are using wheels with the same diameter and for GT itself, they used forever-air tires that are inflated with foam instead of air which makes them are forever inflate and won’t get flat, so you will not need a pump here.

At the other hand, Mini City is using hard rubber wheel and the front is doubled for an even better stability. It is better than plastic wheels that can only stroll on smooth surfaces but it still not all-terrain. For Mini GT, even though they are using all-terrain, the stroller itself is not made for jogging. The front wheel of these two are also swiveled but can be locked when needed such as when strolling in rougher surfaces.

Since you are going to carry your baby inside, comfort is another thing you will need to consider. To promote this side, both of City Mini and Mini GT are having suspension on their front wheel to absorb some bumps but still can’t deal with hard road with holes here and there. As for the brake, both of them have a brake but City Mini is using regular parking brake in between its rear wheels while Mini GT is better with hand brake, so no matter what kind of shoes you are wearing, you can operate it easily.

If you want to convert them into a travel system, you can purchase the adapter to attach your infant car seat but it won’t support all model and brand available, so make sure to check their compatibility first before making any purchase.

Now, let’s compare Baby Jogger City Mini with City Mini GT. As it has been mentioned earlier, the difference between these two strollers are weight capacity, adjustable handlebar, and all terrain wheel which makes Mini GT is a better stroller than its sister, but, the price is also higher with a quite far gap.

Baby Jogger City Mini vs GT

NameBaby Jogger City MiniBaby Jogger City Mini GT
Features- Lightweight Stroller: The essence of urban mobility: lightweight, compact and nimble - The Fold: Patented quick fold technology allows stroller to fold in one step - Seat: Multiple recline positions with a 50 lb. weight capacity- Patented quick fold technology fold your lightweight stroller with one hand.Care- The seat can be washed in cold water on the delicate cycle of your washing machine and attached back onto the stroller to dry - 3-Wheel Stroller: 8.5" all terrain non flat tires with front wheel suspension provide a smooth comfortable ride

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are an equal good choice but after considering the features and price, if you don’t have issue about the budget, we will highly recommend you to pick Baby Jogger City Mini GT since it has several better features than City Mini.

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