Baby Jogger City Tour vs City Mini

Strolling in a packed city with our little one can be a challenge because we need a stroller that can be easily maneuvered and carry even though we have to move around people and using public transportation. However, worry not because Baby Jogger City Tour Vs City Mini are two ideal choice for parents who are living in urban areas so we can still enjoy the activity out there. If you are also eyeing these models, see which stroller will offer the best capabilities below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using Baby Stroller
– How to Shop for Baby Stroller
– What are Baby Jogger City Tour and City Mini
– What Baby Jogger City Tour and City Mini Look like
– How are the Canopy on Baby Jogger City Tour and City Mini
– How are the Passenger Seat on Baby Jogger City Tour and City Mini
– How to Fold Baby Jogger City Tour and City Mini
– Baby Jogger City Tour Vs City Mini

Baby Stroller Benefit
Having a little baby doesn’t mean we can’t leave the house because it is also great for the parents to spend some quality time out there and taking their baby with them. By doing an outing together, not only we can break free from daily, boring activities, but also bond with our children while introducing them to the surroundings. However, it also means that we have to carry many things with us like diaper bag, snacks, and their feeding bottles.

For a quick stroll or short play time in the backyard, carrying our little one is not a problem but what if we have to spend hours both holding them and all of those gears. It sure can be very tiring especially if we have no one at home to care for them while we have to deal with some tasks outside. This is why we have baby stroller which is not only helpful but also versatile to both take the weight of our baby and their belongings.

With a baby stroller, we don’t have to hold them all the time while moving and as they grow up more, the passenger seat on a stroller will be more comfortable for them to sit or sleep compared to our narrow shoulders or arms. It also has a strap so we can be sure that our little one are safe on their seat while we are doing some errands like choosing what to cook for dinner etc. Additionally, we can transport this equipment easily for many of them can be carried with one hand.

Shopping for Baby Stroller
Baby stroller is indeed useful and convenient but we have to pick them based on what you need since not all family will require the same stroller. The first thing you may want to consider when looking for a stroller is the type itself for we have full size stroller which often used in daily basis but a bit heavier, lightweight or umbrella stroller that we can carry easily while traveling or when using public transportation, and then there is jogging stroller for those active parents.

Each type has their own shining capabilities and they will roll equally the same, in specific activity, one of them will be the best choice. After the type of stroller, you may want to start seeing what features included in the unit such as big canopies, reclining seat or removable seat, adjustable handlebar, or a capability to take an infant car seat and transform the stroller into a travel system so we can use it since day one.

About Baby Jogger City Tour and City Mini
If parents are preparing a stroller for their baby when they grow up, now is a good time to see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them, almost countless coming from different companies and even one brand usually have more than one to offer. While it can be time consuming, it is necessary to let us get the most ideal choice and among those huge collection, Baby Jogger is one of the best choices to go.

We are sure many parents are already familiar with this company because they are very popular, especially when it comes to high quality strollers but at an affordable price range. The brand name can be misleading sometimes because they are indicating to have only jogger or jogging stroller but in fact, there are various types of strollers in the catalogue, so whether you want a full size stroller, lightweight stroller, or jogging stroller, the options are available.

For parents who are living in an urban area and need a stroller that can be easily transported or maneuvered, Baby Jogger City Tour and City Mini are two ideal choices to go because they are designed for the application. As the name suggests, they are made for users who need to move fast and compact among the packed city roads with comfortable performance both for the parents and our little who are sitting or sleeping in their own seat.

However, don’t let their name deceive you as well because while City Mini sounds like the best choice for going compact, in fact the former is more fitting for the application. In comparison, the City Tour is the travel friendly stroller while the latter is a slightly more compact form of our common full size stroller because this model will fall into this category better. In addition, Baby Jogger City Mini is suitable for travel system set since we can use adaptor to fit an infant car seat as well.

On the other hand, City Tour is strictly for babies older than 6 months or those when they can already support the head and neck since this is not compatible with any infant car seat for the lack of adaptor so it is more fitting for families with older babies or those who don’t plan to use since day one. Read also: Babyzen Yoyo 6+ Vs Baby Jogger City Tour here.

Baby Jogger City Tour and City Mini Design
Like many other strollers from Baby Jogger, both of them are very stylish and there is nothing unique that caught our attention at first glance since they look pretty common. What’s surprising is that they actually sporting the same form or design but different on the choice of wheels because as you can see, the City Tour is a regular 4-wheel stroller while the City Mini is a coming with 3-wheel design despite placing two at the front to make the unit more stable when maneuvering.

When you line them side by side, it is prominent that City Mini is slightly taller than the former measured at 41.5-inches as opposed to 38.7-inch and overall it is also bulkier than City Tour. When it comes to weight, the difference is even more distinguishable because City Tour is quite light, similar to strollers we used to carry while travelling at around 14 lbs. and while the latter is not very heavy, in comparison it is still around 4 lbs. heavier than its sister.

Baby Jogger City Tour and City Mini Canopy
When shopping for a stroller, the first thing we often look is their canopy because it is the easiest part to see and both of Baby Jogger City Tour and City Mini are similarly coming with 3 panel, thick canopy that you can be folded or extended as needed on a sunny day or when the weather is nice out there so our little one can enjoy their surroundings. There is a small window above it as well and City Mini have two of them covered and locked with Velcro.

What’s different is City Tour actually have additional visor at the front to add its protection against sun rays because the panels are not as wide as the one we see in City Mini so it can be helpful when strolling in summer.

Baby Jogger City Tour and City Mini Passenger Seat
Moving forward, below these canopies there is a main passenger seat and they are equally slightly padded to improve comfort as well as featured with 5-point harness to keep your children safe in their seats both while they enjoy the scenery or taking a quick nap. As you can expect, these seats are adjustable using a strap on the rear part and they can go back quite far yet, not completely flat nor suitable for smaller babies but are very comfortable for napping.

We can’t remove the main seat on both of these strollers but, if you plan to use since day one, Baby Jogger City Mini is suitable with many infant car seats with the available adaptor so make sure to get the one that match such as the Baby Jogger City Go, B-Safe from Britax, and Graco SnugRide Click Connect.

Baby Jogger City Tour and City Mini Folding System
The last important thing we want to mention about these strollers is how easy it is to fold them and making the unit more compact for storing or hand carrying. But, City Tour will be the best in terms of folding mechanism because we first need to fold the canopy then, the handlebar of the stroller using the button located on its handlebar followed by folding the rest by pulling the handle on its passenger seat. Its final form will be around 17.7 by 9-inch.

As for City Mini, the folding mechanism is actually even simpler because what we need is only folding the canopy and then pull the handle on its passenger seat to recline and fold the stroller into half. However, it is slightly less compact measured at 24.2 by 9.2-inch.

Baby Jogger City Tour and City Mini are an ideal option for parents who want to go lightweight or living in a crowded city and need to more freely. What sets them apart prominently is weight and folding mechanism as well as a capability to accept infant car seat because while City Tour is very light and folded into a compact form, this model is not fitting for application starting at day one for it has no adaptor to accept infant car seat or bassinet.

Baby Jogger City Tour vs City Mini

- Easy and compact portable stroller features a one hand quick fold; auto lock locks the fold for transportation or storage
- Multi position near flat recline; the canopy stroller includes a UV 50 plus sun canopy with canopy extension and peek a boo window; stroller seat features 5 point harness
- Folding stroller fits neatly into the backpack style carry bag, included with stroller; convenient under seat storage basket provides space for baby's extras
- This seat unit is not suitable for children under 6 months. Maximum weight is 45 pounds (20.5 kilogram). maximum height is 40 inch (101.6 centimetre). Total weight load recommended for this stroller is 62 pounds (28.5 kilogram). 45 pounds (20.5 kilogram) in the seat, 2 pounds (1 kilogram) in the seat back pocket, and 15 pounds (7 kilogram) in the basket
- Lightweight Stroller: The essence of urban mobility: lightweight, compact and nimble
- The Fold: Patented quick fold technology allows stroller to fold in one step
- Seat: Multiple recline positions with a 50 lb. weight capacity
- Canopy: UB 50+ sun canopy can be adjusted for differing head heights. Features two peak-a-boo windows

We are sure parents can already decide to go with which stroller because both of them are quite different and if you are not determined yet, we do recommend City Tour for those with older babies (>6 months old) but those who want to use since day one, Baby Jogger City Mini will be more ideal.

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