Baby Jogger City Tour vs City Tour 2

Taking our little one outside can be a very fun thing whether it is just to a nearby park or overseas while spending the holiday. If you often carry the children especially the smaller ones, having a stroller like Baby Jogger City Tour vs City Tour 2 will be very helpful because then we don’t have to hold them all the time while moving and strolling. For those who are also interested in these two models, see which suit you better below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Parents need Baby Stroller
– Which Stroller Fits you the Best
– What are Baby Jogger City Tour and City Tour 2
– What Baby Jogger City Tour and City Tour 2 Look Like
– How are the Canopy in Baby Jogger City Tour and City Tour 2
– How are the Passenger Seat in Baby Jogger City Tour and City Tour 2
– How are the Main Basket and Tire in Baby Jogger City Tour and City Tour 2
– How to Fold Baby Jogger City Tour and City Tour 2
– Baby Jogger City Tour vs City Tour 2

Baby Strollers
Spending some time outside the house can be very refreshing and calming as well because we can see those that we don’t encounter at home or just to seek for some fresh air and enjoy what nature provides. Even adults love spare some of their leisure time to see what the world is currently at inside the country and overseas. When becoming parents, we also want our little ones to enjoy the same experience both for learning purposes and for entertainment.

Our challenge when carrying a baby or small children outside is the weight that we have to sustain on our shoulder because let’s be honest, not all of us are very fit and can go a few hours holding them on our arms without any issues. We are not even counting the additional weight yet such as their needs which is necessary to also carry everywhere the owners go. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t look for alternatives or a way to handle the problems.

Parents have been using stroller for a very long time since when modern shopping center and more reliable public transportation are not established yet until today because of how useful it is. With stroller, we can let the baby to sit or sleep on their seat or compartment while we can stroll easier without having to manually carrying the weight. Depending on the model, they can also carry smaller babies as long as provided with a proper bassinet or with car seat attachment.

Baby Stroller Types
Choosing for a new stroller can be very simple and quick but also complicated because apparently, all of them are the same and should carry at least children above 6 months up to the recommended weight limit. But, strollers are also coming in various types based on the main benefit of the unit so parents should choose accordingly. The standard type is full size stroller, usually can accept a type of car seat, heavier in general, sturdier, and some can even have 2 or 3 passengers.

Lightweight stroller like Babyzen YOYO+ Vs Mountain Buggy Nano are considered travel friendly due to its compact size and overall lighter frame. For active parents, there is also jogging strollers which is designed to be easily maneuvered and made with sturdier frame as well as rubber tires to allow the user to stroll on various surfaces. If parents want to use the stroller starting the early days, it is better to get a travel system set with suitable infant car seat so we don’t have to shop again later.

About Baby Jogger City Tour and City Tour 2
If parents already considering what they need on their strollers, now is the time to shop for one based on the options we have in the market. While all of them are going to be able to carry the children, not all will have the same shining parts and if you are here, chances are parents need something that they can carry easily while traveling or commuting with public transportation so the stroller must be compact and easy to carry as well.

Among those many good stroller brands out there, Baby Jogger is one of the best or ideal options to look at different types of stroller since they have quite the collections. For those who worry if this brand only have jogging strollers due to the name, it is actually not the case so we should choose those fitting the family the most and for travelers or parents who live in an urban area, the City Tour and City Tour 2 will be a very ideal option.

The original stroller has been around for several years and well-known as the companion for mobile family but recently, they upgrade it to be better so we are very excited to see what kind of improvements they have been putting into this new stroller. The original City Tour is a regular lightweight strollers, and as many of its kind, the unit is still not able carry infant car seats which is not as convenient when the users want to use starting from day one.

They claimed to be redesigning the unit to follow the new standard of being a more versatile and reliable stroller but the best part is an ability to carry infant car seat and as an addition, there is City Tour compatible Carrycot, sold separately when you want to carry small baby outside but don’t want to use the infant car seat.

Baby Jogger City Tour and City Tour 2 Design
In a glance Baby Jogger City Tour and City Tour 2 are very similar to each other or almost identical because they retain the same 4-wheel design and equally have the forever wheel which can be only used on fairly smooth surface or pavement. The frame form stay the same as well and the weight doesn’t change from +/-14 lbs. with maximum height of 38.7-inch. When folded completely, their dimension become 9-inch by 17.7-inch. Their weight limit is not upgraded and can carry capacity up to 45 lbs.

The fabric material feels nice to touch and seems very durable but we also like the overall shape and fashion options especially for parents who prefer subtler colors since besides the black standard shade, we also have dark grey, dark green, red, and blue.

Baby Jogger City Tour and City Tour 2 Canopy
The first thing we often see on a stroller is their canopy and in this part, both of Baby Jogger City Tour and City Tour 2 are still using the same type of canopy and among other similar types of strollers, they are indeed come with bigger cover or shade. Their canopies are constructed from UV50+, 4 panels that can be folded or extended as needed. The furthest part is lower and can protect sun rays that comes from the front part.

For parents with children who love to stroll while taking a nap, there is a concealed window at the top, secured with another fabric when not in use so we can peek on our little one while pushing the unit without having to stop.

Baby Jogger City Tour and City Tour 2 Passenger Seat
Moving below, in a glance there is nothing different between the seat in original City Tour and its newer version since it used the same amount of padding, have harness to keep the passenger safe in place as well as can be reclined to lay down a bit. What’s different is the only fact that City Tour 2 have adaptor available to fit infant car seat and this is not just any car seat but only those come from Baby Jogger.

Besides the infant car seat, this model is also sold with separate adaptor to fit baby bassinet or Baby Jogger Carrycot for parents who want to take their baby outside but don’t want to use the infant car seat since a bassinet is wider and the passenger can move more freely inside. To accommodate these new accessories, the seat of Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is also added in depth.

Baby Jogger City Tour and City Tour 2 Basket and Tire
Checking the main basket and wheel below, it is not as big as what we used to see in a full size stroller but is enough to help removing some of the weight of our small belongings especially while traveling and strolling around in a new place. The tire used is a flat forever tire and not those we have to fill with air but the front suspension is nice to help eliminate some shakes during the strolling and made the journey more pleasurable for the passenger and parents.

Folding Baby Jogger City Tour and City Tour 2
The last thing we want to talk about Baby Jogger City Tour and City Tour 2 is their folding system because it is one of the most necessary parts to consider when looking for a new compact stroller. Both of them are still using the same folding mechanism by accessing them from the button located at the handle. When pressed, it will fold the handlebar and canopy frame towards the seat. We then can pull the concealed handle on passenger seat and collapse the rest of these strollers’ frame.

Comparing these two identical brothers is great to help parents decide which model to bring home because while the price gap is quite far for two items with almost the same capabilities, we do adore the feature to carry infant car seat and baby bassinet in City Tour 2 because then we can use the stroller to carry smaller babies who are not yet ready for the main seat. However, overall we don’t see any prominent change of design or additional useful features such as adjustable handlebar or removable seat.

Baby Jogger City Tour vs City Tour 2

- Easy and compact portable stroller features a one hand quick fold; auto lock locks the fold for transportation or storage
- Multi position near flat recline; the canopy stroller includes a UV 50 plus sun canopy with canopy extension and peek a boo window; stroller seat features 5 point harness
- Folding stroller fits neatly into the backpack style carry bag, included with stroller; convenient under seat storage basket provides space for baby's extras
- Newly redesigned, with infant car seat compatibility
- Ultra-compact one-hand fold and auto-lock
- Three ways to ride for infants and toddlers

At this point we are sure most parents can already decide which model to go with and for a recommendation, if you plan to use it since day one, City Tour 2 is the ideal option with available car seat adaptor for Baby Jogger car seat but for older babies who can sit on toddler seat, we do prefer the cheaper original City Tour.

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