Baby Jogger Summit X3 vs Bob Revolution Pro

Jogging strollers are ideal for active parents who want to introduce their little one to their healthy habit by taking them outside while exercising like walking or running. These strollers are made for easy maneuvering as well as durable enough for the activity and option wise we also have plenty such as Baby Jogger Summit X3 Vs BOB Revolution Pro. These strollers are not only sturdy but also easy to use and if you wonder which of the two will be the better option, let’s see the comparison below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What to Look for in Your Jogging Stroller
  • What are Baby Jogger Summit X3 and BOB Revolution Pro
  • How are the Built of Baby Jogger Summit X3 and BOB Revolution Pro
  • How are the Canopy in Baby Jogger Summit X3 and BOB Revolution Pro
  • How are the Seat in Baby Jogger Summit X3 and BOB Revolution Pro
  • How are the Tires in Baby Jogger Summit X3 and BOB Revolution Pro
  • How are the Brakes in Baby Jogger Summit X3 and BOB Revolution Pro
  • Baby Jogger Summit X3 Vs BOB Revolution Pro

Jogging Strollers

Being a parent doesn’t mean that we can’t be as active anymore because there is always a way to get back into shape or just do routine exercise needed to maintain fitness. But, since now we have a new family member who needs full attention, it can be more difficult at first when they are still too young but after some time, we can bring them along to the activity as well, especially if it is only for a short walk or jogging around your neighborhood.

Jogging strollers are made for this purpose and different from regular strollers such as Cameleon 3 Vs Cameleon 3 Plus. Jogging strollers or joggers are made for the application, most prominently with different shapes and features necessary for joggers. Here are some important factors to notice in your next jogging strollers to help with the shopping process:

Make sure the joggers are suitable with your application especially in weight capacity or how many passengers they can take. Most joggers are single-seat systems but some are twin style as well with two seats for close age siblings or twins. The weight limit also lets us know until when the stroller can be used since we can bring them to jog after the baby is old enough to sit on their own and not recommended for newborn who need to lay down all the time.

Due to the nature of joggers which mean we will be pushing this equipment at a fairly higher speed, it also requires parents to consider the type of brake they have. Do note that not all joggers have the same brakes; some have hand brakes, some have foot brakes, and some have both of them. Hand brakes are better for runners because we can control the speed and stop the stroller faster, especially if the type of terrain in your running area is hilly; better if they also have a tether strap we can wear.

The seat of your stroller plays an important role in deciding the kid’s comfort and usually a jogger will have a more laid back seat compared to typical strollers but they are adjustable as well up to a certain level yet, won’t go as low as flat. The seat in some joggers can be installed or extended with an infant car seat as well to make the stroller more useful since day one but in most cases you will need a type of adapter to fit them together, whether from the same or different brand.

 Baby Jogger Summit X3 Bob Revolution Pro
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Product Dimensions46 x 38.2 x 41.5 inches
48 x 25.4 x 45.8 inches
Item Weight32.2 pounds
28.2 pounds

About Baby Jogger Summit X3 and BOB Revolution Pro

Unlike with regular strollers, we do think the usability of joggers are wider since they can be a regular stroller for walking or when you need to travel with the kid while also suitable for a more challenging terrain and faster speed. They do lack some of the luxury features from full-size strollers however, such as being lightweight or comes with various accessories. The fact that they are coming with air-filled tires also means that they will need more maintenance.

Most jogging strollers are quite similar to each other so it is best to go with the one you are confident with and most popular options are usually very reliable as well, such as strollers from Baby Jogger and BOB. These are often the go-to of many parents for their reliable products and we do like these brands as well because they have some of the best joggers in the market. Option wise they are carrying many to choose from so you won’t have to worry about the lack of choice.

For active parents who are jogging with their kids, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 and BOB Revolution Pro are two impressive options to consider. First thing first they are very much similar to each other so what the former can offer is actually possible as well on the latter. Second, their price difference is not that far apart or probably around $30 pricier on Baby Jogger depending on where you get the stroller. Third, the two are equally working really well for just walking or running and on different terrain.

We do think you can go amazing with any of these jogging strollers and feature wise, there are plenty to see here to improve the experience. For example the swiveling front wheel or the plenty of storage for whatever you need during the short adventure. What’s different between Baby Jogger Summit X3 and BOB Revolution Pro are mostly how to activate or use these features because some are better on the former and some are more convenient on the latter.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 and BOB Revolution Pro Design

The first thing we notice about Baby Jogger Summit X3 and BOB Revolution Pro is their width because these two are pretty large strollers with almost identical width from the tire to tire about 25-25.5 inches for both models. The fashion of the unit itself is varying but for BOB you currently can choose for either black and grey like the sample picture here or blue and grey, or orange and grey. We heard that Summit X3 is available in orange and green as well but couldn’t find the product available.

Not only bulky, these strollers are also heavy and in comparison the Revolution Pro is actually heavier than Summit X3 at 30 pounds while the former is 28.5 pounds. The frame feels similarly sturdy and their fabric is also soft to touch. The stroller capacity is at 70 and 75 pounds respectively so depending on the kid, they can fit 4-5 years old without any issue. 

Baby Jogger Summit X3 and BOB Revolution Pro Canopy

Moving further, let’s see the canopy of Baby Jogger Summit X3 and BOB Revolution Pro first because this is one of the most important parts in a stroller. We are happy to tell you that they are large enough to cover the passenger properly, even until about half of their body for a more private nap. They are foldable and extendable as needed and at the top, there is a window in BOB or two on Baby Jogger. The windows are made of plastic, see through material secured with Velcro. 

Baby Jogger Summit X3 and BOB Revolution Pro Passenger Seat

Below the canopy, here we can find the passenger seat of the stroller which as you expect are all featured with a 5-point harness to secure the kid. These harnesses are easy for parents to attach but not so much for small children so they can be secured properly. There is not much padding here, unlike in a regular stroller but the seat is wide enough for comfort and in BOB, there are two pockets in each side of the seat to put the kid’s sippy cups, snacks or toys.

If you plan on using the stroller from early age or newborn, we need to purchase the separate adapter as well and for BOB, we can fit their own infant car seat or Britax car seat using the adapter. Baby Jogger on the other hand is providing adapters that are compatible with plenty other car seat brands in the market. Just like most stroller seats, you can recline the seats of Baby Jogger Summit X3 and BOB Revolution Pro using the strap behind the seat.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 and BOB Revolution Pro Tires

Moving below the seat, here the two are coming with air-filled tires so we will need to air them first when receiving the stroller. The tires are larger on the rear, equally at 16 inches while the front tire is 12 inches. The front tire are swiveling and can be locked too but, the method to do so is different because with Baby Jogger we can do it without reaching the front tire through a lever at the side of the frame while with BOB we have to activate the red switch above the front tire to lock it.

These strollers are also featured with suspension which is great since rubber tires alone are not enough to absorb impacts, especially if you will be running on gravel or unpaved way so the passenger can enjoy the ride and you can be confident enough with the run.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 and BOB Revolution Pro Brakes

Lastly we want to talk about the brake and thankfully, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 and BOB Revolution Pro are all featured with handbrakes which we do like better than just parking brakes which the two are also coming with. We do think handbrake is more reliable in controlling the stroller, especially if your running terrain has an uphill and downhill, just for safety. In addition, the two do have a tether strap that we can put on the wrist while jogging for better control of the stroller.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 vs Bob Revolution Pro

Both of them are good strollers for jogging but there is one part we didn’t talk about above and this is about the folding mechanism which is what made us choose Baby Jogger. This stroller folds in one quick step, just pull the handle located at the seat and we are good to go while on the other hand BOB requires you to use the trigger below the handle to fold the stroller forward and then pull another strap behind the seat to fully fold the frame.

It is still quick but Summit X3 is faster. Additionally, the adapter of Baby Jogger also fits with plenty of other car seat brands out there in case you are using different brands while we also like the way it stops the front wheel from swiveling as we don’t have to access the wheel itself to do so.

- Patented quick fold technology fold your stroller with one hand
- 16" rear and 12" front air filled tires with front wheel lock mounted on the handlebar for easy conversions between jogger and stroller mode
- All wheel suspension system soaks up road bumps
- Hand operated rear brakes for more control on hilly or uneven terrain
- Hand activated rear deceleration brakes for added control to conquer hills & inclines
- Adjustable handlebar accommodates any parent's height with 9 position options
- Swiveling front wheel allows for superior maneuverability; Locks forward for increased stability jogging or when the terrain turns tough
- Easy, two-step folding, lightweight frame for convenient transport and storage


You should go for the one that seems to fit in the family the most or sounds better in your opinion but we personally recommend to opt for the Baby Jogger Summit X3 because this stroller is more convenient to store and operate.


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