Baby Jogger vs UPPABABY

To lift some weight from our shoulder when carrying our children outside while doing some other tasks, stroller is invented with several useful features on board. For parents who want to have a good quality baby stroller, we can choose from favorite brands like Baby Jogger vs UPPABABY because they are among the most popular in the market. If you are also interested in these brands, go check our article below to see what they can offer and which the better option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why we need a Baby Stroller
– What are Baby Jogger and UPPABABY
– What Baby Jogger and UPPABABY Look Like
– How are the Canopy in Baby Jogger and UPPABABY
– How are the Children Seat in Baby Jogger and UPPABABY
– How are the Handlebar and Basket in Baby Jogger and UPPABABY
– How are the Tire and Folding Mechanism in Baby Jogger and UPPABABY
– Baby Jogger vs UPPABABY

Baby Stroller
Having a baby means an increased task as well, moreover, if this is your first children since for new parents, we need to learn so many things and purchase several gears to help our job as a parent. Baby will need a proper care and lots of learning to give them what they need from the correct nutrition to how to handle problems like feeding issues. However, with the easy access to information, we can always rely to other parents experience as well as from various sources.

One item that almost always prepared when having a baby is the stroller and baby carrier because these equipment will do us much help when carrying our little one outside. Carrying them manually in our arm is the easiest and the most traditional method we can use so we actually can go by without modern equipment as well but, carrying them for a long hours will require much energy and tire us more compared to when using baby caddy or stroller.

With stroller, we don’t have to spend much energy holding our baby manually and can be more freely while doing other activities outside the house such as shopping or goes to Community Park and similar activities. What we need to do is only put our baby on the seat, secure the harness and push the stroller to move around. While strollers are made to have the same main function, depend on your need, we may also pick different models that has all the required features.

Another good advantage of using a stroller is most of them can already accept certain or several models of infant car seat so it doesn’t need to wait until your baby can support their neck and head first before parent can use their stroller. For those who want to jog or run with their baby may also pick joggers or jogging strollers such as Baby Trend Expedition vs RG which has the proper feature to support the frame when rolling on an uneven, rough surface.

About Baby Jogger
If you are already making up your mind to purchase a baby stroller, now is the time to decide which stroller to purchase but due to the huge option, it is hard to pick which the best of them. To save much time when looking for the stroller, it is best to start from the popular names first like Baby Jogger because they have a high possibility to offer what you are looking for. While the name is Jogger not all of their stroller are joggers so there will be regular stroller as well.

There are so many items on this brand’s collection and if it is hard to decide which you will like, let us introduce you to one of their best-selling models which is called Baby Jogger City Mini stroller. This model is loved not without a reason because with a compact frame and easy folding mechanism, we can use it to carry our baby outside comfortably. For smaller babies, we may also mount another car seat on the frame but like many other, it only limited to few infant car seat models.

Baby Jogger Design
Baby Jogger especially this City Mini is a nice looking baby stroller because they are made with a high quality material that reflects some light to increase its visibility. It is coming in a 3-wheel design but not made to be a jogging stroller with regular tire and double smaller, front tires. The frame itself is sturdy but the weight is very light around 12 pounds to make sure we can travel with the stroller conveniently yet, it can take weight up to 50 pounds.

Baby Jogger Canopy
From the most obvious part, Baby Jogger stroller is featured with a decent 3-panel canopy which parent can fold or extended to cover their children who sat below and what we love from this side is they are made with more round canopy to prevent children’s head bumping the top when they are taller. On top of the canopy, instead of one window, we will see two peek a boo windows to check your little one when they are sleeping inside.

Baby Jogger Children Seat
Moving below, we can see the children seat which is padded enough to let our baby sit and sleep comfortably but the padding only present at the back support, seat and leg panel excluding the sidewall. As it has been mentioned earlier, this stroller is compatible with other infant car seat but not all of them since it can only accept City GO, other selected models and Graco car seat with adapter so we can’t mount just any car seat here.

Children car seat is not complete without a bumper bar or children tray but unfortunately, there is no additional tray or bumper bar here and if we want to have those as well, the accessories need to be purchase separately from Baby Jogger.

Baby Jogger Handlebar and Basket
Behind the canopy, there is a parent handle to push the stroller and this one is covered with a plastic material which we can just wipe to clean and it is a fixed handle so there will be no adjustment whether by rotating or telescoping. There is a mesh pocket to keep things and a wide main basket to help you carry your belongings when outside featured with a huge opening to ease user when taking or putting items inside.

Baby Jogger Tire and Folding Mechanism
At the bottom, there are 4 EVA tires in total covering the plastic wheel where the front can be locked if needed. As for the folding mechanism, this Baby Jogger stroller use a one hand, one step folding method that you can access from the concealed handle on children seat to fold it in half and then use the handle to hand carry the stroller when needed. It also featured with a frame lock to prevent the whole frame opened accidentally.

Since we have so many options out there, it is wise to look around first before deciding on something so we can be sure about our choice. For parents who want to use their stroller since infancy stage, UPPABABY will have the kind of stroller you need because not only offering stroller, many of their unit are offered in a set with their bassinet which is a plus side for parent with younger baby so they won’t have to travel with the car seat all the time.

They have many collection but the one we are picking in our article today is their Vista stroller that comes in bundle with the bassinet. If you don’t have a favorite car seat already, they also offer a set with the bassinet and car seat, making it a complete travel system set.

Among other strollers, UPPABABY is always stand out more because they are made with a nice and pretty design which is loved by many parents as well as a high quality material for the fabric and frame. The frame is either black or silver but compared to many similar items, this model is rather heavy at around 27 pounds so hand carrying it can be energy consuming. Since it is a regular stroller, the manufacturer use a standard 4-wheel design on this model for smooth pavement only.

The first thing we love from UPPABABY stroller is the canopy because while it looks like a regular stroller canopy, this model is featured with 2-panel cover which is capable of protecting our baby from sun ray and we can even extend them until covering the front part fully to provide a better coverage for your baby. Some strollers indeed have additional visor but this level of protection is not available in many of them and very useful especially if your baby is fussy about being exposed to sun ray.

UPPABABY Children Seat
The second thing we love is the seat because it is decently padded and very comfortable for baby to sleep or sit but what’s impressive is the frame that can take up to two children seats, making it a double strollers in case you are having a twins or two young siblings closed in age. However, the additional seat is not included on the package so we have to make additional purchase. In addition, there is a bassinet accessories to carry infant and if needed, MESA infant car seat will match the frame as well.

UPPABABY Handlebar and Basket
Behind the canopy, we can see the handle bar and it is probably one of the best handlebar we see on travel system or stroller because they provide an option to adjust the height by pulling the handle or telescoping handle to accommodate taller parents. Below the handlebar there is a wide basket to help parents carry their bag or grocery so we don’t have to hand carry them while pushing the stroller around.

UPPABABY Tire and Folding Mechanism
They seem to use standard forever tire in this UPPABABY model so we can’t use them for rougher surface and a rear brake we can activate easily with foot to lock the stroller when parking. It is fold very easy by pressing the lock button near the handle bar to collapse the stroller and a final button to fold the seat. However, the end form is not very compact in our opinion because it is still quite huge for more compact storing so we don’t think, people can easily hand carry it around.

Now, let’s compare Baby Jogger with UPPABABY especially their City Mini and Vista stroller. The difference from both models is on the capability especially the frame because UPPABABY let parents to stack two seats on board, allow both facing options, and provide a bassinet for infant in the package as opposed to single seat only and 3 wheel design which is useful when you want to maneuver compared to 4-wheel UPPABABY.

Baby Jogger vs UPPABABY

- Lightweight Stroller: The essence of urban mobility: lightweight, compact and nimble.
- The Fold: Patented quick fold technology allows stroller to fold in one step.
- Seat: Multiple recline positions with a 50 lb weight capacity
- Canopy: UB 50+ sun canopy can be adjusted for differing head heights. Features two peak-a-boo windows.
- Includes full size front and rear facing toddler seat with one-handed multi-position recline plus bassinet
- New, easy one-step fold-with or without seat attached
- Performance travel system compatible with mesa infant car seat-direct attachment no adapters necessary
- Large easy access storage basket fits everyday essentials and makes it easier to reach diaper bag and toys

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different need and preference as well as budget to spend so it is best to follow your own requirement. For those with twins and two young children, UPPABABY is the better choice due to the ability to stack two seats on frame but for those with single baby, we do recommend you to choose Baby Jogger because it is far more affordable and already has all the important features.

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