Baby Jogger Vue vs Summer Infant 3D Flip

Traveling with our little none can be more fun with the help of lightweight strollers like Baby Jogger Vue Vs Summer Infant 33 Flip. These convenient strollers are ideal for occasional strolls or for when you need to keep the load low especially when using public transportation or having to hand carry the unit at some points during the journey. These models are also easy to use and versatile for prolonged time but, see below first to check what they can offer.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What are Stroller Types and Which to Purchase
  • What are Baby Jogger Vue and Summer Infant 3D Flip
  • What Baby Jogger Vue and Summer Infant 3D Flip Look Like
  • How are the Canopy on Baby Jogger Vue and Summer Infant 3D Flip
  • How are the Seat on Baby Jogger Vue and Summer Infant 3D Flip
  • What else Baby Jogger Vue and Summer Infant 3D Flip can offer
  • How to Fold Baby Jogger Vue and Summer Infant 3D Flip
  • Baby Jogger Vue Vs Summer Infant 3D Flip

Stroller Types 

Stroller is one of the most important and probably among the first gear we must have when preparing to welcome a new addition to our family. Some parents choose to wait until their baby is old enough to be carried outside for some little adventures or already preparing one to help them transport and carry the newborn outside. No matter when you decide to buy the stroller, the product’s function and benefits are undeniably useful especially if you love to spend some time outdoors as well.

Full Size Stroller

There are various types of strollers that parents can choose to accompany their journey and adventure out there. The most popular types of stroller we use as daily gear is a full size or travel system in which the function or features are usually more accommodating than other types. These strollers have a very sturdy frame and often come with a huge main basket as well to allow parents to carry more weight on the frame without longevity issues.

In some models, they can be modular or come in a travel system set with the infant car seat thus, we don’t have to spend time looking for the matching options. Some models have unique seats that can be removed from the frame, adjusted into different modes, or added with another seat to make a double stroller or to carry two siblings at the same time. 

 Baby Jogger VueSummer Infant 3D Flip
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions31 x 19.8 x 42 inches
31 x 25.5 x 39.5 inches
Item Weight15.43 pounds
13.23 pounds

Lightweight Stroller 

This is also a very common option for parents but mostly opted when you need to move the unit around pretty often with public transportation or have to hand carry the gear while being used. Their lightweight frame and fabrics are very ideal in case weight is a problem in your activity and in some options, many of them can be folded conveniently into a smaller and compact form for better convenience when you need to store or carry it around.

Many lightweight strollers are made for older babies or at least until they are able to be seated properly using the seat but there are also models like Urbini Reversi that can be used since early days as they can accept infant car seats or have an adjustable seat that can be laid flat enough.

Jogging Stroller

The last type of strollers you may want to consider is jogging strollers or joggers such as Bumbleride Indie Twin Vs BOB Duallie which are designed to allow active parents to carry their little one on their journey. Joggers can be used while jogging or running at least since 6 months old but many of them are capable of being mounted with infant car seats, making them useful since newborn as long as not for the exercising activity yet. Typically you will find them in 3-wheel design with air-filled rubber tires and suspension.

About Baby Jogger Vue and Summer Infant 3D Flip

If you are here then it means the type of stroller you are looking for is an umbrella stroller or lightweight type. Similar to the full-sized ones, there are quite a lot of them in the market and not all models are created to be the same including the price range. To shop quickly it is best to decide what you need from the stroller and how much we can spend so then we can eliminate the options very quickly. For parents who want to use the stroller from early days, Baby Jogger and Summer Infant will have the best options to consider.

Both of them are well-known brands among so many good companies to choose and the reason why we choose them is due to their competitive price. Everyone knows that being a parent not only requires much energy but also costly which is why we love to consider getting budget items for certain occasions and these brands do have various interesting products to offer. If qualities and convenience in low budget are your consideration, Baby Jogger Vue and Summer Infant 3D Flip will be very ideal.

These lightweight strollers are an equally great option because they are different from typical umbrella or lightweight type. What makes them unique is parents can actually use the gear from early days or newborn as the seats are convertible and adjustable until almost flat. We personally like Baby Jogger Vue and Summer Infant 3D Flip for this reason and the fairly affordable price but, they are not the only reasons why you will like these models.

Features wise, they are not very rich or as accommodating as for example full-sized strollers but we do think they will be amazing if weight and convenience are two of the top benefits to choose for. Unless you will be carrying heavier bags, using them everyday, or will be walking on gravel or grass, then these two are still very reliable.

Baby Jogger Vue and Summer Infant 3D Flip Design

Unlike full-sized strollers, Baby Jogger Vue and Summer Infant 3D Flip are very thin or light which makes them seems fragile at the first sight but, when you try them on, these two are not flimsy either and quite robust despite lack the sense or rigidity we used to see on everyday strollers. They definitely are not as heavy as full-sized models but also not the lightest in the umbrella stroller category ranging about 17-20 pounds. With this much weight we can still carry it on one arm without any fuss.

The first thing you notice in almost any umbrella or lightweight strollers must be their fabric since they are often harsh or thin. These two have very good fabric and soft to touch but there is clearly a lack of padding if your kid loves the plush seats better. They are however, coming with head padding in the box and for the Summer Infant 3D Flip, this model is also featured with an additional cup holder which is convenient but we do wish it is more robust or at least fixed.

Baby Jogger Vue and Summer Infant 3D Flip Canopy

After the fabric, you may want to check their canopy out first and both Baby Jogger Vue and Summer Infant 3D Flip are amazing on this side. The canopies are huge on both models and will cover the front opening really well to conceal your little one while facing the front. The canopies can be folded when needed or adjusted to be longer or shorter but only the 3D Flip model has a peek window at the top which is concealed using a Velcro and made from mesh material.

Baby Jogger Vue and Summer Infant 3D Flip Seat

The next part we want to mention is their passenger seat and as you can see there is very little padding on their seat yet, still very comfy for toddlers and older children to sit or nap on safely with the five-point harness. What’s unique from Baby Jogger Vue and Summer Infant 3D Flip is their flipping seats which mean not only you can recline it until certain positions that are equally almost flat but we can also flip the seat backward by reversing the back rest.

This position can be used until the passenger is up to 25 lbs. while the front facing is up to 50 lbs. This means the children can ride while facing the parent or when they are older and prefer to look at their surroundings, we can flip the seat again. The operations are very easy and the same in both strollers where you can only pull the back rest slightly and push it following the reclining position.

Baby Jogger Vue and Summer Infant 3D Flip Features

The next part we want to mention is their additional convenience and similar to many other lightweight or umbrella strollers, their main basket is less useful because they are very small and narrow thus, both probably can only carry a small bottle or rain cover. However, if used in forward facing mode and in a fairly upright position, there should be an excess room on the back which can be useful to place your shoulder bag or similar belonging as long as they are not too big or heavy.

In addition, another feature we want to mention is their handlebar which unfortunately is not adjustable. They are comfortable however, and the height from top of the handle to the ground of these strollers are about 41-42 inches so average height parents should be able to push and pull these strollers fairly easily.

Baby Jogger Vue and Summer Infant 3D Flip Folding System

The last part we want to mention is how Baby Jogger Vue and Summer Infant 3D Flip are folded. They are operated and processed like any typical lightweight model. First use foot to activate the folding panel in between the rear wheels and on both models there is a small lever at the frame as well which you can press with foot then we push the stroller forward to fold it which then automatically locks. What’s different is 3D Flip has a sling or shoulder strap to help parents carrying the folded stroller.

Baby Jogger Vue vs Summer Infant 3D Flip

These lightweight and affordable strollers are not only amazing for traveling but also convenient for a short adventure with the little one. The differences are first, 3D Flip has a peek window on the canopy, second it can receive an infant car seat (Cybex) with adapter, third is featured with a sling strap for convenience, fourth it uses two step rear-wheel lock while the Vue is locking the wheel in one go. Other than these, both strollers are very similar to each other.

- Easy to use reversible seat umbrella stroller
- Features a one hand action to recline the seat or switch directions
- Large sun canopy offers 50+ UV sun protection and coverage for both seat positions
- The Vue Lite offers lightweight convenience in an easy-to-use reversible seat umbrella stroller
- The folded dimensions are 40.38 x 13 x 9.50 inches
- LIGHTWEIGHT - A lightweight stroller makes any outing a little easier! The Summer 3Dflip Baby Stroller has a durable
- FOR TRAVEL AND EVERYDAY – Whether you’re traveling or just on the go running everyday errands
- ONE-HAND, 6-POSITION RECLINE - Keep your child comfortable with the 6-position recline


All in all, these are amazing options for parents who look for lightweight yet reliable strollers but, if we have to choose one between the two, Summer Infant 3D Flip is a better choice mainly for its ability to receive a car seat and peek window.

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