Baby Trend Expedition vs RG

Having a children doesn’t mean we have to neglect our exercise and fitness goal because with a good time management, we can always have time to just jog or run outside. If you want to introduce the healthy habit to your children as well, using a jogging stroller like Baby Trend Expedition vs RG will be very helpful. While they are very similar, it doesn’t mean both are identical and to see what they can offer or which the better option is, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Is Baby Stroller Necessary
– What are Baby Trend Expedition and RG
– What Baby Trend Expedition and RG Look Like
– How are the Canopy in Baby Trend Expedition and RG
– How are the Seat in Baby Trend Expedition and RG
– How are the Handlebar and Basket in Baby Trend Expedition and RG
– How are the Wheels and Tires in Baby Trend Expedition and RG
– Are Baby Trend Expedition and RG Easy to Fold
– Baby Trend Expedition vs RG

Baby Stroller
Not all parents want to purchase a stroller because it is indeed not a necessary item for all of us depend on each family’s need because when they are still baby, some of use prefer to use baby carrier or similar things when outside. However, things may change when they are a little bit bigger because holding them in our arm all the time when we are outside is going to take much of our energy, moreover, if you are here to do some light tasks.

While we can always go without a stroller, if you consider spending much time outside whether it is just for a light stroll at the nearby park, zoo or carrying your baby on your trip to nearby grocery store, having one will surely helpful. If we are out for a couple minutes and doesn’t need anything, carrying them is the easiest method but what if we have to carry a bag of grocery or do some light errand.

We are sure it can be a challenging task to do but with a stroller, we can do them more freely and of course with less energy. With as stroller, we can shop with ease or carry bags and open a door more conveniently even when you are with a newborn since most strollers can carry an infant seat as well or even have their own bassinet on set to be more versatile. Depend on each family’s need, there must be a proper solution for our everyday struggles.

However, not all strollers are made to be equal because each one of them may have different design and features that suit your need better which is why we have to be selective when it comes to choosing one of them. For example, parents who live in an urban area may want to pick a lightweight stroller with a 3-wheel design to allow them move freely in narrow places or crowd while those who want to run or jog with their children will have to use a joggers.

About Baby Trend Expedition and RG
A good jogging stroller will have to own all the features we need when carrying our baby in different kind of terrains where it is possible to jog so the most important will be their wheel and tire but, a strong frame is necessary as well in both joggers and a regular stroller. For those who want to stay active and healthy even after being a parent, one of the most popular jogging stroller manufacturer we can choose is Baby Trend.

Baby Trend is trusted by so many parents because not only each of their product have a complete features but also because they are not very expensive and affordable for many of us. They also offer infant car seat which you can mount on their strollers and making them a travel system for those with newborn or babies so we can use them from the start until your children is big enough to walk themselves or exceeding the stroller’s weight and height limit.

The brand indeed have a huge collection so it can be hard for parents to pick but if you are looking for a jogging stroller that can be converted into a travel system, Baby Trend Expedition and RG are two great models to go. Both of them are joggers so we can use them to jog or strolling on harsher terrain in case you loves to enjoy a more natural experience. Read also: Baby Trend vs Evenflo here.

Baby Trend Expedition and RG Design
The first thing comes to our mind when checking out Baby Trend Expedition and RG is how similar they are in design as you can see on the sample picture above. Both of them are using almost identical design and due to being a jogging stroller, they are also made with 3-wheel design. These models are fairly light but not going to be the lightest you can have in the market around 27 pounds with a similar frame and material as well as visible features.

Baby Trend Expedition and RG Canopy
When looking for a stroller, the first thing we always want to check is the canopy since it is important to make sure they are good enough to shade our children when sitting or sleeping inside. Thankfully, both Baby Trend Expedition and RG are already equipped with a fairly wide canopy in two and 3 panel to ease parent when closing or extending the shade. What’s different is the shape and design since Expedition’s canopy is rather flat than the RG version.

Another difference is mesh material on Baby Trend Expedition RG model which located at the side of the canopy for better air circulation, especially when you are carrying a baby in their infant car seat or when it is hot outside. As opposed, there is a mesh visor on Expedition stroller which can add some protection when the sun ray coming from the front.

To check on your children while strolling, there is a window above as well secured with another fabric. In addition, we can open the canopy from the back to be more convenient such as when you want to talk and bond with your children.

Baby Trend Expedition and RG Seat
After the canopy, the next important feature on a stroller is the children seat because this is the place where your children will sit and take a nap while you push the stroller. Both models are having the same seat with their five-point harness to keep your children safe in place while the seat itself is padded decently to make sure they will stay comfort inside. Like many other strollers, we can install infant car seat here as well but it has to be from Baby Trend.

What you have to keep in mind is when installing the infant car seat, do recline the seat and fold the canopy first to provide more room. Unlike some strollers that allow parents to lower the seat up to flat position, these models can only recline up to certain position to accommodate children when taking a nap on board. In front of this seat, there is a children tray to carry snack and beverage for easier access or as a handle when they need to hold on something.

Baby Trend Expedition and RG Handlebar and Basket
Below the children seat, there is a parent handlebar to push the stroller around and if you are taller than average, unfortunately we can’t adjust the height because they are fixed so there is no rotating or telescoping handle in both Baby Trend Expedition and RG. Near this handle, there is another tray meant for parent and what we love from these trays is the small concealed compartment in the middle to keep smaller things from falling off the stroller when walking on a rougher surface.

The tray also have their own cup holder which is deeper compared to many other stroller cup holder so it is nice when you are strolling on gravel or uneven surface; to keep the cup from moving too much and being knocked off accidentally.

Moving down below, we can see the main basket of these stroller and they are designed to have a wide opening at the back as well as high sidewall to keep things from being thrown off the basket. It is a very nice compartment that can hold several things at once such as the diaper bag or your grocery and additional tumblers or snack on the go. In this part, both strollers are having the same basket with the same capacity and shape.

Baby Trend Expedition and RG Tire and Wheel
The last important things is wheel and tire because as a jogging stroller, we need a proper tire to handle different surfaces and both of Baby Trend Expedition and RG are featured with rubber tire covering spokes wheel. The rear tire is 16” and the front is 12” which you can lock if needed. Since they are inflatable rubber tire, they may goes flat at times so make sure to also have a pump at home to refill the air.

Baby Trend Expedition and RG Folding Mechanism
In addition, the folding mechanism of these strollers are also convenient for parent because unlike some stroller that will need a long step just to keep and transport the unit, these models are coming with a one-step folding system by pulling a trigger near their handle to collapse and fold the whole stroller into half of the original form. If you need them to be more compact, we can even remove the wheels as well.

Now, let’s compare Baby Trend Expedition with RG stroller. The difference between these almost identical strollers is only on their canopy design because as a whole unit, they are equally rich in features. The canopy in Expedition model is rather flat when compared to RG model which is higher and curvier at the top and some color like Topaz in our sample also have additional mesh fabric at the side.

Baby Trend Expedition vs RG

- Large bicycle tires roll effortlessly over all surfaces
- Front swivel wheel for easy maneuvering, locks for jogging.Recommended Use :6 m ~ 50 lbs or up to 42.
- Reclining padded seat with 5 point harness, tether, large canopy and storage basket
- Convenient child and parent trays with 2 cup holders
- Quick-release 16" all-terrain rear bicycle wheels
- Front Swivel Wheel for easy maneuvering, locks for jogging
- Reclining Padded Seat with 5 point harness, tether, large canopy and storage basket
- Easy Compact trigger fold for storage or travel

All in all, both of them are identical and can give you the same benefit but of course it is all up to you to decide which the better option is. If we are to choose, we do recommend you to pick the Baby Trend Expedition jogger solely because it is cheaper and we have a visor to provide additional cover.

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