Baby Trend vs Evenflo

For many parents, stroller or travel system are very important because these gears will help us when transporting our babies or children from one places to another. While all stroller are going to give you the same benefit, not all of them are featured with all the things you need. If you want to have a stroller with a good capabilities, Baby Trend vs Evenflo are two nice options to go. Go check our article below to see what they can offer to you.

In this article, we will give you information about:
– Why using Stroller or Travel System
– What are Baby Trend and Evenflo
– What Baby Trend and Evenflo Look Like
– How are the Canopy in Baby Trend and Evenflo
– How are the Children Seat in Baby Trend and Evenflo
– How are the Tires and Folding Mechanism in Baby Trend and Evenflo
– Baby Trend vs Evenflo

Baby Stroller and Travel System
When having a children, we have to prepare so many things from the equipment they will need and of course knowledge on how to take care of them if this is your first child. Being a parent is not an easy task because we have so many things to do and with the new live in our family, it means a lot more work to do as well. To let parent move with ease and lift some burden on their shoulder, stroller is created for carrying your children.

Not all parents are going to need a stroller because there are some of us who prefer to carry their children in their arm and it is perfectly fine since we have different preferences. However, if you are moving a lot or also doing some other activities outside while holding your baby, we can’t move as freely and let’s admit it, the task we have to do will be very tiring, moreover, if you are going to carry such as groceries or walk from aisles to another.

With a stroller, we can keep our children safe in their seat while we push them and move along. This is a very effective method if you need to spend much time outside with your children while also doing another activities as well. While all strollers are used and will give you the same benefit, not all of them are going to be the same because each one of them have their own purpose, such as jogging stroller like those from Baby Trend vs Graco that are made for jogging.

There are also full sized stroller with 4-wheeled design which we can use to carry one children or more for those with a pair of twins or those with more than one children who are close in age. If you are often traveling with your children, lightweight stroller such as umbrella stroller may suit you better because they are made with lighter frame and minimal feature to make it easier when you have to hand carry the whole equipment around.

Since there are so many type of strollers out there, it is best to consider what you need first before hunting for the item just to make sure the one we purchase will have all the capabilities we need. In addition, if this is your first children, purchasing a travel system will probably a nice idea because it already have both the stroller and infant car seat.

About Baby Trend
Due to the huge options of brands and models in the market, we may find it hard to select one of them but if you need to do fast searching, looking from popular names may be a great option. One of the most popular brand of stroller is Baby Trend because they are trusted by parents with their quality products especially the stroller series. This brand also have enough collection to let parents pick the one model suiting their need and preference.

One of the most popular stroller is Expedition LX stroller which is also available in the travel system set so if you also plan to purchase an infant car seat, it is better to pick this version since the frame can accept the seat easily. If you have twins or children closed in age, there is also twin version of the stroller so we can carry them together at once. This model is actually a jogger and can be used for both regular stroller or jogging stroller as you need.

Baby Trend Design
From the outside, this Baby Trend stroller looks attractive with a very simple and functional design but there is nothing interesting happening on the surface as well. Since the Expedition LX is a jogging stroller, it only has 3 wheel to support your movement and maneuvering them when in narrow or crowded places. In travel system it comes with Flex Loc 30 Infant Car Seat with stroller weighing around 27 pounds and maximum passenger limit at 50 pounds. For infant, we should use the car seat with stroller and move to children seat when they are older.

Baby Trend Canopy
Talking from the canopy side, this jogging stroller is featured with a two panel canopy which is rather straight in build so the height is lower in our opinion. However, this canopy is enough to protect your children from the sun ray when running especially in summer. This canopy is also featured with a small peek a boo window above to check your children while pushing the stroller and when the sun is at the front, there is additional visor for more protection.

Baby Trend Children Seat
Below this canopy, there is a wide children seat with some padding for more comfort and harness to keep your children save and above the headrest, there is a mesh window to allow more air going through them while sleeping. In case you want to put the car seat, the one for Expedition LX is only allowed it to be installed rear-facing without removing the seat but we still have to fold the canopy to provide more space.

In front of this seat, there is a children tray which we can use to put their snack or drink and used as a handle when they want to hold on something while the parent tray is placed in front of the handle bar. Parent tray here is featured with a small compartment to keep your small items such as smart devices and keys to be safer. Unfortunately, this handle bar is not adjustable in case you are taller or shorter.

Baby Trend Tires and Folding Mechanism
In addition, Expedition LX from Baby Trend has 3 rubber tires which front can be locked in case you are running in an uneven surface. As for the brake, it still using the standard rear wheel brake that we can activate with our feet while the folding mechanism is fairly easy by pulling a lock on the frame near the handlebar to collapse the whole stroller and you may also pull out the wheel as well for more compact storing option.

About Evenflo
The former stroller is nice for parents with an active lifestyle or want to take and introduce their children to their healthy lifestyle and it may not suit everybody so if you are planning to look for stroller just to carry your children easily out there, Evenflo may have the kind of equipment you need. This brand is also among the best and have a huge collection for parents with their innovative design for those who need more capabilities especially the Pivot stroller.

Pivot stroller and travel system from Evenflo is designed for parents who want to have more options because it introduce an interesting design which not only making the whole stroller pretty but also useful. The unit also available in the travel system set and for this mode, they will pair it with SafeMax infant car seat in case you don’t have a car seat already.

Evenflo Design
When first time laying our eyes on this stroller, the first thing comes to our mind is how pretty it looks because not only it is coming in a set of beautiful color options, the whole stroller is also not bulky at all and probably looks more minimalized than similar units out there. It has a simple children seat with a sturdy frame which in total, it only weight around 22 pounds and if you remove the seat, the frame itself becomes 15 pounds.

Evenflo Canopy
This Evenflo stroller is featured with a thick canopy in 3 panels so we can extend or fold it as needed and what we love here is they are very curvy at the top, so children can avoid getting their head bumps the canopy when sitting or entering the seat. This canopy also has the peek a boo window secured with a cover to check your little one when they are sleeping without having to stop the stroller.

Evenflo Children Seat
Below this canopy, there is a seat and this is our favorite part as well because it may look like a regular children seat but when you lift them, it can be converted into a bassinet so it can be used to carry smaller babies when they can’t lift their head yet instead of using the car seat everywhere. Another thing we love from the Pivot stroller from Evenflo is we can completely take the seat off and reposition it to face forward or rear as we need.

Evenflo Tires and Folding Mechanism
The handle above is unfortunately not adjustable and there is no tray for parent as well but there is for children coming in the set when you purchase the travel system. Moving down, this stroller has 4 wheel design which front can be locked and a standard brake. As for the folding mechanism, it is a bit disadvantage when you have to remove the seat first but it indeed becomes lighter and more compact.

Now, let’s compare Baby Trend with Evenflo. As you may already know, the difference between Expedition LX from Baby Trend and Pivot from Evenflo are on the type and capabilities because the first is a jogger, with 3 rubber tires and single facing fixed children seat while the latter is a regular stroller with 4 forever tires and removable children seat with different facing options.

Baby Trend vs Evenflo

- Travel System includes our Expedition LX Jogging Stroller and our Flex Lock 30 Infant Car Seat
- Expedition LX Jogger has front locking wheel for jogging and swivel wheel for easy maneuverability
- Stroller features parent and child trays, large storage basket and large adjustable canopy
- FULL FEATURED TRAVEL SYSTEM: This elegant travel system comes complete with Evenflo's Rollover Tested SafeMax Infant Car Seat and stay-in-car base that accommodates infant and children from 4-35 pounds (Stroller maximum weight is 50 pounds)
- DUAL MODES FOR PARENT'S PEACE OF MIND: This full-size luxury travel system features 6 modes of use - a reversible carriage mode offers 2 options, Frame Stroller, Travel system, and Toddler Stroller. Rear facing height is 17 to 32 inches
- EASY RIDE FOR YOUR BABY OR TODDLER: The Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System features new Cruiser Tires to provide your child with a smooth ride, while also making the stroller effortless to push with its ergonomic handles

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we need a different stroller and have different preferences as well. If you are an active parent who loves to jog, the stroller from Baby Trend will be a great option but if you just need a regular stroller and want the one with more flexibility, we will highly recommend you to choose Evenflo especially the Pivot stroller or travel system.

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