Babyzen Yoyo 6+ vs Mountain Buggy Nano

Are you in the market for another infant stroller? Maybe you’re new to obtaining or you’re hoping to redesign from a past model? In any case, we’re here to enable you to settle on which buggy to go for between the Babyzen Yoyo 6+ and Mountain Buggy Nano.

Much the same as numerous other infant items (from equation to bosom siphons), there’s a gigantic assortment of decision with regards to the buggy market and we realize how troublesome it very well may be to locate the correct one. Rather, let us help you out by narrowing down precisely what makes these two carriages so incredible. The point of this audit and correlation is to illuminate and instruct you around these to strollers to enable you to settle on an educated choice dependent on our certainties and suppositions.

Carriages are an indispensable piece of your parenthood. What’s more, it’s no big surprise since their fundamental reason for existing is to move you and your kid securely from A to B. When picking a buggy there are numerous factors to pay special mind to, for example, common sense, looks, solace, and size. Our two most loved models available rights presently are the Babyzen Yoyo 6+ and Mountain Buggy Nano. Practically, both of these strollers intend to do a similar activity however the cost and parts that are incorporated with both fluctuate by a considerable amount.

Before the part of the arrangement, we trust you’ll have a better thought and comprehension of the fundamental highlights of every buggy and which one ticks your containers best. In this way, sit back, make yourself agreeable and let us do the diligent work. All things considered, your days are most likely loaded up with enough diligent work as occupied guardians or careers!

Babyzen Yoyo 6+
The item, Babyzen Yoyo 6+ is portrayed as:
The YOYO is a lightweight buggy stuffed with development: awesome collapsing, comfort, smooth ride, smooth structure… you need to see it to trust it. Ideal for urban guardians and incredible for voyagers, the Yoyo buggy is the new name for versatility. Highlights include:
• Most minimal buggy at any point envisioned (52 x 44 x 18 cm when collapsed), and first stroller on the planet to completely conform to measure suggestion for lodge stuff
• 4-wheel suspension
• Select “delicate drive” framework: no compelling reason to bolt the front swivel wheel, even on unpleasant landscape.
• Collapsing, unfurling and driving, every one of the one-gave
• Reclinable backrest, removable and launderable textures
• Agreeable seat cushion and 5-point bridle
• Featherweight (just 5.8 kg); accompanies a shoulder tie
• Appropriate from a half year up to 15kg
• Pick a dark or white skeleton
• Dark, red and blue textures accessible

The YOYO truly is anything but difficult to open and close. There is a clasp which holds the pushchair together when collapsed – to open it up, you basically fix the clasp at that point toss the pushchair out before you by holding the handlebars (simply don’t give up!). The YOYO is structured such that the weight consequently opens the pushchair when it is flung; implying that it very well may be finished with one hand. To crease the pushchair, you press two catches either side of the handlebars so as to drive them down, at that point press the handle at the base of the YOYO which enables it to be collapsed back up on it.

The YOYO additionally accompanies various other cool highlights. It has a tie which means you can convey the pushchair behind you like a pack when it is collapsed, which is incredible in the event that you are grasping different things. It has an enormous hood which can be set up or down contingent upon the climate or if the little one is attempting to rest – when down, there is additionally a bit ‘peep opening’ (not in a voyeuristic, pervy way!) which enables you to beware of the sprung when they are in the pushchair. The YOYO additionally accompanies a 5-point saddle which guarantees the child is agreeable and safe, just as a seat which leans back by altering a tie on the back.

Mountain Buggy Nano
The key element of the Mountain Buggy Nano is the manner by which simple and instinctive it is to overlay—it requires all of two stages. (Ed Note: And at less than 13 pounds, it’s among the lightest in its group—most other lightweight strollers tip the scales at 16 to 20+ pounds.)

Indisputably the most loved part about the Nano is its similarity with a wide scope of vehicle seat marks and even a couple of convertible vehicle seats (check the Mountain Buggy site for a full list). You can put your vehicle situate over the Mountain Buggy Nano seat and either lock it in or secure it with bungee ropes that accompany the stroller. See also: Mountain Buggy Nano vs Babyzen Yoyo.

Most snap-and-go haggles frameworks I’ve seen just suit a newborn child vehicle situate, however the Mountain Buggy Nano can likewise be utilized with vehicle seats for more seasoned youngsters. Living in New York City, I’ve lamentably observed guardians ride in cabs with their youngsters unreasonable, on the grounds that they need to bring the stroller however would prefer not to carry around the vehicle situate as well. With the Mountain Buggy Nano, you don’t need to pick between moving your tyke securely in a vehicle seat and bringing the stroller—it enables you to effectively do both.


• Compact when collapsed
• Compatible with most newborn child vehicle seat brands
• Lightweight and simple to convey with the shoulder tie
• Lasts from infanthood through toddlerhood


• Not perfect for uneven landscape
• Sunshade doesn’t expand far

Babyzen Yoyo 6+ vs Mountain Buggy Nano

- Rain Cover & Storage Bag Included!
- Removable & washable fabric
- 4 wheel suspension
- Infant car seat ready ; no need to purchase additional adapters and now has a soft shell cocoon carrycot available (sold separately) for newborns
- New, narrower compact size at just Dimension - 12 x 22 x 20 inches (Folded) with 44 lb. weight capacity and suitable for children up to 4 years
- Easy two-step, compact fold meets regulations for airline carryon luggage. Travel bag and shoulder strap included


Finally, in the end of this article, we already know that what is the differences between the two products is that it has different design and of course purpose of the design and feature. But both products having cons like comfort when it is collapse. So, it is now up to you the one who will use the stroller to bring your lovely baby. And only you that understand which one will be suitable for you.

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