Babyzen YOYO vs Baby Jogger City Tour

Carrying our little one while shopping or just to catch some fresh air outside is great as a method to bond with them, but it will be also tiring for the parent. If you want to introduce your baby to the world without the shoulder pain, Babyzen YOYO vs Baby Jogger City Tour are two ideal options to use with design made for urban users. For those who are also eyeing these strollers, see what they can offer below before shopping.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are the Benefit of Baby Stroller
– What are Babyzen YOYO and Baby Jogger City Tour
– What Babyzen YOYO and Baby Jogger City Tour Look Like
– How are the Canopy in Babyzen YOYO and Baby Jogger City Tour
– How are the Passenger Seat in Babyzen YOYO and Baby Jogger City Tour
– How to Fold Babyzen YOYO and Baby Jogger City Tour
– Babyzen YOYO vs Baby Jogger City Tour

Baby Stroller
Having a small children doesn’t mean we have to stay at home all day because when they are already big enough to be carried outside, we can start introducing them to the world by taking a walk to a nearby park or to the supermarket while you also do the grocery shopping. One of the hardest challenges when taking a baby outside is how to carry them without tiring our body first since it is not just a short tour but we can spend hours out there.

It is not very ideal if parents also want to move freely such as taking the time to check the vegetable section or reading the label on their cereal before putting them on the shopping cart. These daily activities are not a special thing back then but with a small baby, our movement will be limited and we can’t be mobile too much especially when they are taking a nap while being held. If you are also worried about this issue, then a baby stroller will be very helpful.

As everybody knows, a baby stroller is a very useful equipment to have when being a parent with newborn because it will allow us to transport the little one with more ease and less weight to hold all the time. With a stroller, we can put the baby inside on the seat and push the unit around while we are moving and stop whenever needed without having to hold the baby continuously. A stroller is also helpful when parents want to lessen the burden of carrying the baby needs.

Parents can use the stroller frame to hold some of their grocery bags or the baby’s diaper bag and any other belongings as long as the optimum weight doesn’t exceed the capacity of the stroller. When looking for one, we should consider what we need from the unit because baby strollers are available in various types from the lightweight umbrella stroller, a full sized stroller, double stroller, and jogging stroller which is nice to have when parents are active and will carry the baby on their activities.

Different types of strollers have different best parts and it should be matched with your personal preferences. For example, parents who are living in an urban area where the city is packed and often taking public transportation, an umbrella stroller or a 3-wheel system stroller will probably fit the application the best due to their lightweight and easy to maneuver performance. If parents are having a pair of twins, then a double seat stroller with two seats will be the most ideal option.

About Babyzen YOYO
For those who are preparing to welcome their baby especially for first time parents who never shop for a baby stroller before, it is a good time to see what the market has to offer. Baby equipment are sold everywhere and there are so many options out there to choose from different brands and different model but, before shopping, try listing what features you need from the unit such as a full sized canopy, lightweight frame, removable seat, or compatibility with your infant car seat system.

Among those huge collections, Babyzen is one of the best choices if what you are looking for is a stroller that can be easily transported to various places without having to carry a bulky unit. The brand is popular with YOYO stroller which is made for a mobile parents and want something compact when they are moving inside a packed city thanks to its amazing folding mechanism. This stroller has been around for quite some time already and the products that are made in recent years are called as YOYO+.

The one being sold today are mostly the newer model and compared to their older version, it is now suitable for infant car seats through adaptor as well as made with bigger main basket in the bottom and the fabric used is also better. If removable seat is a necessary point, we recommend checking our Babyzen YOYO Vs Bugaboo Bee 5 here.

Babyzen YOYO Design
From the outside, your YOYO stroller is very pretty with a slim and sturdy frame as well as soft fabric to touch which is a good plus right off the bat. It is a 4-wheel system but can be nicely pushed around a packed city because its overall weight is only 12 lbs. The one we used as an example is the black version and if this doesn’t fit your taste, there are other options like grey or red. The handlebar is slightly padded but the height is not adjustable.

Babyzen YOYO Canopy
As you can see from the sample picture above, this stroller is featured with a standard 2 panel canopy to protect your baby from the sun’s rays while strolling and when not needed, we can fold it completely as well as before folding the stroller. It is however, not going to cover even half of the front part when your baby is fussy about getting exposed to sun and it is too high to cover the head area. On top of this canopy there is a plastic window to peek on your baby.

Babyzen YOYO Passenger Seat
Moving below we can see the passenger seat and this seat is slightly padded for comfort with 5-point harness to keep them safe in place while parents are pushing the stroller. The seat is also adjustable with a single strap on the back that we can loosen or tighten just with one hand to make the backseat more reclined. With an adaptor from the brand, we can also fit a single infant car seat on board but not all seats are compatible with the adaptor.

Babyzen YOYO Folding Mechanism
What we love the most from Babyzen YOYO is the folding mechanism because it is forming a very compact unit when you collapse them completely. What you need to do is fold the handlebar back with a button on each side of the frame, pull the switch located behind the children seat to unlock the stroller frame and pull the chrome bar in the middle to collapse the whole unit. For an easy transporting, there is also a shoulder strap we can use while carrying the stroller.

About Baby Jogger City Tour
Because we have so many ideal options out there, it is good to also see another brands and compare the product to see if any of them will be the best choice or if you should move forward and try looking at another brand or model. For parents who are in the market for an urban stroller, another nice option is City Tour from the popular brand Baby Jogger. This stroller is made for anyone who are often spending their time traveling and want to include the little one on the adventure.

Baby Jogger City Tour Design
Baby Jogger City Tour not only look expensive but also made with sturdy frame and yet the whole unit is quite lightweight around 14.21 lbs. The one in our article is a standard Black Onyx but if you are looking for another fashion, there are also various color options available such as the trendy blue cobalt and grey charcoal. Similar to YOYO, City Tour is also a 4-wheel system and have a padded handlebar but unfortunately it is not adjustable for shorter or taller parents.

Baby Jogger City Tour Canopy
The first thing we love from this stroller is their canopy because it is already UV50+ rated to protect your little one from the bad effects of sun rays and not only very thick, it is also fairly larger than many similar strollers made with 3-panel instead of two and in addition, there is a retractable visor at the front to provide more shade for passenger. At the top, there is a window with fabric cover yet this is locked with Velcro which can be quite noisy.

Baby Jogger City Tour Passenger Seat
On the seat, it is padded lightly to increase comfort for your baby but not overly plush or soft and for safety there is a 5-point harness to keep the baby in place. It is also adjustable to be slightly reclined or sit straight depends on how your baby would like to stroll but it can’t lay flat like some full sized strollers out there. As for the infant car seat compatibility, unfortunately Baby Jogger City Tour has no adapter to fit any car seat.

Baby Jogger City Tour Folding Mechanism
The last thing we love from this stroller is their folding mechanism because when finished, the unit will only form a 22-inch x 18-inch box shape for you to carry in a bag or alone. To collapse the stroller, there is a button on the handle which we need to push first and at the same time pull the concealed handle on the passenger seat. Pulling them together will fold the stroller in 3 parts and made for the compact storing system.

Now, let’s compare Babyzen YOYO with Baby Jogger City Tour. As you may already know, they are a very ideal option for parents who are very mobile and need a stroller to accommodate their lifestyle. Both of them are folding into a very compact form but YOYO is slightly lighter and has a shoulder strap as well as compatible with some infant car seat through adapter in which City Tour is not. The latter however, have better canopy compared to YOYO.

Babyzen YOYO vs Baby Jogger City Tour

- Rain Cover & Storage Bag Included!
- Removable & washable fabric
- Easy 140 degree recline
- Easy and compact portable stroller features a one hand quick fold; auto lock locks the fold for transportation or storage
- Multi position near flat recline; the canopy stroller includes a UV 50 plus sun canopy with canopy extension and peek a boo window; stroller seat features 5 point harness
- Folding stroller fits neatly into the backpack style carry bag, included with stroller; convenient under seat storage basket provides space for baby's extras

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preferences and it is best to get the one that match your needs the most. If parents are shopping before or from infancy stage, we recommend YOYO with a capability to carry infant car seat but, if the baby is old enough to sit on stroller seat, City Tour is more affordable model to go.

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