Babyzen YOYO+ vs Mountain Buggy Nano

Do you often spend time outside with the baby to look for some fresh air and introduce the world to them? If the answer is yes then you will also need a baby stroller because they will remove some of the weight from the shoulders. Babyzen YOYO+ vs Mountain Buggy Nano are two ideal option for parents who live in an urban area or need a stroller that can be transported easily but, before making the decision, see which model will suit your family the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Parents need Baby Stroller
– How to Choose Baby Stroller
– What are Babyzen YOYO+ and Mountain Buggy Nano
– How are the Canopy in Babyzen YOYO+ and Mountain Buggy Nano
– How are the Passenger Seat in Babyzen YOYO+ and Mountain Buggy Nano
– How to Fold Babyzen YOYO+ and Mountain Buggy Nano
– Babyzen YOYO+ vs Mountain Buggy Nano

Baby Stroller
Welcoming our second baby is such an unforgettable moment because first time is always memorable and while the next children equally bring joy to our lives, we already have the experience and knowledge to take care of them later. Becoming a parent is also means we have to change our lifestyle because we have to make much adjustment to the new family member, especially for mothers who need to stay alert 24/7. The issue we often face is tiredness since yes, baby is tiring to take care of.

Especially for new parents, we may have to learn many things when welcoming our first born starting from how to properly feed them, clean, and how to deal when they are fussy. It is indeed draining but nothing is bringing us happiness than seeing them grow up healthily. Apparently, not only keeping them all the time at home, we also need to introduce them to the world and teach them how to socialize with the nature or same age friends.

For the parents, this can be a very ideal time for a fun bonding while the children can see what they don’t often encounter at home. The problem with carrying small children or babies outside is how we will hold them continuously because while for a short moment it is fine and all, we can’t carry them in our arms for longer for it will be burdening your arms very much especially if they are already 6 months and older.

The best solution to both let children enjoy interacting with the world but without weighing your arms is by using a baby stroller because not only it will remove the weight we have to carry continuously, it will also allow the children to sit or sleep more comfortably inside the passenger seat.

Choosing Baby Stroller
Baby stroller is available in various types and while most of them can be used by toddlers and smaller children from 6 months old, the kind of features or special parts may differ from one another. In general, stroller is used when baby can already support their head and neck and if taken outside before this age, they have to lay on the car seat which we can also be mounted on the stroller frame but not all strollers have the capability to do so.

As opposed to full size stroller, there is also an umbrella stroller or lightweight stroller which commonly have a comparably light frame around 10 lbs. and can be folded into a compact form to be carried everywhere. If the parent wants to jog while carrying their small children as well, we can choose the jogging strollers because this type is made for the activity and suitable to be carried while jogging on various surface or even running depend on each specification of the strollers.

About Babyzen YOYO+
Just like the market for the most baby needs, stroller is also available widely and used by parents in almost every country so we can get them easily and there are so many of them out there made by different brands and even one brand usually have several set or family lines of products. While this can allow parents to choose whichever model they desire, it will also require more time to decide. But, if you are looking for a good quality ones, Babyzen is one of the best to go.

This brand is very popular with the YOYO stroller which already available since several years ago and around 2016/2017, the company renew this model to be YOYO+ and unlike many other brands, this company only make one model and while some sellers especially on online shopping platform still use the original name, the newer manufactured strollers is the latter. In addition to the stroller, Babyzen is offering various accessories to upgrade your stroller such as umbrella to make it more summer friendly.

Babyzen YOYO+ is a lightweight stroller and just like many other similar type out there, this one is ideal for parents who want to travel easily, need a compact product, or often take public transportation since it is as beneficial as a folding bike but for toddlers and smaller children. Read also: Babyzen YOYO Vs Baby Jogger City Tour here.

Babyzen YOYO+ Design
From the outside, it is understandable why parents love the stroller since it is indeed pretty and the fabric is soft to touch. It has quite the amount of fashion but if you want the most versatile options, black goes well with every color. The frame is very lightweight and it is weighing only around 13 lbs. as well as already accepted by most airlines as cabin luggage. It has all the features of a full size stroller but have no front bumper or tray.

Babyzen YOYO+ Canopy
Checking Babyzen YOYO+ from the top, we can see the canopy and this is very similar to the type of canopy we used to see on umbrella stroller because despite comes in 2-panel style, the optimum length of the shade is not able to cover the front area and only straight at the top. It has a high head clearance for taller children and when not used, we can fold them completely. In addition there is a small window at the top for peeking the passenger.

Babyzen YOYO+ Passenger Seat
Moving below, we get the passenger seat and as many other strollers, this seat is slightly padded to let the children sit comfortably and featured with 5-point harness to keep them safe in place. This seat is able to be adjusted into several positions with a single-hand operation strap at the back when reclining but fastening them will require 2 hands to perform properly. As for suitable infant car seat, Babyzen have adaptor to fit their own seat and in the United States or Canada, we can also use Cybex or Nuna with separate adaptor.

Folding Babyzen YOYO+
As a standard stroller, we can only use Babyzen YOYO+ on smooth surface such as city pavement and inside a building. Besides the lightweight form, what we love the most about this stroller is the folding system. To fold it, we should fold the canopy, take the handlebar down with button on each frame side, pull the switch on the back of the seat and then pull the chrome bar in between the frame. It will then collapse in few parts, creating a boxy-look.

About Mountain Buggy Nano
Because we have various good options out there for baby strollers, you may want to see what the other manufacturers are offering since Babyzen is not the only one with a reliable strollers for mobile families. If you need a model that can be travel friendly but also won’t ask too much from the pocket, the Nano stroller from Mountain Buggy is one of the most ideal options. This stroller is very similar to YOYO or YOYO+ but comes almost half the price which makes it very attractive.

As an umbrella stroller, it has all the kind of features we used to have on a regular full sized one but parents found it more suitable when used while travelling or when they need to keep everything light yet, for a daily stroller, there is not enough suspension that may make the ride a little bit less comfortable.

Mountain Buggy Nano Design
From the outside, this model is very similar to YOYO+ stroller and in a glance almost identical but we can set them apart easily when checking the frame and canopy because this one has slightly bigger canopy and the frame is straight, the same with a full size stroller. Its frame is pretty much slimmer than YOYO or regular strollers but it is nice to reduce the overall weight since Mountain Buggy Nano is around 13 lbs. Currently, beside the black version we put above, there is a floral pattern offered by Mountain Buggy if you want to look fancier.

Mountain Buggy Nano Canopy
As for the canopy, as you can see on the sample picture above, this stroller is coming with quite high canopy and it is actually 3-panel one that can be reclined completely when not needed but due to the design, we can’t fold the front lower part. There is also a small window at the top to check on your little one so we don’t need to stop the seat. While the clearance is quite high, some parents with tall children may run out of space before long.

Mountain Buggy Nano Passenger Seat
Below this canopy, there is a passenger seat and this seat is also elongated on the thigh rest compared to many similar models. The seat is padded lightly and have 5-point harness to keep the children safe while sleeping or sitting. The seat can be reclined fully but what’s unique is we can actually makes it lay flat by detaching the backrest from the canopy and use the seat to carry baby bassinet.

For car seat compatibility, Mountain Buggy Nano is compatible with pretty much any seat because instead of adapter, the seat will be secured with a belt and a flexible strings so it can be securely fitted inside the seat when it is fully reclined to the back.

Folding Mountain Buggy Nano
The stroller is most ideal for flat surface and since the suspension is lacking, we should keep away from uneven pavement. Its folding mechanism is a little bit similar to YOYO or YOYO+ because we have to park the stroller, fold the canopy and handlebar then the different part is now we should press the main vertical frame into the horizontal one, facing the seat and click to lock them together. It is not as compact or small as Babyzen and doesn’t have the shoulder strap either.

It is time to compare Babyzen YOYO+ and Mountain Buggy Nano. As you may already know, the best difference between them is on the seat because we can mount almost any car seat and even bassinet since the seat of Nano can be detached from the canopy, making it lay flat for smaller baby to rest. Material and weight wise they are very similar but technically Nano is carrying slightly more capacity than YOYO+ (40 Vs 44 lbs.). However, YOYO+ is more compact when folded and easier to carry due to its small form and shoulder strap.

Babyzen YOYO+ vs Mountain Buggy Nano

- A newly reinforced frame that allows for a higher weight limit of up to 40 pounds
- New suspension that smoothes out the ride even further
- Better storage for all of your baby/kid needs on the go, including a new basket that's 60% bigger than the previous model, and a new storage pouch in the rear of the canopy
- An extendable canopy for more shade
- Infant car seat ready ; no need to purchase additional adapters and now has a soft shell cocoon carrycot available (sold separately) for newborns
- New, narrower compact size at just Dimension - 12 x 22 x 20 inches (Folded) with 44 lb. weight capacity and suitable for children up to 4 years
- Easy two-step, compact fold meets regulations for airline carryon luggage. Travel bag and shoulder strap included
- NOTE FROM THE MANUFACTURER: Please know that by design - there are no screws on one side. This makes for easy replacement of the hood if necessary. Screws are not needed to connect the canopy to car seat

We are sure up to this point parents can already decide which model to go because they are quite different from each other. YOYO+ is friendlier for traveler who definitely need compact stroller and if you are not using it for daily stroller, we do like this model better for its small form and easy to carry feature.

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