Best 3 in 1 Baby Stroller

Stroller is a must have for many parents who loves going outside with their baby whether it is just to play or strolling or even exercising like jogging. Many of us are often confused about which item to pick when expecting our baby but if you want a stroller that can grow together with your baby, then the 3 in 1 is the best option. If you are still not sure which item to pick, let us introduce you to the 5 best 3 in 1 baby stroller in the market.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are the 5 Best 3 in 1 Baby Stroller Available
– What the 5 Best 3 in 1 Baby Stroller Look Like
– What 5 Best 3 in 1 Baby Stroller can offer to you
– Why you Should Pick 5 Best 3 in 1 Baby Stroller
– Where to Purchase the 5 Best 3 in 1 Baby Stroller

1. Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System
This stroller is loved by so many parents because it is just that great. Made with high quality material and all the features as well as capabilities you will need in a stroller starting from your baby’s first day into this world until they are old enough to not use a stroller anymore. There are so many travel system out there but only few that also offer a bassinet in their package and this one is among those little number.

We are sure that when you first lay your eyes on Evenflo Pivot Modular, you will instantly realize how beautiful this stroller is. The overall build is very sturdy and since the company use a quality material for both of its frame and fabric, your baby will not only safe but also comfortable. When you purchase this stroller, you will also get thee infant car seat that can be attach to the frame instantly without adaptor. The maximum weight of the seat is 35 pounds while the toddler seat is up to 50 pounds.

This stroller canopy is big enough to cover your toddler with 3 panel and on the upper side, there is a decent sized peek a boo window to keep an eye on your baby, covered with a fabric without a secure lock, so you don’t have to worry about noise when opening or closing them. When used with the infant seat, you can choose to position it facing you or forward and it actually works with any compartment you want.

You probably asking where the bassinet is since it is not available with the stroller like the car seat. Well, the answer is you can convert its toddler seat into a bassinet, so yes, you can have 2 compartments in one. What you need to do is flip the seat over and unfasten the buckle in its bottom and reclined the seat fully and click the seat into the frame. It sounds complicated at first but you will get used to it after a few times.

As for the wheels, this stroller use a forever tires which means you don’t have to worry about flat tires anymore. The brake is double action, so you need to lock it one by one in each of its rear wheels. Its main basket is decent to contain many things but it is a bit unfortunate that the handle bar is not adjustable.

Reasons to choose Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System:
– Compact
– Wide canopy
– Forever tires

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2. Urbini Omni Plus Travel System
The second good option you may want to check if you are currently looking for a complete solution for your baby until they are old enough to not use stroller anymore is Urbini Omni Plus Special. This stroller is great to carry your baby along with the infant car seat included and when they are older, change into the toddler seat for more comfortable strolling. It is true that full set like this is not cheap but if you are tight on budget, this model is actually quite affordable.

From the outside, this stroller looks just like many other travel system with a nice and pretty design but there is also no standing out accent here. You can pick the color option as you like but the variable color is only for the inner side and canopy while most model is coming with black base except for the grey variant. However, we do think that this combination makes the stroller looks pretty yet subtle. Its car seat has weight limitations of 35 pounds while the toddler seat is 50 pounds.

The best thing about this stroller is you can convert its toddler seat into a bassinet which is great when you are spending a pretty long time outside with a young baby. Its car seat is also useful so you don’t have to wake your baby when moving them from car into the stroller since you can detach it and attach it again on the stroller frame. Because they are a set, you also won’t need to purchase an additional adapter again.

Another good feature from Omni Plus is the seat can be set to face either you or front, so you can see your baby directly or let them enjoy the surrounding from the front. All seat option is supporting both positions, so you can have a wider options here. We know that taller or shorter parents may find it awkward to hold standard stroller and this is why this one has an adjustable handle bar that rotates from low to its tallest position.

Reasons to choose Urbini Omni Plus:
– Facing both sides
– Adjustable handle
– Affordable

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3. Graco Modes Travel System Stroller
When we are talking about stroller, it is hard not to mention one of the most popular stroller brand in the market Graco with their numerous collection of strollers such as Modes. This product is a complete set which mean you can use the stroller since your baby is still a newborn until they are toddler and old enough to walk and run around themselves when going out with you. This model is not a budget stroller but the price is still fairly affordable.

In a quick glance, Modes already looks like an expensive item with its big and bulkier design made from quality material whether on the frame or the fabric used. The stroller is actually heavy enough and since this is a full stroller, you will need extra energy to carry it along everywhere with that 21 pounds of weight. However, we are sure most of you won’t have a difficulty when lifting the stroller from and out of your car. Read also: 8 Best Rated Baby Strollers here.

As a Graco stroller, this one is matching with the extremely popular Click Connect seat 35 and already come with the seat as well as base. This is also the best thing about Modes because for those who are interested in the car seat can just purchase this stroller and get all the benefit without having to purchase several items at once or separately. Another great capability from this stroller is the toddler seat can be reclined fully to make a bassinet.

This bassinet is suitable to take your newborn for a walk since they can be more comfortable when using a bigger compartment. When used by toddler, the seat is very well padded and this seat is actually one of the most generous when it comes to padding. To protect your baby from sun ray, Modes canopy is wide enough and can be adjusted to fully cover the upper area or reclined when the weather is nice and to let your baby see its surroundings freely.

Reasons to choose Graco Modes Travel System Stroller:
– With Click Connect seat
– Well-padded seat
– Beverage and food tray

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4. Urbini Emi Travel System
This one is still coming from Urbini and still as affordable as the Omni Plus but is a slightly different in design to give a few options here. From the picture, the stroller may looks small but it is not in real life and just like many other similar items, it can take up to 50 pounds with the toddler seat while the car seat itself is topping at 35 pounds. The unit doesn’t have a bassinet as accessories but you can recline the seat to make one.

When you look at this stroller, you will realize that if Omni Plus looks like Evenflo Pivot, this model has a similar design with Graco Modes. It doesn’t mean that the stroller is bad or such but you can opt for the brand when in tight budget because they usually offer many affordable alternative to popular strollers. Unlike other strollers with foot panel, this one will let your toddler feet hanging from the seat.

As a travel system, Urbini Emi already coming with the infant car seat that you can attach to the stroller frame to carry your baby without having to wake them up from car. This car seat is already equipped with LATCH system to make it easier when installed in your car seat. One of the best thing about this stroller is the canopy because it is quite big to even cover almost half of the front opening so your baby can be properly protected when strolling from the hot sun rays.

There is also a small peek a boo window made from plastic without a cover on the top to keep an eye on your children. The handle is also adjustable to accommodate both taller and shorter parents but it is a bit unfortunate that the system is rotating because we do prefer to use a telescoping handle better. Another useful feature from Urbini Emi is the food and beverage compartment because they genuinely provide one for parents and children, so you can stroll while snacking or used the compartment to put your phones for easy access.

Reasons to choose Urbini Emi:
– Huge canopy
– Drink and food tray
– Fully reclined seat

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5. Chicco Cortina CX Travel System
If you ever search for the best travel system or stroller in the market, we are sure you also ever find Chicco stroller among those list because this brand is among the most popular in the market with their huge collection of dependable strollers in a different range of price. This brand is not a budget option but the price they are offering is not expensive at all considering all the features and quality you can get in their product.

The Chicco Cortina CX itself is a travel system which means it already have a car seat included on the set and even though there is no bassinet included here, the seat is featured with full reclined system so you can lay your young baby flat on the compartment. The frame is sturdy enough but not too heavy by weighing around 20 pounds that can take toddler weight up to 50 pounds. The KeyFit 30 seat included itself is having a maximum weight of 30 pounds.

Chicco Cortina CX is using two panel canopy but the size is not big enough to cover your baby fully when strolling in summer or when the sun is glaring up there. However, you can recline it to half or fully open when the weather is nice to expose your baby and let them enjoy their surroundings. The seat is also well padded and nicely to increase the comfort even though the harness is not. As it has been mentioned earlier, this seat can be reclined even until flat to carry newborn.

What you have to keep in mind is you need to add another padding into the seat to carry younger baby since the stroller only comes with the toddler seat padding. The handle bar is adjustable in 3 different height which is great to accommodate both taller and shorter parents to be able to stroll less awkwardly. If your baby loves snacking while strolling, you will also love this stroller because it comes with food and beverage tray.

Reasons to choose Chicco Cortina CX:
– Adjustable handle
– Full reclined seat
– Food and beverage tray

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