Best Baby Stroller Travel System in 2018

Having a stroller is a must for many parents because this item is indeed very useful to ease you move around with the baby while being outside for a task or just for a walk. Looking for one is also not an easy task because there are a lot of them in market and you have to read much things about them before deciding which to choose. To ease your selecting process, let use introduce you to the best 6 stroller travel systems available in 2018.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Purchasing a Travel System
  • The Top 6 Best Travel System in 2018
  • What each one of them can offer to you
  • Why you Should Purchase one of these Travel System
  • Where you can Purchase the at the Best Price

Do You Need a Travel System
For new parents, it is probably hard to make their first pick for their first born because the lack of experience and you still not sure what kind of stroller you want and also the features inside to accommodate your baby’s safety and comfort as well as an easy operation for yourself. We know that baby can’t use strollers until they can sit and support their neck and head themselves before approximately 6 months which is why, you need to consider the attachments required if you are planning on using them for newborn.

There are so many strollers out there and while some of them only comes with the stroller, there are those that offers infant car seat and bassinet included in the package, so you can use them straight out of the box even start since their first day outing. This is the best choice if compared to using separated stroller, fully reclined seat or carrier, since you can just attach the right compartment for your baby. Most modern manufactures also made “attach and reattach” process very simple, so you don’t have to worry about doing too much work.

1. Chicco Bravo Stroller
This stroller is definitely a good choice for parents who want to use stroller since day 1 because it is coming in full package with the infant car seat and car seat base, so you can just take your baby from car and attach the seat into the stroller while they are still in. When they are a bit older, you can start using the full stroller and change to regular seat, so they can see the world clearly. The best thing about this type of stroller is you don’t have to have so many gears to carry around with your baby.

One of the amazing feature from Chicco Bravo Trio is that you can use the car seat together with the stroller seat, so you don’t have to detach it when putting the car seat and use both of their canopy to provide an even better protection for your baby. When they are older and are ready to use the stroller’s regular seat, you can recline it into 3 position just as you preferred with weight limit of 50 lbs.

The canopy is wide enough to protect your little one and since this stroller is not supporting reversible seat option, this is a very useful feature to have because you can keep an eye on your baby easier. Its handlebar is also adjustable to accommodate the parent’s height while the brake is located at the rear wheel and can be easily activated with your foot. Its rear wheel is 9” and 7” for the front wheel with suspension to make sure a smooth stroll even in an uneven surfaces.

Reasons to choose:
– Complete system
– Easy to install
– Adjustable handle
– Convenience brake

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2. UPPAbaby CRUZ
This is also one of the most popular and a good option available now. While you can get the previous year’s version in cheaper price, if you are into updated model, they are already upgrading their model with slight difference in some of its features. This stroller is suitable for infants from 3 months up to when they are weighing 50 lbs. Thanks to the soft padding on the inside, your baby will feel very comfortable while riding and it also has 5-point harness to add into its safety.

This seat is reversible, so you can make them facing you or facing forward to let them see their surroundings. When your baby still can’t support its neck and head, beside with the car seat, you can use bassinet and since there is none included, you have to purchase them separately. The same like its older version, UPPAbaby CRUZ still having its big canopy with a pop up UV protection for better protection.

Unlike many strollers out there, the peek-a-boo window in this model is locked with magnetic closure, so it won’t produce much noise when opened and closed. The best thing on this canopy is it can accommodate taller baby by moving it up and down. When not in use, you can fold it quickly with two hands into a more compact form for easier storing. If you are asking what has been upgrade in the 2018 version, it’s only about aesthetic such as more color variant but its frame is also upgraded to be more resistant against scratch.

Reasons to choose:
– Reversible seat
– Big canopy
– Magnetic peek-a-boo window

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3. Britax B-Agile 3/B-Safe 35 Travel System
Among other travel systems, this one is probably has the longest and a bit confusing name because it is actually combining 2 products into one unlike the other with a fixed package and the same name. So, this one is a combination between the B-Agile 3 stroller and B-Safe 35 car seat which are both the best selling product from the brand. What makes this combination among the best is the car seat that already being in the top for year after year and when paired with lightweight stroller, these two are becoming a solid package.

Just like Bravo, you can just place its car seat into the frame without even removing the seat first and combined both compartment for an even better protection especially against the sun. This feature is good for you don’t have to attach and reattach the seat every time you want to take your baby from and into car. Another loved capabilities from Britax B-Agile and B-Safe 35 is the one-hand fold system and since the frame is made of lightweight aluminum, you can carry it easily.

Its seat canopy is huge and will properly shield your baby from the sun which made many parents won’t even need to purchase an additional canopy for the baby. It also has a decently sized peek-a-boo mesh window to let you keep an eye on your baby all the time. Its seat may be advertised as “infinite flat recline” but the fact is it is not completely flat since it is around 63.1 to 24.1 from flat.

Reasons to choose:
– Light
– Superior car seat
– Easy to use
– One-hand fold system

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4. Graco Stylus Click Connect Travel System
This stroller made their way into one of the best because they are well-known to always provide parents with a bunch of amenities to ease both parents and baby sleeping, eating and drinking on the go easier and this is exactly what they also offer in this stroller. Just as you can see, they are already coming with the car seat, so you can save more time hunting for the compatible item anymore. However, there is issue due to these amenities which is it will be hard to fold and lift when used.

Graco Stylus Click Connect can be used from newborn until your baby is weighing 50 lbs., so it can go a long way. If you don’t want to use the car seat but your baby is not strong enough to support their neck, you can lie the stroller seat flatly, so they can just lay down there; it supports various reclining position to accommodate different styles following you and the little one’s preference. For better comfort while strolling, its handle is also adjustable following the height of the user.

If you want to provide better protection against the sun or just want to save the hassle of removing the stroller seat, you can just attach its car seat together when the seat is also intact. This way, the canopy will enclosed your baby completely. Its brake system is also good for it will lock both of the rear wheel completely with just a simple activation.

Reasons to choose:
– Much amenities
– Reclining seat
– Simple brake system

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5. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System
If you ever looking for other best travel system, you will most likely find this product in every people’s list because it is that good, moreover, it is also very affordable when compared to the other strollers in our list which makes it even more lovable. Just as you can see, this stroller’s main market is for those parents who like to jog together with their baby since you can do two activities at once; getting healthy and introduce your baby to the way as well as letting them to meets the world.

Since this is a runner stroller, we also have to see its ability when taken while running but for some reason, it don’t give a quite decent performance, so it won’t be that suitable for more dedicated runners. This is probably caused by the lack of adjustable tracking and adjustable handlebar, so it can’t maintain the proper running biomechanics. Folding and unfold will need two hand to complete but the process is fairly easy and won’t take much time. The frame is also surprisingly light for convenience.

As for the brakes, Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System is using double action system and will require you to press its together to activate. This is not very friendly and not as easy as the other strollers in our list with a stiff and rough under pedal, so you will need to wear shoes to be comfortable enough. The canopy is in a decent size with a mesh peek-a-boo to keep an eye on your baby and add an additional airflow when they are laying down.

Similar like many other strollers, this one also use 5 points harness to keep your baby in their place safely while you are taking them strolling. As for the foot rest, this one is a bit different probably because of the design and instead of letting your child feet hang without a gap, there is a little gap here because the foot rest is flat and not an extended from the seat, but it is still comfortable enough for your baby.

Reasons to choose:
– Affordable
– Big canopy
– Flat foot rest

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6. Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System
This is the last travel system in our list this time and this one can be a good choice of you are looking for another affordable stroller without scarifying quality; even though it is still more expensive compared to our number 5. If you have twins, you can pick the double mode version in the name of Xpand modular with of course a pricier price tag. The set is consisting of the stroller and car seat which you can attach to the frame, moreover, it can accommodate front and parents facing position in all styles.

In total, you can make Evenflo Pivot into 3 different types of carrier; with car seat, toddler seat, and bassinet mode. You probably asking how to turn it into bassinet mode since it doesn’t have one or you are thinking about purchasing another item, well the fact is you can alter the seat into bassinet within second. What you need to do is taking the seat off and flip it over, unfasten the bottom buckle, pull the strap that hanging on the back of the seat to make it reclined fully and just click the seat into the frame.

This is another way to travel with newborn baby if you don’t use the car seat and in this mode, the canopy will covers most of your baby, so you don’t have to worry about the sun making them uncomfortable. When your baby is strong enough to support their neck and head, you can start using its toddler mode and keep them with padded harness. It is also equipped with belly bar which your baby can hold onto and make it as a handle.

The canopy is decently big and there is a peek-a-boo window to let you see them while strolling and unlike many others that covers the window with other layer of material with zipper or Velcro that may make some noise when opened, this one has none for quieter operation.

Reasons to choose:
– Affordable
– Various seating options
– Can be converted to bassinet

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