Best Baby Strollers with Car Seat

Having a baby for the first time is an exciting moment but also tiring because you will need to prepare many things for them such as their stroller and car seat or when combined will make a travel system. Not all parents will need them but if you want to go out with a car together with your baby or plan to take them walking outside, these are an important equipment to have in your house. See our Best Baby Stroller with Car Seat to see the best options available.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are the 8 Best Baby Stroller with Car Seat
– What these Strollers can Offer to you
– Why you Should Purchase the Strollers
– Where to Purchase the Strollers

1. Chicco Viaro
For many parents, this band is not some unknown name anymore because they are currently already very popular not with only this one but also another strollers model. As you can see, this stroller is combining the Italian fashion of slim figure with sporty design, making it loved by many parents. This model is instantly going to fit with the company’s KeyFit 30 Infant car seat, so you can get a complete travel system in one package. As one of the most popular car seat in the United States, we are sure the seat itself is already very appealing.

What’s unique about this seat is it is featured with bubble level indicators, so you can see if you are installing it properly or not. This seat is suitable for baby up to 30 pounds and if you want to use it starting from newborn, there is head and body support on the seat that can be removed when your baby is growing. As for the stroller seat, it is only suitable for baby from 6 months above because it can’t be reclined fully, so just use the car seat if you have younger baby.

As for the wheels, this stroller have 3 wheels design that can make it easier to swivel and turn in tight places such as in shopping aisles. But, since they are made of EVA foam, it is not that suitable when used in an uneven surfaces. The brakes are located at the rear wheels and they are need to be locked individually but the pedal is soft and easy to lock even when you are only using flip-flops.

Reason to choose Chicco Viaro:
– With KeyFit 30
– Slim design
– Easy to maneuver
– Affordable

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2. Baby Trend Nexton Travel System
This stroller is also among the best but because the brand is not as popular as other names, this one is somehow often missed by customers. When you purchased the package, you will also get the infant car seat and for this model, they are including the Flex-Loc infant car seat along with the base. The car seat is very good and has enough padding to keep your baby safe and comfy at the same time. You may also use the seat for newborn baby because there is a head support inside which can be removed when they grow older.

This car seat can be used starting from newborn up until they are 30 pounds or older enough to use forward-facing child safety seat. What’s great about this travel system is you can attach the car seat even without detaching the toddle seat, so it can simplify things and lessen your work. Additionally, Baby Trend Nexton is coming with cup tray to accommodate parents and baby’s beverage while strolling.

The wheels is made with a material mimicking both plastic and rubber so it can be said that this one is more on the cheap side but is still durable enough even though can’t perform as good when used in uneven surfaces. Its brake are located at the rear wheels and you need to lock them individually.

Reasons to choose Baby Trend Nexton:
– Simpler operation
– Cup trays
– Affordable
– Unique pattern

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3. Graco Aire3 Click Connect
When talking about the best stroller, travel system or infant car seat, we can’t leave popular brands aside and one of them is Graco. The Aire3 is making its way into our list because how light is, so for those parents who are looking for an easy to carry around stroller or just looking for the specific feature, you will surely love this stroller. This 3-wheel system stroller is a very good option for parents who want to change from 4 wheels because of they feel the unit is hard to control or too heavy.

Just as the name, this stroller is coming with one of the company Click Connect SnugRide Infant Car Seat which is already popular on its own for the dependability and performance. Even though you can get the seat with separate purchase, buying in a package like this is making things easier since you don’t have to worry about whether the seat will attach to the stroller or not.

As for this model, the car seat will be suitable for infants with minimal weight of 4 up to 35 pounds. The stroller has a huge compartment to carry things like groceries, toys or diapers as well as cup holes to place your drink, so you can enjoy snacking while going for a walk with your baby.

Reasons to choose Graco Aire3 Click Connect:
– Click Connect Infant Car Seat
– Cup holders
– Light and easy to maneuver

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4. Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System
Still coming from Baby Trend, this stroller seems to be more popular than the sister we have listed above. This one is still coming with the similar infant car seat with their special Flex-Loc technology you can find in many more modern car seats nowadays. The seat is already come with the base and installed using LATCH system. Just like many other travel system, the best thing about using a complete set like this is you can attached the seat instantly into the stroller frame even without removing the toddler seat first.

When your baby is older and can start supporting their neck and head, you can use the stroller seat. It is can be reclined into different positions but still can’t lay flat which is why it is not suitable for newborn yet. One of the best features from this stroller is the folding mechanism because you will only need one hand to do it, making its quick and easy to store when not in use.

To allow you and your baby snacking while on the go, this travel system have several cup trays to place your beverage and a decently sized storage to carry other things. However, with the price we can’t ask much because the wheel in this stroller is in lower quality to many of its competitors; some even stated that they have problems when moving it from still position. The brake is located at the rear wheel and need to be locked individually.

Reasons to choose Baby Trend EZ Ride 5:
– One-hand folding
– Cup holder
– Affordable

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5. Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System
If you ever looking for the best stroller available, chances are you will see Chicco Bravo Trio here and there because this stroller is just that popular and dependable. This model is very suitable for everyday use with all-wheel suspension that can smoothen the movement when walking on an uneven surfaces. Since this is a travel system, you will also get the car seat in the package and for this model, they are including the KeyFit 30 which is meant for infant up to 30 pounds.

Just like the 3-wheels Viaro, this system is already very popular with the car seat. It comes with car seat base to be installed with your car and an adaptor to place it on top of the toddler seat in your stroller. But, if you are not a fan of bulky look, it is also possible to use only the car seat directly on Bravo Trio frame. When used with the toddler seat, this stroller canopy can cover your baby fully if installed facing the parent.

This stroller use plastic wheel but you can lock the front when walking on rougher terrain to be more stable. One of the best thing about this stroller is how easy it is to fold the unit thanks to the middle folding system, so you can fold it standing up into half. Read also: 6 Best Baby Stroller Travel System here.

Reasons to choose Chicco Bravo Trio:
– Standing fold
– All wheels suspension
– Light

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6. Chicco Cortina CX Travel System
Cortina CX is another popular stroller and car seat or travel system from Chicco which is suitable for those parents who are worried about light stroller not being sturdy enough to last through different child because this one is heavier and feel firmer when taken around. What’s make it even better is it also coming with one of the most popular infant car seat, the Key Fit 30. Just like other Chicco stroller in our list, this model will also allow you to put the car seat into the stroller even when the toddler seat is still intact.

The toddler seat is roomy and made with quality material to ensure your baby will stay as comfortable as possible. When you install the seat on the frame facing backward, you may use the stroller canopy to cover the uncovered part, so your newborn can be protected from UV rays. When your baby is old enough to support their neck and head, you can start using the toddler seat which can be reclined up to 8 different position with memory recline.

As you can expect from more expensive stroller, Chicco Cortina CX is not using plastic wheels anymore and moved into rubber, so you can rest assure that this stroller can last for more than one children. The brake is located at the back wheels on both sides, so you have to lock them one by one.

Reasons to choose Chicco Cortina CX:
– Sturdy
– Rubber wheels
– 8-positions reclining

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7. Maxi-Cosi Kaia and Mico NXT
Among those in our list, this stroller is probably on the very top of being the lightest thanks to the thinner frame and lighter fabric material as well as lesser overall build on the body. It looks kind of flimsy from afar but when you handle it, you will feel how light and firm it is. Since this is travel system, the model is already coming with its own car seat. If in the older model they include classic Mico infant seat, just like the name, now they upgrade it into Mico NXT.

This new car seat is upgraded but still as lightweight and very easy to install in your car seat as well as when removing it. The folding system is very easy but you will still need to use two hands to perform it properly. When carrying infants, you can attach the car seat into the frame but you will need to remove its toddler seat first.
This stroller is rolling on four 5-inch rubber wheels and the front can be locked when walking in rougher terrain for better stability. What’s unfortunate here is the leg drop because it is measuring at 13-inch, so it can be a problem if you have taller children.

Reasons to choose Maxi-Cosi Kaia and Mico NXT:
– Light
– Easy to fold
– Rubber wheels

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8. Evenflo Vive Travel System
Among the most popular brand, Evenflo made a name for themselves with many dependable strollers and travel systems; one of them is Vive. This stroller and car seat combination is a great option for parents who want to use stroller starting from newborn and because they are a set, you don’t have to worry about compatibility. The car seat base is also very useful to help you dealing with car seat installation because after you install the base, you can just click the seat right in and repeat the same process to remove it easily.

To let you and baby ride peacefully, the front wheel of this stroller has a shock absorbing system and the thick form will let you walk on different even uneven surfaces like gravel and grass. The bottom compartment is already decently huge but then added with a smaller pocket on the back to keep other belongings. It have refreshment compartment to put cups for your baby and when folded, it will become compact in half form.

Reasons to choose Evenflo Vive Travel System:
– Shock absorption wheels
– Beverage compartment
– Easy to use
– Affordable

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