Best Easy To Fold Baby Strollers

Looking for a stroller is not an easy task to do because you will need to consider many things starting from the features, weight or any other system that you want to be exist in the product. For those who often go traveling or have smaller storing room, finding the one with easy to fold system will be very beneficial to choose. If you are still confused about which stroller to pick, check our 8 best easy to fold baby strollers here to see which item will suit your family.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are the 8 Best Easy to Fold Baby Strollers Available Now
– What these 8 Best Easy to Fold Baby Strollers can offer to you
– How to Fold these 8 Best Easy to Fold Baby Strollers
– Why you should choose these 8 Best Easy to Fold Baby Strollers
– Where to Purchase these 8 Best Easy to Fold Baby Strollers

1. Stokke Crusi
This one is coming from a Scandinavian company and is very popular when it comes to push chairs as well as always provide high-end products that is built with their long history and good reputation. This model is made and designed to help parents can go strolling with their little one easily or when they have to do some activities outside. Boasting its one hand folding system, this stroller is worth being in your attention while being lightweight making it easier to be carried from place to another.

Even from the first time, we are sure you can already see why this stroller is loved by many parents due to its simple yet beautiful design. Taste may be very subjective but in term of aesthetic, Stokke Crusi is among the best. As it has been mentioned earlier, the stroller is very easy to fold. What you need to do is remove the seat, shorten the handle and with the switch located in the frame, the frame will come together for easy carrying and storing.

Another great feature from Crusi is it can take different seat including bassinet which making it suitable to be used even since day one. The frame will receive Stokke’s bassinet and seat instantly by clicking them into the place and you can make them facing either way as you preferred. Suspension is located in the front wheel while the brake is single action on its right rear wheel.

Reasons to choose Stokke Crusi:
– Simple folding
– Accept bassinet
– High quality material

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2. Mamas & Papas Armadillo City
This is another stroller that is having its best feature on being lightweight and easy to fold because the company designed this one especially for those parents who live in an urban area and need a stroller to take their little one to do some activities outside like when using public transit, run errands, going to the mall or shopping and traveling. It also get some benefit with the small frame and foot print so you can maneuver it easily even when in a crowd.

When we said that it is very easy to fold, we meant it and you can even use one hand to complete the task, moreover, this stroller fill fold standing which is why it is great for traveling or commuting with public transportation. What you need to do is close the canopy and bring the handlebar forward and pull the strap located at the back of this stroller to instantly fold it into half form. Since it can stand by itself, you can just let it stand like that or use the mentioned handle when carrying it to other places.

Another benefit of this stroller is how big the canopy is featured with sun visor when the sun is glaring up there and there is a peek a boo window to keep an eye on your little one. For entertainment, you can find a small hook inside the canopy and you can use it to hang a toy, so your baby will stay entertained. However, it is a bit unfortunate that Armadillo City can’t receive car seat in case you want to convert it into travel system.

Reasons to choose Mamas & Papas Armadillo City:
– One hand fold
– Standing fold
– Big canopy

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3. Micralite FastFold Superlite Stroller
This one actually also fall into lightweight stroller category and more into umbrella stroller than a regular full sized ones. This umbrella stroller is great to take your children when going to the park or shopping but since it is not a full sized, the main basket is not that big if you want to put grocery or other bags there. This stroller is very light weighing only at 14 pounds which making it easier to transport from place to place.

This stroller is among the best even in this list when it comes to folding because not only you can do it easily with one hand, the stroller with fold instantly without further process. What you need to do is close the canopy and use the switch behind the unit to pull the frame and make it into a more compact form. It may seems a bit tricky at first but you will get the hang of it after a few try.

When you look at this stroller, you will instantly see its mesh seat and it is quite unique since there are not many out there with the same seat. This can be a benefit and a drawback at the same time depend on how your little one will prefer their seat to feel. If they prefer thin and airy seat then this one will fit their taste but if they loves the one with lots of padding and warmer, this seat won’t be that suitable.

Reasons to choose Micralite FastFold Superlite Stroller:
– One hand folding
– Light
– Airy seat

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4. Chicco Ohlala Light Stroller
This stroller is also a good option if you are looking not only for easy to fold stroller but also need it to be light enough to be carried and push everywhere you are going with your little one. For many parents, we are sure this brand is already familiar to your ears due to their wide collection of dependable strollers that you can find in many people’s list of best stroller available today. Weighing only at 8.3 pounds, you definitely can carry it from a place to another effortlessly.

Despite being light, Ohlala is made and used a sturdy frame and can take weight up to around 33 pounds. This amount of limit is actually very low compared to another stroller, but if you only used it to carry your children, the weight limit is still fine in our opinion. When it comes to folding, this one is among the best and conveniently easy. What you need to do is just activate the switch located on the handle and then the stroller will fold into a more compact form.

Another good thing on Chicco Ohlala is the seat and canopy because the seat is wide enough with decent padding to make your children sit or nap comfortably thanks to the adjustable reclining position and foot rest panel. The canopy is also big enough to give a good protection when strolling under the sun rays.

Reasons to choose Chicco Ohlala:
– One hand folding
– Extremely light
– Reclining seat

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5. Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller
This is another lightweight stroller you can get out there and unlike some others, this one is suitable even from day one because you can install your baby’s car seat on the frame. However, we are not recommending it if you are looking for a hassle-free installation since Mountain Buggy Nano will require much effort to get installed with the infant seat. Weighing at only 13 pounds, it is among the lightest stroller you can get in the market with a features set like a full sized stroller.

This one is coming in a compact package and you can attach the wheel easily or detach it again when not in use for convenient storing. This stroller is indeed easy to fold but you will still need two hand to complete the task. What you need to do is close the canopy and fold the handle by using a button in its other side then continue to follow the frame folding system until the stroller is folded into the initial form. Read also: Best Light Baby Stroller here.

Another good thing on Mountain Buggy Nano is the big canopy and seat that you can reclined easily when your baby want to take a nap while the canopy will protect them from the sun rays. What’s unique about the seat is unlike other that have closed back, this stroller have open back seat, so it will reveal a gap when you recline the seat.

Reasons to choose Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller:
– Easy folding system
– Reclining seat
– Compatible with car seat

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6. Bugaboo Bee5
This model is actually the 4th generation of the Bee model but for some reason, the company skipped the 4 model and then they directly go for 5. Just as you can see, this stroller is made for those parents who are living in an urban area to help them carry their little one while completing some simple tasks outside the house such as running for an errands, and using public transportation or even while traveling.

It may looks small but the fact that it is coming with decently sized basket is the proof that you can definitely carry it while doing some grocery shopping. As for the folding system, this stroller is among the best even in this list because it is automatic. What you need to do is only close the canopy and activate the switch located in each of Bee5 handle then the stroller will fold itself into more compact form.

As a high-end stroller, Bugaboo Bee offer more convenience not only on its folding system but also on how to recline the seat since it offer one hand with a switch behind the seat. It can go very low but not until flat while also provide a very upright position depend on your little one’s preference. If you like, you can even reverse the seat or install a car seat instead since it is compatible with many popular seats through an adapter sold separately.

Reason to choose Bugaboo Bee5:
– Quick and easy folding
– Compatible with car seat
– Reversible, reclined seat

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7. Britax B-Agile Lightweight Stroller
For those who ever heard about BABY Jogger City Mini stroller, this one is the direct competitor of the stroller and just like the other, this one support both easy folding system while being very light to allow parents moving from places to another easily. Just like many light strollers out there, B-Agile is great for those who do some small tasks outside the house such as running errands or travelling and strolling in the park.

What’s making the stroller even more popular is because the wheel can handle some rougher terrain even not being an all-terrain themselves thanks to the company’s decision to use rubber wheels here with all wheel suspension to absorb some bumps you will meets on the road. In the folding side, B-Agile among the best because you can do it quickly with one hand. What you will need to do is push the safety button on each side then pull the strap located on the seat and done.

This movement will make the stroller fold into half form and then lock the frame to secure the folding. Just as amazing as the folding system, this stroller seat is easily reclined with a strap behind the seat combined with a big canopy that can be adjusted depend on your need to protect your little one from the sun rays.

Reasons to choose Britax B-Agile Lightweight Stroller:
– One hand, quick folding
– Recline seat
– Rubber wheel with all-wheel suspension

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8. UPPAbaby Vista
We are sure most of you already know about this hugely popular stroller because unlike many others that will require you to purchase additional compartment, you can start using Vista from day one right out of the box for the package already included with a bassinet to carry your newborn for a stroll outside. The model get an upgrade in 2017 and another in 2018 but this latest update only brings some minor change such as more color options and slightly longer bassinet.

Weighing about 26 pounds, we can’t say this one is light but after considering that it is a full sized stroller that can carry 2 babies and one toddler, this amount of weight is needed to make sure the frame is able to take all of those weight. To fold Vista, all you need to do is close the canopy, extend the handle bar and then pull the fold tabs in each side of the stroller. In addition, it can stand when folded for better convenience.

Another great thing from Uppababy Vista is the big canopy featured with sun visor for complete protection and the all-terrain wheel. The stroller is coming with forever inflated wheel, so you can tackle different surfaces and don’t have to deal with flat tires anymore.

Reasons to choose UPPAbaby Vista:
– Easy folding
– Can take two seats
– All terrain wheel

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