Best Light Baby Stroller

Having a baby will not only require you to purchase many gears but you also have to carry them everywhere you go together and heavy items will become an additional reason why your body gets tired quickly. This is why many parents are looking for a lightweight gear such as stroller to carry around effortlessly with them while going out for more convenience. If you are also looking for one, go check our list of 8 best light baby stroller below to see the best options available.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are the 8 Best Light Baby Stroller Available Now
– What these 8 Best Light Baby Stroller can offer to you
– Why you should pick these 8 Best Light Baby Stroller
– Where you can get these 8 Best Light Baby Stroller

1. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller
This product is one among the best and most favorite light stroller you can get in the market because not only it has all the important features you will need in a stroller, this one also comes in a very affordable price, making you don’t have to think twice when purchasing them. Just as you can expect, this is an umbrella stroller, so you won’t need much energy or efforts taking them everywhere with your toddler.

This type of stroller is exceptionally good for strolling or when walking to a park or such with your baby when the gear itself is already heavy enough, so you need a light stroller for more convenience. If most full sized stroller is weighing around 20 something pounds, this one is only at 11.8 pounds, making it one of the lightest out there. Even though, it is light and compact when folded, you don’t need to be afraid of losing some important features here.

Another great thing about Kolcraft Cloud Plus is the wide canopy which is not a usual thing you can have in an umbrella stroller. There is even peek a boo window here and a roomy seat to let your children sit or sleep comfortably. Since it is designed to be easy to carry, its folding system is simple as well with only one hand. For parents, there is a cup holder near the handle when you need to bring your beverage.

Reasons to choose Kolcraft Cloud Plus:
– Affordable
– Big canopy
– Beverage compartment

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2. Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller
This one is probably among the best seller not only in lightweight stroller category but also in stroller market in general. As what you can expect from one of the most popular unit, this stroller is having a lighter weight but not scarifying any of the important features you will definitely need in a stroller. This one is very light weighing only at 10 pounds but is able to carry maximum weight of 50 pounds, so you can bring your children and other belongings together as well.

The canopy of Summer Infant Lite is decently big despite being an umbrella stroller and it is consisting of two panel, so you can adjust them according to your children preference or the weather; full when hot and shorter or completely off when the weather is nice or when strolling inside a wide room. Another great thing from this stroller is the easy reclining system which they claim can be lowered until almost flat when your little one wants to sleep or for diaper change.

The main basket is also big enough to contain the things you will need to bring along thanks to the design, you can access them just as easily. What’s unfortunate here is the handle bar is not adjustable so shorter parents may be a bit awkward when pushing this stroller, also there is no bumper bar or food and beverage tray to carry snack and drink along with you.

Reasons to choose Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller:
– Big canopy
– Easy reclining system
– Affordable

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3. Cosco Umbrella Stroller
This stroller is probably will be the most lightweight stroller in this list as well as among lightweight stroller out there thanks to the minimum design that takes almost everything off beside the canopy and seat. This one more like the ultimate umbrella stroller with minimum features, so for those who are looking for just as stroller to take your children without any other gear, this one will definitely suit your need.

Cosco Umbrella Stroller is arguably the lightest stroller you can get now weighing only at 8.7 pounds, making it very convenient when taken everywhere in your car’s trunk. This stroller is also a great option for those who already have a full sized stroller and just want to look for an affordably light one. However, just like most umbrella stroller, this one apparently only has a small canopy that can’t fully protect your children under hot weather.

The maximum weight of this umbrella stroller is also smaller than many of its competitors at 40 pounds. Since the frame is light and small, you can fold it easily into a compact form, so you can carry and store it easily when not in use.

Reasons to choose Cosco Umbrella Stroller:
– Extremely Light
– Affordable
– Compact

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4. Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller
This is also among one of the best lightweight stroller you can get in the market now because even though the frame makes the unit looks bulky from the picture, it is actually very light around 14.21 pounds that can take maximum weight up to 45 pounds, so you can still carry it easily when traveling or strolling outside with your little one. They even have a bag to store the stroller when you go travelling with a public transportation.

Among many other lightweight strollers out there, this is the one you want to get if your baby is fussier about being exposed to the sun because even though it looks like an umbrella stroller, it actually have 4 panel of canopy that can be adjusted as you need and when it is in full position, the coverage is good enough to protect your children from the hot sun rays, moreover, this canopy is UV 50+ for an even better protection. Read also: 5 Best 3 in 1 Baby Stroller here.

The seat is big enough to promote comfortable sitting and sleeping and can be reclined as they preferred until almost flat with a strap located behind the stroller. Since this stroller is named City Tour, it seems like the company really made it to be as compact as possible when folded. Unlike most stroller, this one will fold until 3 times, making it as small as your hand carry, so you can easily bring them everywhere, even without the bag.

Reasons to choose Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller:
– Big canopy
– UV50+
– Compact

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5. GB Pockit Stroller
This is also one of the most popular lightweight stroller available today and unlike many others, this one is priced a bit higher, so we can’t say it is affordable for an umbrella stroller, but if you don’t have any issue regarding the budget, we think this stroller will be a great option to go. We are sure GB’s Pockit is already standing out among its peers not only because of the fairly high price but also the design because they are quite different with very small canopy that is separated from the seat.

This stroller is indeed one of the lightest available because the item itself only weighing around 9.5 pounds but can take children up to they are 55 pounds thanks to the sturdy material used to build the stroller. However, even though it is light and compact, the design have to scarify a lot of things including a good basket for the one you can get here is very small and we don’t think it can carry many things if you are going shopping with your little one.

To at least ease parents when going out shopping with their children, you will get a hook along with the purchase and if you are not sure what this is for, you can carry bag or such by hooking them into your stroller, so you can still push the stroller with your hand. Another good thing from this stroller is how small it can get when folded measures at 11.8 x 7 x 13.8 inch which is unbelievably small and compact for carrying and storing when not in used.

Reasons to choose GB Pockit Stroller:
– Extremely light
– High weight limit
– Compact

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6. Summer Infant 3D Tote Convenience Stroller
Still coming from Summer Infant, this stroller is not only popular among the lightweight category but also among stroller in general thanks to the lightweight and sturdy design as well as friendly price that will make you won’t hesitate to just pick this stroller over so many options out there. Even when we said it is lightweight, this stroller is still quite heavy if compared to the strollers in our list above since it is weighing at 17.5 pounds which is a bit heavier when we are talking about an umbrellas stroller.

However, Summer Infant 3D Tote is having a decent weight limit up to 50 pounds so you can carry your little one with some of their or your belonging here. For those who wonder why this stroller is written with “Tote”, it is because they have a small clip in each of the handle side which you can use to place your bag because the main compartment they provide below the seat is not big enough; you can hang bag up to 5 pounds on this clip.

The canopy is 3 panel just like the Lite version and you can adjust them according to your children preference or the weather. The seat is big enough to promote more comfort while strolling and can be reclined until very low but not until completely flat. This stroller use double tires for all the 4 wheel positions and you can lock the swivel front wheel when walking on rougher terrain to make the stroller easier to control.

Reasons to choose Summer Infant 3D Tote Convenience Stroller:
– Big canopy
– Diaper bag clip
– Affordable

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7. J is for Jeep Brand North Star Stroller
This one is also among the lightest stroller in our list here because the item is very light at 10 pounds but since it is made with sturdy design, they can have maximum weight up to 40 pounds, so you can still use them until your baby doesn’t need a stroller anymore or until they go to school. The reason why this stroller is popular is not only because of the lightweight but because it comes with additional feature such as the removable carry-all parent organizer that you can use as a comfy head rest for your little one.

Another great thing on this stroller is how big the canopy is coming with a European design, 3 panel with sun visor to provide complete protection against the sun rays when you are taking your children for a stroll or other activities outside. The minus with this stroller is even though there is head padding that you can use, the seat itself can’t be reclined when your children is sleeping, so sometimes their head can fall forward and woke them abruptly.

The main basket is also too small and we don’t think you can rely on that to carry a bag or such. However, the organizer is very useful to help you store any small things together with the cup holder when you want to enjoy your beverage on the go with little one. Folding system is mediocre and it will fold thinly when not in use for convenience storing.

Reasons to choose J is for Jeep Brand North Star Stroller:
– Affordable
– Very light
– Carry-all parent organizer

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8. Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller
The last lightweight stroller in our list is from Baby Trend, so we are sure many parents are already familiar with this one. This umbrella stroller is good to have if you don’t want to bring your full sized stroller when going to the park or strolling around your neighborhood with little one. This stroller is light enough to be conveniently carried everywhere you go weighing around 13.23 pounds but can take a quite amount of weight until 50 pounds.

The seat is big enough to let your children sit or sleep comfortably and can be reclined into several positions but not until flat. The handle bar is covered with a soft foam for more comfort but it can’t be adjusted in case you are taller or shorter than average. This handle is equipped with two cup holder, so you can bring along your favorite beverage while strolling or your baby’s bottle.

The main basket is easy to access but can’t take much inside while the canopy is smaller, so if your baby is fussier about sun rays, you may want to purchase an extension.

Reasons to choose Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller:
– Affordable
– Beverage holder
– Easy to fold

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