Best Rated Baby Strollers

Choosing the best stroller for your family may not an easy task but you can ease and simplify the process by considering the products that already have a name in the market and loved by many other parents. To help you see what their favorite strollers are; in this article we are going to compile the available options, so you can pick the one that match your need in one place. If you are interested, go check our article below about 8 best rated baby strollers.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are 8 Best Rated Baby Strollers Available
– What are these 8 Best Rated Baby Strollers can offer to you
– Why you Should pick these 8 Best Rated Baby Strollers
– Where you can get these 8 Best Rated Baby Strollers

1. Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller
This stroller is the current most popular unit in the market and it is understandable because this one is having a high weight limit, deep recline and just like the name, it is very lightweight. Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller is an umbrella stroller with everything you need but without the high price that makes you need to dig in too deep into your pocket. This stroller is a very good option for those who already having a heavy travel system or full sized stroller that cost few times pricier than this one.

One of the best thing on this stroller is the canopy because even though it is in medium sized, it is made to block 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays to protect your baby but, it is a bit unfortunate that they don’t offer a peek a boo window here. The handle bar is located at 42” from the ground which is good for taller parents but it can’t be adjusted to be lower neither higher.

As an addition to the main basket beneath the seat, there is a pocket at the back to help you store other important items that need an even more easy access. Its seat is quite big and padded to provide comfort. This seat can be reclined up to 3 positions until in a very upright position. This umbrella stroller is using double wheels which front can be swiveled and locked with brake on each of its rear wheels. It is included with removable food tray if your baby loves snacking while on the go.

Reasons to choose Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller:
– Affordable
– Lightweight
– Reclined seat
– Removable food tray

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2. Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System
As for this one, we are sure there are many of you who are already familiar with this stroller because it is one of the most popular travel system available now that can be used starting from day one until they are old enough and weigh more than 50 pounds. The best thing about picking a travel system is it can grow along with your baby and versatile enough for most urban strolling activity as long as you are staying away from rougher terrain because this stroller is not made to be all-terrain.

When you purchase the unit, of course you will also get the car seat and the frame is supporting both facing settings, so you can use the 3 types of compartment facing you or forward. The seat will click instantly into the frame without needing any adapter and if you want to carry your baby for longer stroll, just turn the seat into a bassinet. The process is pretty easy since you will only need to remove the seat, flip it over, unfasten the bottom buckle, pull the strap to recline it fully then click the seat and reclined it down fully.

When you use the toddler mode, this seat can be adjusted with two different position; recline the back rest or lift and lower the whole seat. The canopy is decently sized to protect your toddler from sun rays featured with a mesh peek a boo window covered with a fabric without a lock, so it quieter. Its wheel is solid to avoid flat tires but you can’t lock the front wheels like many other strollers. Its brake is double action and you have to lock them one by one.

Reasons to choose Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System:
– 3-in-1
– Easy to use
– Both facing positions

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3. Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller
Unlike the two first stroller we have talked earlier, this one is made to be taken along while jogging or jogging stroller which means the wheel is all-terrain to deal with different surfaces you are going to meet when jogging. Since this is a jogger, it has a 3-wheel design and while the front wheel is swiveled, you can lock them when needed. The frame itself will accept the brand’s Click Connect seat if you want to convert it into travel system.

Starting from the first glance, the prominent things that makes the design stand out from the rest of joggers is probably its mesh fabric on each side of the canopy to provide a better cooling ability when taken outside, so your baby will stay cool and comfortable as well as a peek a boo window to keep an eye on your little one. The seat is quite roomy and it can takes up children up to 50 pounds while can be reclined up to 4 positions.

For those who loves strolling while snacking, this stroller have beverage and food tray for both baby and parents but for parents the food is replaced with smartphone cradle. What’s unfortunate about this stroller is the handle because you can’t adjust them to match your height. While this may not a big deal for parent with standard height, taller or shorter parent will probably want to have the option.

Reasons to choose Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller:
– All-terrain
– Suitable with Click Connect seat
– Food and cup holder
– Affordable

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4. Graco Duoglider Click Connect Stroller
We already list almost each type of strollers above and this time, we are going to give you a stroller for those who are expecting or having a twins or close siblings because Duo Glider is made with two seats to carry them together. As you can see from the product name, this stroller is compatible with the popular Click Connect infant car seat, so you can use them starting from infant until toddler. You may also use different positions and setting to carry both older and younger sibling.

The stroller weight limit if only used with one seat is 40 pounds but you can doubled it with another seat which means it can take 80 pounds maximum in total as long as it is not in one seat. Both seats can be reclined but only the back seat that can fully reclined until flat to make a bassinet for infant. Each seat is also having their own beverage compartment as well as for the parent for drinking on the go.

Duo Glider is using double wheels for the front that can either swiveled or locked depend on your need but this wheel is not for all-terrain because it is not made from rubber, so it can’t give a smooth ride on rougher terrain. Brake is double action located at rear wheel and locked one by one. Read also: 8 Best Baby Strollers with Car Seat here.

Reasons to choose Graco Duoglider Click Connect Stroller:
– Can carry 2 babies/toddler
– Cup compartment
– Flat reclined back seat
– Compatible with Click Connect seat

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5. Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect LX Stroller
It is not easy dealing with two children at a time but it doesn’t mean you can’t do that because Ready2Grow is providing you with what you need to carry them together for strolling or doing simple task outside the house. This stroller is one of the most popular item for double carrier because you can use it to carry both babies or with their older brother or sister with the seating option available. Just like other Click Connect strollers, this one is also suitable with the infant car seat.

One of the best thing about this stroller is the seating combination because you can almost make any setting for both children even when the older sibling is a few years apart. The front seat, bench seat, and standing platform is able to carry children up to 50 pounds while the rear seat is up to 40 pounds. The front seat have their own cup tray but the rear seat will have to share place with you.

What’s unfortunate is the canopy for the front seat is not big enough to cover your baby from the sun especially in summer while the rear seat is better since it is positioned facing you, so the sun ray won’t be glaring at them. The wheels are also made from EVA plastic, so it is definitely not for rougher terrain.

Reasons to choose Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect LX Stroller:
– Carry 2 children
– Many seating options
– Cup holder
– Affordable

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6. Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller
For those who have more than one children, Roomfor2 is another good option to pick because it is designed to carry both of your children along in one stroller. This model however, is combining both seat and standing positions, so you can’t install two seats in this stroller and the older one have to sit on the bench-like seat on the back where they can either sit or standing. The front frame itself is suitable with Click Connect car seat to carry your newborn along.

Since this stroller is made to carry two children, its weight limit is also higher because each seat can take up to 50 pounds. The back seat is fixed which means you can’t adjust it but the front is and you can lay them quite down when your baby is sleeping; what you need to keep in mind is your older children will need to stand up if the front seat is fully reclined at its lowest position. The front seat canopy is also adjustable if you want to fully open them.

Front seat have its own pivoting beverage and food tray as well as for parents to keep drink, cell phone and small things like keys safely. The main basket is big enough to keep many things like toys and diaper or such. Wheels are still made of EVA plastic that works well on flat surfaces but not for all-terrain.

Reasons to choose Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller:
– Carry 2 children
– Several seating options
– Affordable

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7. Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller
If we already talk about standard double stroller above, now we include the lightweight version umbrella stroller for those parents with twins or close siblings who already have a full sized heavy gear in their house and need a light, affordable to take their babies strolling to the park, community garden or even Disney World. The lightweight itself is already very beneficial to be carried around while the thin frame making it even easier to store in your car’s trunk.

This umbrella stroller is weighing around 21 pounds but can carry maximum weight of two children up to 45 pounds; above the number is not recommended. For those who never used a double stroller before, you may think that this one’s maneuverability is not that good but in fact it is the opposite for even though it looks wide, you can move them around easily including in narrow spaces. The seat and harness are padded to keep your children comfortable while riding.

These seats are also reclining but only limited to only 2 positions. Just like many other umbrella stroller, the canopy is not wide enough to cover your children when strolling in summer or when the sun is glaring brightly up there. The wheels are made of EVA material, so it can only deal with smooth terrain and can be a pretty uncomfortable when walking in rougher surfaces.

Reasons to choose Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller:
– Affordable
– Lightweight
– Easy to maneuver

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8. Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller
The last stroller in our list is still an umbrella stroller for parents who don’t want to take their full sized stroller going out because their other gear is already heavy enough or those with limited budget because this model is among the most affordable you can get out there. Even though it is not expensive, the quality they put on Rocket is not bad at all with a lightweight yet sturdy frame and good quality fabric to make it durable enough yet also comfortable.

The canopy is decently sized for an umbrella stroller but it still can’t provide a full coverage when the sun is too bright up there. The handle is also not adjustable to accommodate shorter parents but it is padded to provide better comfort when handling. The seat is padded while the harness is not. It can be reclined a little but not too far back. Unlike many other umbrella strollers, this one use a fabric based pocket and beverage compartment on the top back to keep you drink and other small things.

Reasons to choose Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller:
– Affordable
– Lightweight
– 2 beverages compartment

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