Bob Revolution Flex vs Pro Duallie

In a glance, Bob Revolution Flex Duallie and Bob Revolution Pro Duallie look similar. Both models have similar weight limits, and they share many similar features. However, the Flex version is slightly more affordable than the Pro version. So, which one is better for your children? Read the comparison of Bob Revolution Flex vs Pro Duallie below for the answer.

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– The size and weight of each stroller
– The folding mechanism on each stroller
– The brake system of Bob Revolution Flex vs Pro Duallie
– The seat features and overall performance of each stroller
– The available color choices on each model
– Which stroller generally more recommended for the money

First of all, let’s take a look at the dimensions of the two double strollers. Of course, they are quite big and bulky, as this is the case with most double strollers. They are also quite heavy. After all, double strollers are usually not recommended if you want the highest levels of portability and practicality. By trading off these aspects, you can use a single stroller for carrying two children at once. See also: Bob Revolution SE vs Flex.

Interestingly, Bob Revolution Flex Duallie and Bob Revolution Pro Duallie have similar dimensions. They each have a total width of 30.5 inches and a total length of 48 inches. They each have an adjustable handlebar, which can be set to a minimum height of 33.5 inches and a maximum height of 50.5 inches. We’ll discuss further about the adjustable handlebar later.

Between Bob Revolution Flex vs Pro Duallie, there is just a small weight difference. Bob Revolution Flex Duallie has a weight of about 33.1 pounds.Bob Revolution Pro Duallie has a weight of about 36 lbs. As you can see, the weight difference is very marginal. You probably won’t notice the weight difference at all.

The bulky, heavy design of these strollers is mainly because of the way the seats are placed. By putting the seats next to each other, the manufacturer is increasing the width of the stroller significantly – almost twice the width of a typical single-seat model. There will be no way for you to pass a door without folding the stroller first.

The advantage of such a design is that your children will not fight over who gets the front or rear seat (which sometimes happens with double strollers that have front and rear seats). The left and right seats are completely equal to each other. They also have similar features.

Bob Revolution Flex Duallie vs Pro Duallie have a similar two-step folding mechanism. To be honest, they are not the easiest strollers to fold and unfold. They will require you to use both of your hands. But, once you are used to the mechanism, you can fold and unfold either stroller quickly.

Each stroller here has two paddles on the handlebar. By using these paddles, you can collapse the stroller’s top portion forward. Then, you need to pull the red handle towards your body in order to collapse the bottom portion of the stroller. Finally, you need to snap the red buckle that is located in the safety lanyard ring on the handlebar into the other red buckle near the brake system – this is to lock the stroller in the folded form.

These strollers are surprisingly compact when folded. With the wheels still attached, they each measure 40 inches long and 17.5 inches tall. With the wheels detached, they each measure only 33 inches long and 16 inches tall. You can fit either stroller into the trunk of a SUV, but it will take most of the space. You can fit either stroller easily into a truck while still getting enough space for some grocery bags.

The unfolding is simple and quick. You just need to release the lock and then spread apart the top and bottom portions of the stroller.

At first, the whole process may seem a bit complicated. However, it does not take much time. After some time, you will start doing it intuitively without much thinking, and it will take less than 10 seconds to complete. So, these strollers are still handy and practical for various needs.

Each of the two strollers here comes with an adjustable handlebar. It is covered in a foam padding which is dense yet soft. It provides a firm, solid, and incredibly comfortable grip. The handlebar adjusts on a pivot point.

There are 9 different height positions that you can choose, ranging from 33.5 inches to 50.5 inches, measured from the ground. This is one of the widest height adjustment ranges available on double strollers. So, Bob Revolution Flex Duallie and Bob Revolution Pro Duallie can easily adapt to the physicality of any parent.

In addition, the handlebar is also equipped with a safety strap which you can bind to your hand. This is very useful to ensure that the stroller will never go out of your control. Even if you somehow lose your grip on a downward road, the strap will keep the stroller attached to you.

Brake System
The primary difference between Bob Revolution Flex vs Pro Duallie is the brake system. The Flex version doesn’t have a hand brake. The Pro version has it. Depending on how you use the stroller, it can be a very important feature.

Bob Revolution Flex Duallie only has a foot-activated parking brake. When this brake system is set, the stroller will be locked in its position. It will not go forward or backward. This is quite useful when you are shopping. However, this brake system becomes less useful for activities like jogging. Unfortunately, Bob Revolution Flex Duallie does not have any hand brake, which is something that you need for enhanced control when jogging or going over a difficult terrain.

Bob Revolution Pro Duallie also has a similar foot-activated parking brake. So, you can also keep it safely in place when you need to release your grip momentarily, such as when taking something from the shelf when shopping.In addition, Bob Revolution Pro Duallie comes with rear drum brakes which are controlled by hands.

The hand-activated mechanism is very useful when you need dynamic control, such as when jogging or when going through a downhill terrain. So, the Pro model is a good choice if you need a double stroller which you can bring along to jog around the park. That said, you should not use this stroller for any serious high-speed jogging, as the weight difference between the left and right seats may cause unstable performance. It is only suitable for light jogging.

Other Features
The other features of Bob Revolution Flex Duallie and Bob Revolution Pro Duallie are pretty much similar. Each of their seats is equipped with a five-point harness system to keep the passenger safe and secure. Each seat is also generously padded to provide the best comfort to the child. Each seat is paired with an extra-large UPF50+ canopy to protect the child from harsh sunlight and other weather conditions.

Each seat has an independent recline mechanism. This is great, as different children (especially if there is a considerable age difference between the two children) may prefer different seat positions. You can change the recline position quickly and easily by squeezing a button. Furthermore, both strollers are equipped with a high-quality suspension system with a 3-inch travel distance and two levels of weight support.

Both strollers are compatible with the separately sold Bob Duallie Infant Car Seat Adapters, which will allow you to use Bob B-Safe 35 infant car seats on their seats. They can also work with many other infant car seats from major brands.

There are integrated pockets on both strollers which are handy for storing drinks, snacks, and other small items. In addition, there is an extra-large cargo basket located under the seats where you can put all supplies, including the diaper bag and spare clothes, conveniently.

In general, both Bob Revolution Flex Duallie and Bob Revolution Pro Duallie have excellent performance. They both are able to tackle rough terrains without any serious difficulty, although the Pro version is indeed easier to control thanks to the hand-operated brake system.

Both strollers glide smoothly over smoothly paved roads. They are also able to turn around fairly easily, thanks to their swiveling front wheels. When you need enhanced stability to move forward in a straight line, you can lock the front wheel of the stroller.

Both strollers are also able to go through rough, cracked roads as well as grass and cobblestones without any problem. The suspension system works incredibly well in absorbing the impacts and vibrations. Your children will remain comfortable in their seats. All in all, these strollers are suitable for parents who are active outdoor enthusiasts.

Bob Revolution Flex vs Pro Duallie

NameBob Revolution FlexBob Revolution Pro Duallie
Features- Locking swivel-front wheel for stability when jogging and easy mobility while on the go in the city - Air-filled tires and mountain bike-style suspension system offers an ultra-smooth ride, while the adjustable handlebar creates a perfect fit for parents of all heights- No-rethread harness, one-hand near-flat recline, and 2-step fold allows for easy adjustments; ventilated, padded seat and extra-large UPF 50+ canopy ensures a cool, comfortable journey

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Although these two models share many similar features, Bob Revolution Pro Duallie is generally more recommended. It has a hand-operated rear brake system, which is very useful for enhanced control when jogging and when going over a rough terrain. The overall performance is impressive; it goes very smoothly over smooth roads and is able to go over grass, cobblestones, and cracked roads without any problem.

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