Bob Revolution Pro vs SE

Searching the right baby stroller can be confusing for some parents. Especially if they have a limited budget, but wish to get the best product worth for money. Of course, currently, we can find a lot of brands in the market. Starting from the cheap one, up to the most expensive. Some of the brands that worth to consider including comparing Bob Revolution Pro VS SE. Both products are one of the best jogging strollers that able to wear outdoor in any kind of terrain. If you interesting to have one of these products, it is better to check on the following information before deciding the most suitable product.

About Bob Revolution 

Before selecting the right one, it will be good to get an overview of the brand. Not many people have heard about the Bob Revolution and their revolutionary jogging stroller. Founded in 1994, the brand was made by Roger and Philip. Focusing on several high standards jogging stroller for the middle segments. That is why the company does much research to result in a good jogging stroller for many years. Not to mention that all of their product is famous for its lightweight, stylish, compact, and high quality. Including when the company decides to launch Bob Revolution Pro and Bob Revolution SE.

Those strollers were launched at different times. Bob Revolution SE is the previous version. While currently the latest design and product is Bob Revolution Pro. Based on the company principle, as the families grow, so does Bob Revolution strollers do. If you interest to get a more detailed explanation of the specifications, features, and the difference of Bob Revolution Pro VS SE, the next paragraph will help you to configure out. Read also: Bob Revolution Flex vs Pro Duallie.

 Bob Revolution ProBob Revolution SE
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Product Dimensions48 x 25.4 x 45.8 inches
51.6 x 25.4 x 40 inches
Item Weight28.2 pounds
25 pounds

General Specifications

Since both products coming from the same Company, basically, there are several similar features that you can get from Bob Revolution Pro VS SE. Each of the product has been produced with a complete set of general specifications as listed below:

  • Each product comes with an official five years’ warranty. Therefore, you can get help from the official store whenever you find trouble during your use on each stroller. Make sure that your country has the official Company’s store to deal with this matter.
  • Whether Bob Revolution Pro or SE, both completed with a swiveling front wheel that manages the parents to easily control the stroller. 
  • The products are also known for their lightweight and compact design. It is easy to fold only by two steps and able to carry anywhere. Not to mention the excellent frame material that convenient to transport and storage in the car or any places.
  • Each also launched with accessories adapter to help the stroller able to use it with a car seat. This is one of the lovable features that will ease parents to put the baby from the car seat directly to the stroller without any difficulties.
  • Completes with a multi-position canopy that can help to protect the baby from the sun.
  • The product also consists of a five-point harness for safety and adjustable reclining seats.

Difference in Features

Of course, there are several differences in each product. That is why the latest version is part of the perfect job on the previous. In another word, Bob Revolution Pro is the improvement of Bob Revolution SE. Therefore, for those who wish for a new version with more complete features, Bob Revolution Pro is more suitable to choose. In summary, the below points bring an overview of the specific difference in the features of each product.

  • Bob Revolution Pro is completed with an adjustable handlebar. This is a thing that not provided in Bob Revolution SE. Therefore, if you need a comfortable way to handle the stroller, then Bob Revolution Pro is recommended.
  • Bob Revolution Pro also completed with a hand brake for safety during jogging. This is an important safety concern, that is why many parents more comfort to select the new Bob Revolution Pro.
  • Both products are produced in a different color. The Bob Revolution Pro is consisting of more attractive colors such as red.


Not only important to check on the features and specifications, but comparing the price also a thing. That is why it is better to check the price to make sure that the product is within the budget. For your information, Bob Revolution SE is selling at a minimum price of $450. While to get the SE version, you need to add more money since it cost about $500. Therefore, it makes the two product has $50difference. This can be a major concern for some parents. Especially if they have a limited budget and difficult to increase for another $50.

Bob Revolution Pro vs SE

- Hand activated rear deceleration brakes for added control to conquer hills & inclines
- Adjustable handlebar accommodates any parent's height with 9 position options
- Easy, two-step folding, lightweight frame for convenient transport and storage
- State-of-the-art, adjustable suspension system provides an exceptionally smooth ride
- Easy, 2 step folding, lightweight frame for convenient transport and storage
- State of the art, adjustable suspension system provides an exceptionally smooth ride
- Accessory adapter allows for quick & easy attachment of the Infant Car Seat Adapter or Snack Tray
- Ultra padded, adjustable reclining seat for enhanced seating comfort


The overview above can help to give an explanation on which product is to meet your criteria. Whether Bob Revolution Pro VS SE, they are coming from the same company that has a good reputation. Therefore, the first thing you might want to consider is the price. Since Bob Revolution Pro will ask you more cost to get it. If you don’t have enough additional spare to buy the high-cost stroller, then you shall be happy selecting Bob Revolution SE. 

But if money is not a matter at all, then it is better to consider Bob Revolution Pro. Since this product will give you better specifications, design, and all complete features. Especially if you are concern on a hand brake and adjustable handlebar. Since Bob Revolution SE is not providing these features, it will be a major technical lack for some parents that concern about safety and comfortable handle.

In the end, of course, everyone will have their preference in selecting the most suitable product for their baby. Despite this matter, it always ends up with the major concern, safety, and comfortableness. Therefore, as long as the product suits this criterion, it must be a good and suitable product to choose from. Including if you look at Bob Revolution Pro VS SE. Comparing the price with your baby smile when feeling comfortable during the morning jogging will be nothing! Good luck in selecting the best.


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