Britax B Lively vs Chicco Bravo

Motherhood is two things at the same time, a new fun experience, but also an exhausting time. That is why a new mother needs suitable products to make sure that all activities with the newborn can perform fast, safe, and comfort. One of the things that always need consideration is selecting a suitable stroller for the baby. For those who love to travel with their baby, a good stroller might be crucial and important. Not only in terms of price, but also the simplicity and effectivity too. That is why the market provides various brands of baby strollers, including Britax B Lively VS Chicco Bravo. Both are famous brands for baby stuffs. To get detail information about their difference and strength, check the below paragraphs first.

General Overview

Both products consider as a good brand in the motherhood world. Therefore, both already well known among mothers. Britax is an American brand, while Chicco is from Italy. Both produce good products for baby stuff. Britax concern about baby traveling. Therefore, it produces stroller, car seat and supporting products for baby travel. Chicco is concern on many baby items. Therefore, Chicco has more stuff and products. Read also: Britax B-Lively vs UPPAbaby Cruz

The stroller is one of the essential needs of the baby’s traveling. Hence, to get the best product between these two, there are several major things to consider. Including effectiveness, safety and of course the price. In case you interest to find further on the specifications and features, the below paragraph will help you to define it.

Key Features

Each product has specific key features. Some are similar but some quite different too. For information, Britax B Lively completed with several features below:

  • Lightweight stroller completed with a wheel suspension and one-hand quick fold to help easy transport.
  • Peek a boo window plus an infinite stroller seat recline. This will accommodate sleeping infants or attentive toddlers.
  • The product is compatible with all Britax and BOB infant car seats.
  • Breathable ventilated UV 50+ canopy plus an extra-large storage basket with front access.
  • Suitable for baby up to 55 pounds; maximum unfolded stroller dimensions are 33 x 23 x 40 inches.
 Britax B LivelyChicco Bravo
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions33 x 23 x 40 inches
15 x 28.5 x 36 inches
Item Weight20 pounds
22 pounds

If compare with Chicco’s product, the Chicco Bravo stroller completed with the features below:

  • This product includes Bravo Stroller, Key Fit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base
  • The stroller features a removable seat that produces an easy transformation into a stylish frame carrier for the Key Fit. The stroller pattern creating a feminine look that is oh-so-inviting
  • The stroller features one-hand fold, plus auto-positioning wheels and a self-standing compact folded position. It is a machine wash fabric, but remember to separate it in cold water on delicate cycle
  • The stroller includes a convenient parent tray plus some storage and cup holders. 
  • Fit for children up to 50 pounds. Assembled Dimensions is 35.5 x 43 x 21.75. Folded Dimensions is 16 x 28 x 21.75. Infant Car Seat Dimensions is 22 x 17 x 24. Base Only Dimensions is 20 x 15 x 8.

The car seat designed exclusively for an infant from 4 to 30 pounds and up to 30 inches in height. The car seat without base weight is equal to 9.6 lbs.

Key Difference

When we compare in detail, there are several differences on the products. That is why people perform several comparisons before deciding which product is the best one. For example, the difference can be seen in the below points:

  • If you try to find the lightest stroller weight, then britax B Lively will be the answer. It only has 20lbs weight compare with Chicco Bravo that weight up to 40lbs. Twice from the Britax. Even with a bigger dimension, Britax able to keep the material lighter so that it is suitable for a long journey with the baby.
  • Britax B Lively is a pure stroller without additional. While Chicco Bravo will give you a set of products, strollers plus a car seat. This makes the price difference is quite high.
  • Britax B Lively mention a usage up to 55 lbs infant, while Chicco is limited for up to 50lbs only. Therefore, you will manage to use Britax for a longer period than Chicco.

The Price

In terms of price, both have a quite significant difference. Britax B Lively is now selling for $240, while Chicco Bravo is selling for $380. This more than $100 difference will need specific concern and consideration in deciding which one is more suitable to buy. But if you look at the specification and key features, the additional car seat in Chicco Bravo might bring the more price compare with Britax B Lively. Therefore, it also another consideration to think of.

Britax B Lively vs Chicco Bravo

- All new Britax Stroller with foot rest, enhanced storage and improved features
- Lightweight stroller with all wheel suspension and one hand quick fold for easy transport
- Peek a boo window and infinite stroller seat recline accommodate sleeping infants or attentive toddlers
- Travel System ready: compatible with all Britax and BOB infant car seats
- Innovative fold/carry handle for a one-hand, free-standing quick fold
- Accepts all Chicco KeyFit and Fit2 car seats with included adapter (car seat sold separately)
- Detachable seat/canopy leave behind a lightweight frame stroller
- Multi-position reclining backrest and adjustable canopy


From the information listed above, including features and price, it can conclude that Britax B Lively is a cheaper option for those who only looking for a pure stroller. It brings an efficient weight for traveling and quite effective product to keep baby comfortable while travelling. If you only need a stroller, then this brand is highly recommended. Not to mention the compact and cool design of this brand. While Chicco Bravo is more suitable if you prefer to buy a stroller together with a car seat. In case you frequently travel with a car or you used to drive a car with your baby, then Chicco Bravo is more recommended. As even though it is pricey, but you will able to get two products, a stroller and a car seat. Buy additional car seat might charge you more expensive than this price difference between Britax B Lively VS Chicco Bravo.

In the end, it is important to list what you need for your baby. This will end up with a suitable product to buy. A stroller always an important thing in part of motherhood live. Therefore, getting the most suitable one is a big concern for most mothers. By selecting the best brand, features and specification, it will bring the baby to keep safe and comfortable during their travel. Hence, pick the right ones for your lovely baby.

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