Britax B Mobile vs B Agile

Having a stroller is great to help parents transporting their baby when outside the house or to take them strolling to the park or around the neighborhood. Britax as one of the most popular stroller brand have a huge collection such as Britax B Mobile vs B Agile. Both of them are very similar to each other but also different on some of their capabilities. If you also liking these two models, go check our article below to check what they can offer to you.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why you will need a stroller
– What are Britax B Mobile and B Agile
– What Britax B Mobile and B Agile Look Like
– What Britax B Mobile and B Agile can offer to you
– Britax B Mobile vs B Agile

Single Stroller for your Family
For those who loves taking their baby outside for a stroll or for just a quick errand on the neighboring stores, it is good to have a stroller to help us carrying our baby because holding them all the time can be very tiring, moreover, if we have two of them. Not only useful to carry our baby, if we have another bags, they can be used to carry them as well, so we don’t need to carry them. Depend on your family’s need, the kind of stroller we will need will also differ.

Just like many other things, stroller are available in various type, starting from those regular stroller made to carry only one children to those double and stackable stroller that can be used to carry 2 until 3 children at one time. Another popular type of stroller in the market is joggers or jogging stroller which is just like the name, it is made and designed to be used while jogging for those parents who loves taking their baby while doing the activity.

Since there are so many stroller brands in the market, it is good to look around first before committing to purchase the stroller for even though they are made to have the same purpose, bound by different manufacturer and models, many of them will have more or less features as well. However, we can start searching based on our needs first and then look for the type of stroller match our preference or at least have the type of features we need.

About Britax B Mobile and B Agile
Among those may brands out there, Britax is very popular and it is understandable since they have always offering many good products in their catalogue. The brand have been available in the market for quite some time ago and have been used by many parents in the United States as well as being one of the most trusted brand today. Since parents demand differ from time to time, they also continue to upgrade their products to meet those demands and to always offer products with smart design to help parents make life in motion run smoothly.

Britax have a huge collection but if you only look for a single stroller or stroller to carry only one children, you will need to check Britax B Mobile and B Agile. Both of them are single strollers which can be used to help carrying our children while outside for a strolling to the park or when doing some shopping so we don’t have to hold them all the time and so they can rest better while we do the tasks.

Britax B Mobile and B Agile Design
We are sure most of us can instantly recognize the difference between these two strollers because their design are different. Both of them are looking stylish but we do think that B Agile have a more modern look and come with a design of regular stroller while the B Mobile seems to be lighter and looking like an umbrella stroller. Placing them side by side, the B Mobile stroller is definitely smaller than the other model as well as when they are folded. Read also: Evenflo Sibby vs Pivot here.

Britax B Mobile and B Agile Features
The difference is very clear on the canopy since this is probably the first thing we see when looking at these stroller. B Mobile canopy is wide and constructed with 3 panels including the smaller visor that can be folded and extended as we need it. the B Agile canopy is also big but this one is bigger in our opinion and instead of 3 panels, the canopy only have two wide panel that can be extended and folded as well.

Another difference is above the canopy because the B Mobile stroller don’t have a peek a boo window to check on your children and this additional feature can be found on B Agile model. Moving down, here we can see their seats along with the harness to keep your children safe on their seat and what differ them on this side is B Agile stroller have some extra padding on the harness that is not available in B Mobile model while the seats are still very comfortable.

Britax B Mobile and B Agile seats can be reclined until reaching a very low position but they can’t be set until flat. They also have a foot rest but as you can see from the sample picture above, the footrest in B Agile is wider so our children’s feet won’t be hanging while they on the passenger seat unlike the short foot rest on B Mobile. In front of B Mobile seat, we can put a bumper bar in case our children want something to hold on to but it is not available on the other model.

Moving up to the handle bar, unfortunately, both of Britax B Mobile and B Agile handle bar are stationary and they are quite the same with a round design. It is fine to accommodate parents with standard height but those with taller or shorter height might find it awkward when pushing the stroller. The handle is very sturdy so when going shopping, we can even put diaper bag on it and we don’t need to carry them manually.

Another drwaback that we find it unfortunate is they are not coming with any tray when purchasing the product thus, if you are the type who often push the stroller to a park nearby and feed your baby while enjoying the sight, we will need to purchase additional tray. The B Agile offer a food tray for an accessories but the B Mobile model currently don’t have a tray accessories to offer. However, some parents seems to find that the frame does match some trays from other strollers.

Moving to the main basket, both of Britax B Mobile and B Agile are coming with a pretty large basket while they are not the biggest in the market, we definitely still find them useful to help carrying more stuff on the go. Below these main basket, there are the wheels and both strollers are also featured with different design here. The B Mobile is coming with 4 wheels design while B Agile with 3 wheels design but all of them are doubled. However, the weight limit of these strollers are still the same at 55 pounds.

The wheels diameter is also different with B Agile being the bigger one and their front wheels can be locked just in case you are strolling in a rougher terrain so the stroller can be easier to control. Another important feature or capabilities that we need to consider when looking for a stroller is their folding system because we are going to carry them in our car’s trunk or store them in the store room and an easy to fold stroller can help us consume less time and space later.

The folding system of Britax B Mobile and B Agile are very similar to each other and when folded, these strollers will become half of the original size. To fold B Mobile stroller, all we need to do is pulling the handle located on the seat and the stroller will come together into a far smaller, more compact form. What’s unique here is the handle bar will also fold a little because before pulling the handle, we need to press the round item on the handle to make it break in half.

The aforementioned handle bar on B Mobile is in fact also used as a carrying handle because we can sling them in our shoulder to transport them to another place which is very useful if you take public transportation like bus. At the other hand, B Agile stroller will also fold in half but it won’t come together and won’t be as compact. Since there is no bumper bar to handle the stroller when folded, the only handle we can use to carry them is the folding handle.

Now, let’s compare Britax B Mobile with B Agile. As you may already know, the prominent difference between these strollers is on the design because B Agile is easier to maneuver due to the 3-wheel design but in term of compact, just like the name, B Mobile is lighter, more compact and easier to transport from one place to another. Additionally, B Mobile is not featured with a peek a boo window like B Agile canopy.

Britax B Mobile vs B Agile

- Lightweight stroller design, compact fold, and hands-free carry strap for easy transport and storage
- Near-flat stroller seat recline and adjustable calf rest to accommodate sleeping infants or attentive toddlers
- Travel System ready: compatible with all Britax and BOB infant car seats
- Large canopy includes flip-forward visor for additional UV protection
- Check out our all new B-Lively & B-Safe 35 Travel System! (B07FF5LKCH)
- Travel System includes B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat and base, B-Agile Stroller, and car seat adapters
- Surrounded in safety: Car seat has a layer of side impact protection, steel frame, and impact absorbing base
- Lightweight 3-wheel stroller design with one-hand quick fold for easy transport

All in all, both of them can be a great option for your family’s stroller. However, the choice is all yours and it should be based on your need. But, if you are using a car, we prefer Britax B Agile better because the stroller is easier to maneuver and has a window on its canopy as well as better tires and wheels than B Mobile.

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