Bugaboo Buffalo vs Cameleon3

Stroller is a very useful equipment to have for almost all parents who plan to travel or spend some of their time outside the house with the little one because this tool is very convenient, especially for a longer walk. Bugaboo Buffalo vs Cameleon3 are two great complete options that we can used since day one because both are coming with their bassinet already and if you are also considering these models, see what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Which Baby Stroller to Purchase
– What are Bugaboo Buffalo and Cameleon3
– What Bugaboo Buffalo and Cameleon3 Look Like
– How are the Canopy on Bugaboo Buffalo and Cameleon3
– How are the Seat on Bugaboo Buffalo and Cameleon3
– What else Featured in Bugaboo Buffalo and Cameleon3
– How are the Folding Mechanism of Bugaboo Buffalo and Cameleon3
– Bugaboo Buffalo Vs Cameleon3

Shopping for Baby Stroller

Pregnancy need a preparation because being a parent we have to own some skills especially when it comes to caring for the little one and make sure we are providing the proper treatment they need to grow healthily. We also have to purchase a wide range of equipment or tools required to ease the job and lessen your burden such as a stroller. This useful equipment is a must if you plan to spend some time outside the house whether it is just to walk in a nearby park or doing some light chores.

A stroller is a piece of useful system parents need help transporting their little one from their first day until they are big enough to walk and run themselves thus, the parents don’t have to hold their baby all the time. Not only it is tiring and reduce your fun together out there, it also limit the parent’s movement because we have to maintain body posture to not cause discomfort for our baby. With a stroller going out with one or two small children or babies is not an issue anymore.

Just like many gears designed to deliver convenience, baby stroller is also available in many types and it is always best to base your option or choice on each family’s need. In general baby stroller is coming in three different types with the first being a regular or full-sized stroller which is the most common and mostly used as daily driver by parents. This type usually have 4 wheels and sturdy frame to accommodate heavier weight and more working hours.

The second type is a lightweight stroller which is very ideal for parents who often travel with their little one or prefer to transport their gear lightly because as the name suggests, this stroller type is designed with lighter frame and most of the time have very compact folding system which will ease parent when handling the unit while traveling with their own vehicle or public transportation. The last type is called joggers or jogging stroller and they are identical with 3 wheel design that is more ideal to ease maneuvering on different terrains.

Similar to a full size stroller, this type also built with sturdy frame to make sure the unit can hold the weight properly and roll comfortably but they are also known to have superior suspension system which is necessary to accommodate operation on different surfaces. In addition, there is a travel system that can be bundled with a full size stroller or sometimes joggers as well and if you plan to use the unit since day one, it is the best choice for they already packed the car seat or bassinet in the system.

 Bugaboo BuffaloBugaboo Cameleon3
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions26 x 21.2 x 7.5 inches
35.4 x 23.2 x 11.8 inches
Item Weight21.8 pounds
21.2 pounds

About Bugaboo Buffalo and Cameleon3

If you are preparing to welcome a new family member, now is the perfect time to shop for a new stroller because we have so many of them to choose out there and as it has been mentioned above, the one we need might be different from what our best friend have been using depending on each family’s need. Additionally, you may want to set a budget first so then we can shop quickly and easily by eliminating those out of the price range.

For those who want to use the stroller since day one or since the little one can’t support their neck and head yet, getting a travel system or stroller with bassinet in the set is a very wise decision. There are many brands offering the set and one of the best is Bugaboo because this brand is well-known when it comes to always delivering good quality products but similarly important, their strollers are built to give the best convenient for parents. Read also: Bugaboo Buffalo Vs UPPAbaby Vista.

Bugaboo Buffalo and Cameleon3 are two of the most ideal choice from the collection because they are equally coming in a set with the baby bassinet which means we can use the stroller starting from day one with the help of some cushion and padding to support the baby while sleeping position. These models are very popular and also made to be rich in features to help parents be more at ease when traveling with their babies.

What you may want to take note is that Buffalo and Cameleon3 stroller or model themselves have been discontinued by Bugaboo since last year and it can be hard to find the unit anymore. However, there seems to be some sellers on various shopping platforms still carrying the stock of this model and despite discontinuing the product, the company still provide the accessories needed for the stroller. The latter however soon become Cameleon3 Plus which is claimed to come with more styling options and redesigned underseat basket.

Bugaboo Buffalo and Cameleon3 Design

As you can see on the sample picture above, both of them are very similar to each other because they are equally coming with the same 4-wheel design and both of the front wheel are far smaller than their rear part which is meant to ease the unit to maneuver. They come with fancy color options such as the chic grey of Buffalo collection or the simple and subtle black of Cameleon3 stroller. The fabric used are very smooth and seems durable.

They may seem to don’t have canopy on top but you don’t have to worry because their canopies are the removable type and will be included in the package with the whole set. They are also equally coming with baby bassinet for those parents with babies to take care but the frame is much heavier in Buffalo because it is weighed around 38 lbs. in total while the latter is only about 27 lbs.

Bugaboo Buffalo and Cameleon3 Canopy

Starting from the canopy, let’s see the model coming in these strollers and they are actually similar to each other because what we get are a removable canopy that can be installed easily on top of the stroller seat itself. These are not standard canopy because they fabric is thick and already good enough with 2-panel design but there is a zipper at the last panel which you can open to release another panel, making them a 3-panel style to provide better protection against sun ray.

Unlike many other canopies though, none of them are featured with a peek window at the top which often used by parents to monitor their babies but, it is not an issue since the seat is different as well from the majority of full-size strollers out there.

Bugaboo Buffalo and Cameleon3 Seat

Moving to the seat, they are using the same type of seat with reclining options accessed from the back or the installation hinge and enough padding to make sure our kids can sit comfortably as well as harness to keep them safe. What’s special about these strollers seat is that they are adjustable or removable which means the seat can face either the parents or forward eliminating the need of canopy window because parents can see their children by installing the seat backward.

Since they have the bassinet ready, we can use these compartment to replace the seat in one click because both of Bugaboo Buffalo and Cameleon3 are equally convenient and easy to use. Similarly, we can adjust these bassinets to face either forward or the parents.

Bugaboo Buffalo and Cameleon3 Features

Moving to the feature side, one of our favorite things is the adjustable handlebar because both of them are coming with telescoping handlebar that can be adjusted to be lower or taller which is great for parents with shorter or taller builds out there. Another lovely feature we found in Cameleon3 is the hand activated braking system for this model has a small lever on the frame which you can use to stop the stroller when needed, to take the baby or changing the seat.

This stroller also allow the user to change the handlebar position so instead of having the small wheel at the front, it can be reverse pushed with the larger wheel at the front. If you often run on bad pavement where there are holes and small rocks, Cameleon3 has a nice spring suspension system that can handle the shock for better experience both parents and the passenger.

Folding Bugaboo Buffalo and Cameleon3

As for the folding mechanism, Bugaboo Buffalo and Cameleon3 are quite different because the former boast the ability to fold the whole stroller without having to remove the seat and this system allows the unit to stand on its own as well for convenience. The latter on the other hand can be folded into a very compact system but we have to remove the seat first and stack them together when done for better space consumption.


These stroller sets are amazing for any parents who seek both quality and convenience but different as well because besides all the standard features, Cameleon3 also offers more and it is the ability to change its handlebar position which is great to set the stroller to roll on different environment and it also has a nice suspension better than what we get in Buffalo, as well as a handbrake for when you need to stop or parking.

Bugaboo Buffalo vs Cameleon3

- Seamless Maneuverability: For a smoother, more comfortable ride for both parent and baby, the Fox Complete full-size stroller features durable all-terrain wheels and advanced suspension! The plush ergonomic seat cradles your baby and sits them higher up for easy parent-bonding and interaction.
- Intuitive, One-Piece Fold: Tired of fumbling with awkward strollers? So were we! The Fox Complete easy-fold stroller effortlessly collapses into one piece and has a self-standing option, so it’s easy to move and store.
- Car Seat Compatible: The Bugaboo Fox is compatible with the Bugaboo Turtle Infant Car Seat without the use of adapters. When used with separate adapters, it is compatible with top car seat brands including Maxi Cosi, Chico, Clek, Nuna, Peg Perego, Britax and Cybex. Perfect for parents on the go, our infant to toddler stroller accommodates newborns and babies up to 48.5lbs!
- Ready for Anything: Suitable for children up to 37.5lbs, our infant (with included bassinet) to toddler stroller is there for your family from day one. The new edition offers a spacious under-seat basket to hold all your essentials!
- Smooth, Safe Ride: The stroller's adjustable suspension provides optimal driving performance as your child grows, which means less bumps on your journey. There's even an easy-access hand brake, keeping you in control as you stroll.
- Great for Travel: Weighing less than 22lbs with a two-piece fold design, the mid-size Cameleon3 plus provides no-hassle storage at home or on the go. Paired with separate adapters, it's compatible with many major car seat brands!


All in all there is no bad choice between these strollers but they are surely different from features point of view and if you are looking for the best option, we do recommend to pick Bugaboo Cameleon3 for its best convenience.

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