Bugaboo Buffalo vs UPPAbaby Vista

One of the most important equipment all parents must have when having a baby is a stroller because they will ease our shoulders when taking the little one for a quick stroll or while traveling. For those who are preparing to welcome a new family member, Bugaboo Buffalo vs UPPAbaby Vista will be a good stroller to consider because they are rich in features as well as convenient but, see if there is any substantial difference between the two so we can shop better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Purchasing a Stroller
– Which Stroller to Buy
– What are Bugaboo Buffalo and UPPAbaby Vista
– What Bugaboo Buffalo and UPPAbaby Vista Look Like
– How are the Canopy of Bugaboo Buffalo and UPPAbaby Vista
– How are the Seats of Bugaboo Buffalo and UPPAbaby Vista
– Do Bugaboo Buffalo and UPPAbaby Vista have Adjustable Handlebar
– How are the Folding System of Bugaboo Buffalo and UPPAbaby Vista
– Bugaboo Buffalo Vs UPPAbaby Vista

Stroller Benefits

Being a parent is an unforgettable moment in our lives even though this is not your first time anymore to welcome a new addition to the family. Children bring happiness to the house and while they can be very tiring to deal with, our love will overcome anything and there is nothing better for parents than seeing their kids grow up healthily, happily, and able to reach their future dreams. However, before reaching those stages, we are going to put much effort into keeping them safe and well.

Everybody knows that children need lots of assistance and babies are very challenging to take care of because they are still very fragile and delicate to experience various events daily. One of our issues when becoming a parent is that we can’t move around as freely again for we have another human being to keep an eye and to take care of. It is even more challenging when you have to go outside for a quick errands or just to enjoy the nice weather with the little one.

This is why we have a baby stroller to help parents, not only be more convenient when having to go out with their baby but to also lessen the burden on our shoulders because standing and walking with our baby will mostly cause some shoulder pain when we got home. With a stroller, our babies will be much more comfortable in their dedicated seat thus they can sleep or enjoy the surrounding freely whilst still being safe in our monitor even though we have to finish some tasks or move around a lot.

Stroller Types

Just like many other equipment meant to ease our daily life, there are various types of strollers out there and each one of them are designed for different family with different lifestyle so some parents sometimes can have one or more than a pair depending on what kind of activities they usually have. The basic and mostly used model is a regular full-sized stroller with 4-wheel design and can carry some types of infant car seat or sometimes also baby bassinet.

The latter is compact and lightweight stroller or some of them called as umbrella models like Kolcraft Vs Cosco Stroller that you can carry easily when moving a lot or just want to be more convenient. Another type we often encountered is a jogging stroller and as the name suggests they are made for parents who are living an active lifestyle but want to take the children on the journey. They mostly have sturdy frame, 3-wheel design, and only recommended for older babies.

About Bugaboo Buffalo and UPPAbaby Vista

Choosing the best stroller for the family may take some time and it should be done according to your family’s lifestyle or need because not all of us will have the same criteria. Stroller is also widely used and offered by almost infinite brands out there that will make your shopping may take a bit more. However, if you want to short the options quickly, we can check what other parents with the same lifestyle are using since they will have a higher chance to fit yours as well.

When it comes to baby stroller, we have tons of choice but Bugaboo and UPPAbaby will be two of the best especially if you are fine with spending more to get a high-quality products because these brands are well-known for their performance as well as material. They are offering lots of choices in the catalogue so parents can choose wisely but if you are planning to go for a stroll with the baby since early months, then Buffalo and Vista are a very ideal models to check out.

 Bugaboo Buffalo UPPAbaby Vista
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions35 x 21 x 13 inches
24 x 17 x 34 inches
Item Weight27.9 pounds49.2 pounds

They are very similar to each other in terms of features and quality but since they are coming from different companies, there is a high chance that they will be different as well and in comparison they are very attractive for parents who are actively taking their babies to enjoy the outdoor activities especially strolling and spend some time to admire nature. What you may want to know is currently Bugaboo already discontinued Buffalo stroller since last year.

Some sellers still able to offer the stock such as in Amazon but the amount of choices may not be as many as they used to be yet, for those who already have one, the company said they will still produce the parts for this model. As for UPPAbaby, the Vista stroller is one of the most popular models from their catalogue and it is not without a reason because among other models from many other brands, this one certainly stands up in terms of convenient.

Bugaboo Buffalo and UPPAbaby Vista Design

Upon seeing Bugaboo Buffalo and UPPAbaby Vista for the first time, it is obvious that these strollers are not among the affordable models we used to talk about because the frame and overall material is different or more of a high quality, soft and with enough padding as well as luxurious design and color options that won’t get outdated easily. They are also coming in a set with baby bassinet which means we can carry newborn or younger babies without a car seat attachment.

They look very similar in picture with an identical frame and design but in real life, Bugaboo is shorter and this stroller is very light considering the full-size type and compared to the Vista stroller from UPPAbaby, the latter is almost twice as heavy. This makes sense because according to the company the frame itself technically can hold a heavy load up to 170 lbs. yet, the seat attachment will only carry around 50 lbs. similar to what Buffalo is listed with.

Bugaboo Buffalo and UPPAbaby Vista Canopy

The first thing we often check when buying a stroller is their canopy because it is prominently presented on the unit and in this side, both Bugaboo Buffalo and UPPAbaby Vista are similarly coming with a thick canopy to protect your children but are also different because the former is actually 3-panel canopy with one being zippered at the bottom and the latter has another 2-panel at the front to cover children from sun rays especially if they are sensitive to them.

Another difference is UPPAbaby put a window panel on the top so parents can check on their little one while pushing the stroller conveniently and it is not available in Bugaboo yet, they are equally foldable for when the weather is nice out there.

Bugaboo Buffalo and UPPAbaby Vista Child Seat

Moving forward, let’s see the child seat and similar to many other strollers, these seats are padded for comfort as well as featured with harness to keep the passenger safe on their seat. These seats are adjustable to allow children to sit with the best comfort especially if they love to take a nap while going out. If your baby is still too young to use these seats, we can remove them from the frame and install the bassinet and another one benefit of removable seat is we can adjust whether to make it face the parent or forward.

Other interesting capabilities of UPPAbaby is this stroller can hold two children seats at once with an additional seat we can purchase from the brand which makes it suitable for twins or close siblings.

Bugaboo Buffalo and UPPAbaby Vista Handlebar

Slightly move the sight upward, here we can see the handlebar of these strollers and we always pay attention to this part because not all strollers are coming with adjustable height and this can be an issue for taller parents since the unit will be uncomfortable to push. Thankfully, Bugaboo Buffalo and UPPAbaby Vista are featured with adjustable handlebars and they are telescoping style thus, the taller it gets the further the parents from the stroller frame but, unlike with many models, we don’t get any cup holder here.

Bugaboo Buffalo and UPPAbaby Vista Folding System

The last point we want to mention is how easy it is to fold both of these strollers because there is a switch on the handlebar or frame to make the locking mechanism deactivate and allow parents to fold the frame. What’s different is probably because Bugaboo did fold in a more compact form than UPPAbaby for this model because the latter still consume much space when the seat is intact; it only compress the width of the unit while still standing tall.


Both of these strollers are very convenient and rich on features that we don’t have a chance to talk about in this article but the prominent difference between them is the fact that Vista can hold more weight with this frame compared to Buffalo. They equally detach the seat, have adjustable handlebar, have huge canopy, convenient folding mechanism, and great tires to handle various terrains but not yet as reliable as jogger’s tires.

Bugaboo Buffalo vs UPPAbaby Vista

- Comes with: black chassis, bassinet and seat fabric, navy canvas sun canopy and apron with a black faux leather handlebar and carry handle + comes with a matching tote bag which hangs safely from the handlebar
- Ready to go from day one: the bassinet easily converts into a spacious seat and vice versa + car seat compatible with select car seats (Maxi Cosi, Britax, Chico and Peg Perego / adapters sold separately)
- One piece foldable and self-standing & one-hand operation to recline, reverse and release the seat
- Includes and full size front or rear facing toddler seat with multi-position recline
- Compatible with MESA Infant Car Seat - direct attachment, no adapters necessary
- New Longer mattress pad with ventilation for added breathability


All in all, the choice should match your needs and between the two, we do recommend parents to pick Bugaboo Buffalo in case there is no need for second seat because this stroller is more affordable and has better folding mechanism.

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