Bugaboo Donkey 2 vs UPPAbaby Vista

Being a parent means we have to prepare for lots of things to make sure our baby is always healthy and properly taken care of. If you are also love to spend some quality time with them outside the house, a stroller set like Bugaboo Donkey 2 Vs UPPAbaby Vista will ease your job to transport them conveniently. Both of them are a complete solution from newborn but before you shop, go see what they can offer below to choose better.

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  • What are Bugaboo Donkey 2 and UPPAbaby Vista
  • What Bugaboo Donkey 2 and UPPAbaby Vista Look Like
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  • How are the Seat in Bugaboo Donkey 2 and UPPAbaby Vista
  • What else Bugaboo Donkey 2 and UPPAbaby Vista can offer
  • How to Fold Bugaboo Donkey 2 and UPPAbaby Vista
  • Bugaboo Donkey 2 Vs UPPAbaby Vista

Baby Stroller

There are lots of things to prepare when becoming a parent especially if this is your first time because we never have an experience before and everything seems to be overwhelming at the beginning but, worry not because we are not alone. It is easy to feel confused when looking for the items or equipment we need to welcome the little one into our family but chances we will be fine after, since all of us need to get used to the situation first.

Not only equipment and items, we also need to prepare for the knowledge required to properly take care of them. Among those many gears we have to purchase, stroller is one of the most debated tool to have or not to have in the house. Rather than saying you will definitely need it or can go fine without one, it is better to state that every family works differently and the best answer is to find the one that fits you activity the most. Read also: Bugaboo Buffalo Vs Cameleon3.

Of course parents can go without a stroller just fine but having one is convenient because it will help you transport the little one especially for those parents who prefer to spend their time outside and introducing their baby to the surrounding since early age. If you prefer to have one, here are some points to help the shopping decision:

  1. Deciding the budget first because not all products are in the same price range and keeping the budget at a range will help you eliminate models that are too expensive or too shady for your family. Depending on the set, it can be less than $100 or more for those coming with more accessories or fancy features.
  2. Next is family size because not all of us are going to carry only one baby or child at the same time; some parents have twins or triplets and older sibling to consider as well. Double stroller is ideal for twins or if you have one older sibling and one baby then we can purchase stroller with adaptor to let the big brother/sister ride along.
  3. The last is lifestyle for our house may have special needs and the stroller must able to accommodate this activity. For example, those who often on trips and take their little one along may want to consider lightweight or umbrella strollers or parents with an active lifestyle or loves to jogs may want to pick a jogger instead thus, they can run while taking care of the kid.

About Bugaboo Donkey 2 and UPPAbaby Vista

If you already decide to go with a stroller and list down the features or things they need to be capable of, now is the time to see what we can get in the market. There are lots of them out there and not all are made to be the same so we do recommend to spend some time considering the ideal options and finally pick the best option. Deciding a budget range first is great to help you remove the huge options in single step.

 Bugaboo Donkey 2UPPAbaby Vista
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions33.9 x 23.6 x 33.9 inches
24 x 17 x 34 inches
Item Weight29.2 pounds
50 pounds

For those parents who are looking for high-quality strollers and plan to use the stroller since day one, Bugaboo and UPPAbaby are two great brands to check out. Both of them are offering amazing strollers which are not only made from good materials but also reliable and long lasting for everyday use. They do carry lots of options and we recommend to pick a travel system set or a package with few items inside especially different seat types for best convenient across the age.

Two sets that can ease your trips with the little one are Bugaboo Donkey 2 and UPPAbaby Vista because they are already coming with the compartment or seat type needed to fit your children from newborn until they are old enough to exceed the height and weight limit of their seats. These pretty strollers are made or designed for parents with more than one small baby to take care of the same time or twins because both of them are capable of fitting two seats on the stroller’s frame.

In addition these strollers have lots of features on board and we love how versatile they are for a family who loves to take a short trip out there whether it is just to enjoy ice cream or while doing some errands like grocery shopping. Price wise, they are not cheap because both are coming in a set but after we consider the package, the price is competitive enough especially when counting how the frame is capable to take more load than standard single full-sized strollers.

Bugaboo Donkey 2 and UPPAbaby Vista Design

Bugaboo Donkey 2 and UPPAbaby Vista are a pair of good looking stroller and this is because they have sturdy frame combined with high-quality fabric as well as a collection of fashion to choose from. What’s so different from them about the design alone is how Donkey 2 has a wide frame or gap between the two main pole and this is because they will fit two seats here if used for twins while Vista is more streamlined in case you need to fit into a narrow door or aisle.

Donkey 2 might look like it will weigh about 50 lbs. or so but this stroller is actually very lightweight considering the two seats weighed only at 29.3 lbs. without any passenger while the seat depending on manufacturer’s date can hold up to either 37.5 or 50 lbs. Vista on the other hand is slightly lighter because the stroller set itself is only 26.6 lbs. while the bassinet it comes with is 8.8 lbs. The whole frame of these strollers are similarly capable of carrying up to 50 lbs. 

Bugaboo Donkey 2 and UPPAbaby Vista Canopy

Moving deeper to what they can offer, let’s check their canopy first for this is necessary to cover our baby while strolling out there. Both of them have two-panel canopy for the main seat which is wide enough to cover almost half of the opening but Vista has an additional visor that we can extend from the inner side to provide a little bit more protection when the sun rays coming from the front. This model also have window which is not available in Donkey 2.

Bugaboo Donkey 2 and UPPAbaby Vista Seats

Below this canopy, here we can see the seat of Bugaboo Donkey 2 and UPPAbaby Vista which is very different in terms of system. The former has a wide frame to accommodate one seat and a small additional basket on its right but this frame is extendable to be wider and used to fit the second seat or bassinet to carry two children together; one newborn/one toddler or two depending on the seat. On Vista, the frame can be added with an adaptor above the front wheel.

This adaptor is not included in the package along with the second seat so we need additional purchase for two older children. It has bassinet to use since newborn but can be used together with the passenger or toddler seat as well and for twins, we can purchase car seats to carry two newborns from day one. Similar to many other strollers, these toddler seats from both brands are featured with harness and adjustable to fit passenger’s comfort as well as reversible to face the parent or forward.

Bugaboo Donkey 2 and UPPAbaby Vista Features

On the additional features side Bugaboo Donkey 2 and UPPAbaby Vista are using a telescoping handlebar and we do love this type of system for it is easier to fit the stroller height to the parent’s since not all of us are equally tall. In addition, both models are coming with bumper bar on the main or passenger seat to provide a place for your children to hold on to and as a convenient handle when removing or placing the seat on their frame.

Folding Bugaboo Donkey 2 and UPPAbaby Vista 

The last point we love from these strollers is their convenient folding system when you need to transport the unit. Both of them are easily folded for example with Donkey 2 we only need to decline the handlebar, recline the main seat, lock the wheel, pull the folding slider on the frame and pull the bar between the wheels to make the stroller reclined and folded while standing. 

Vista on the other hand requires you to fold the seat canopy, lock the wheel and elongate the handlebar to pull its folding slider on the frame and then to fold the stroller into a more compact form but, unlike Donkey 2, it can’t stand on its own.

Bugaboo Donkey 2 vs UPPAbaby Vista

- Spacious Storage: The Donkey2 is a full size stroller with a narrow footprint that glides through doorways & entryways with ease. The side luggage basket & under-seat basket each hold up to 22lbs
- Versatile and Hassle-Free: From the 1-piece self-standing fold design which offers a compact fold
- Car Seat Compatibility: Bugaboo makes travelling a breeze. When used with car seat adapters
- Reliable Safety: From testing to our use of durable materials
- Includes and full size front or rear facing toddler seat with multi-position recline
- Compatible with MESA Infant Car Seat - direct attachment, no adapters necessary
- New Longer mattress pad with ventilation for added breathability
- One-step fold with or without seat attached

Bugaboo Donkey 2 and UPPAbaby Vista are ideal choices for parents with two small children but they are also different because the Bugaboo stroller is wide and will not be as convenient to push around, especially if you have to push between a narrow aisle and doors. However, Bugaboo stroller has lots of space to keep belongings with the extra basket when not being used with bassinet while Vista from UPPAbaby has additional visor on its main toddler seat and of course its slimmer body.


All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all families have the same needs and it is best to follow yours. Donkey 2 set is a nice option if you have no issue about space while strolling but we do like Vista for its better, narrower design.


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