Bumbleride Indie Twin vs BOB Duallie

Having twins means double the effort we have to put and weight we have to carry especially while spending the time outside. But, worry not because we can still use double strollers like Bumbleride Indie Twin Vs BOB Duallie to ease the job and enhance the siblings’ comfort. These double strollers are affordable, rich with features and also reliable. If you are going to choose one of them, see below about what they can offer and which model will fit your family the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Look in a Baby Stroller
  • What are Bumbleride Indie Twin and BOB Duallie
  • What Bumbleride Indie Twin and BOB Duallie Look Like
  • How are the Canopy in Bumbleride Indie Twin and BOB Duallie
  • How are the Seat in Bumbleride Indie Twin and BOB Duallie
  • How are the Wheel and Tire in Bumbleride Indie Twin and BOB Duallie
  • How are the Brakes in Bumbleride Indie Twin and BOB Duallie
  • Bumbleride Indie Twin Vs BOB Duallie

Baby Stroller

Strollers have been around for quite some time and this gear is still one of the most helpful and useful items to have for parents in the present day. Their convenient and beneficial functions are undeniable but we can still go by without one; in fact many parents don’t have a stroller until their kid is big or heavy enough to wear their energy. However, for those who will be quite active and would love to spend the time outdoors with their babies, having one will certainly ease the job.

Before parents heading to the store and checking out which model will fit in their family the most, it is nice to consider what you need first and what necessary features or capabilities the stroller must have in order to be helpful.

  1. Stroller seat is often ignored when people buy a stroller but this is the most important part of the unit as it decides who can use the seat. In general stroller seats are ideal for babies starting at 6-8 months old or when they can already sit and support their head and neck but, with accessories like infant car seats and bassinets, we can use a flat compartment for newborn. In some models the seat can be converted into bassinet but most just accept a car seat.
  2. Stroller seats also have maximum weight and usually instead of per frame, we see the seat maximum weight. This decides until when we can use the stroller because when purchasing something we want it to be useful for longer. Those with higher weight capacity can be used for older children or may have an ability to accept another seat into the frame.
  3. The last is their stroller types itself because there are few of them and for general use, it is easier to choose based on the type only. Full sized strollers usually have a bigger frame and heavy materials as they are meant to be used daily and mostly can accept infant car seats or other accessories. Some of them may also be able to have additional seats on the frame for bigger families. Lightweight stroller on the other hand is the opposite and meant for traveling or urban families.

They come with lightweight frame and fabric with compact form when folded and easy, quick mechanism; some even have a handle or strap to allow parents to carry it around and some may also use three-wheel design for easy maneuver in crowded or narrow places. Another type is jogging strollers like Bob Revolution Pro Vs Thule Urban Glide 2 made specifically for unruly terrains with sturdy frames, more reclined seats, and air-filled rubber tires.

 Bumbleride Indie Twin BOB Duallie
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions36 x 30 x 47 inches
48 x 30.5 x 43 inches
Item Weight36 pounds
33.1 pounds

About Bumbleride Indie Twin and BOB Duallie

Choosing a stroller is easy when we know what we want from the unit because it can reduce the amount of products we have to consider in a great amount. Now when you have decided to choose which type of stroller or what makes the unit, it is time to see what the market has to offer because chances are there are tons of them out there and not all will be ideal for your family. 

If there is a budget to meet, it is also convenient to shop based on how many you can spend for the product. For parents with twins or siblings close in age, you may want to opt for a double stroller instead as they have two seats on one frame thus, we can push them together without having to buy two units at the same time. Among those reliable strollers, Bumbleride and BOB are two good brands to shop from thanks to their good qualities but also variable options.

These brands are offering a huge variety of stroller types so you can find the one that fits with the family’s need the most and for those parents with twins, Bumbleride Indie Twin and BOB Duallie are going to be two amazing options to consider. These strollers are carrying two seats on the frame, specifically made for strolling together and what we like from them is that they are still fairly easy to use and push which often being an issue in such models. 

Having a twins can be very tiring since we have to put twice as much effort but with these stroller at least we can take care and monitor them at once and what’s even more impressive about Bumbleride Indie Twin and BOB Duallie is the fact that they can roll on almost any terrains, making them great options if the parents want to get their body back at shape again without leaving the twins especially if there is no one to attend them at home.

Bumbleride Indie Twin and BOB Duallie Design

Being a double stroller makes these two bulkier, and we admit that compared to single strollers, they can be heavier to push as well as navigate especially when through doors if you will be using them for regular and daily strollers that will most likely be going to pass through some of those. When fully expanded, the stroller width itself is 30-inch with BOB just slightly wider and side by side, they also seemingly have the same height at 45-inch with Bumbleride slightly taller.

While BOB is clearly a jogging stroller due to its overall look and design, it is a little bit difficult to tell Indie Twin whether the unit can run on different terrains because the shape and design including fabric is more similar to a regular, daily stroller. However, we can tell it is versatile as soon as you check out the wheel and tires. Another difference is on their wheel because the Duallie stroller, especially the Flex 2.0 only has one front wheel while the other has two.

Bumbleride Indie Twin and BOB Duallie Canopy

Canopy is always the one we notice first when checking out a stroller probably because they are very prominent. In this side, both Bumbleride Indie Twin and BOB Duallie are coming with a huge shade that when extended fully will be able to cover almost half of the front opening of the seat. Indie Twin may look like to only have a 2-ply canopy by there is additional visor at the front for further coverage while BOB huge and long shades can be extended until very low.

On top of their canopies are also featured with a huge window or panel to peek on your little one while pushing the stroller and when not being used, we can put the cover back so they sun rays won’t enter their seats.

Bumbleride Indie Twin and BOB Duallie Seat

Moving further, let’s see the seat on both strollers and on this side, unlike regular strollers, the amount of padding is not abundant but still very much comfortable for children to sit on and also featured with a harness to keep them safe in place. Similar to many strollers, the seat itself can be reclined until a certain position but, what’s unique about Indie Twin is the fact that you can lay the backrest very low hence it can carry a smaller baby or even newborn with additional, extra padding.

You can also fold the foot rest up to make the passenger seat mimic a bassinet in this carrying mode. The seats of Bumbleride Indie Twin and BOB Duallie are useful starting from infant or newborn but BOB allows this only with infant car seats while the former can be used with its furthest recline position. As for the weight limit, each of their seats can carry up to 45 and 50 lbs. respectively. What parents may want to note is that the baby needs to be at least 8 months before we can jog with them.

Bumbleride Indie Twin and BOB Duallie Wheel and Tire

The next part we want to mention is their wheel and tire because this is very important in a jogging stroller. Both of them are using rubber tires filled with air that can become flat in certain circumstances but you can always refill it again as long as there is no damage or holes due to sharp objects. The front wheel is swiveling but you can lock it as well when needed especially when running on unruly terrain to enhance their stability.

Bumbleride Indie Twin and BOB Duallie Brake

The last important part we want to mention here is their braking system since it is important to have full control over your stroller including when jogging and in this side none of Bumbleride Indie Twin and BOB Duallie are coming with hand brakes. They only carry flip-flop friendly rear wheel brakes which are activated using the foot. This is adequate for parking but if your terrain has different elevation, it will be very useful to have hand brakes when pushing them down for better control.

Bumbleride Indie Twin vs BOB Duallie

These strollers are amazing for parents who want to be active with their babies. However, they are also different mainly on the seat because Bumbleride Indie Twin’s seat can be converted into a flat seat, similar to a bassinet for carrying newborn while the BOB stroller still can be used since newborn for regular strolling but you will need to put the infant car seat first. They don’t have hand brakes for better control but since BOB only has one front wheel, it is also slightly lighter to push around yet can be less stable compared to Bumbleride.

- CONVENIENT – This lightweight sport stroller features a one-step fold with a gear-assisted auto-locking hinge. Dual car seat and bassinet compatible, and with easy stow pockets, this special all weather pro jogger is all you’ll need from newborn to toddler.
- ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – The ultra soft texture in each double stroller is made using 100% recycled PET, and the innovative dyeing process conserves massive amounts of water during production.
- ADJUSTABLE – Along with the UPF 45+ canopy and magnetic viewing window, you can enjoy the smoothest push with all wheel suspension, adjustable footrests, single lever recline, and PVC free adjustable TPR handle.
- DURABLE – Weighing only 36 pounds, the lightweight aluminum frame pairs perfectly with non fading polyester fabric and four 12” air-filled tires (pump comes included).
- Fit: Birth to 50 pounds each seat; 0 to 8 weeks with the use of an Infant Car Seat Adapter and compatible Infant Car Seat; child height 44 inches. Dimensions 30.5 W x 43 H x 48 D inches
- Smooth; speedy stability: Locking swivel front wheel; air filled tires; and mountain bike style suspension system
- Adjustable and Safe: 9 position adjustable handlebar with wrist strap; no rethread five point harness; independent near flat recline; ventilated seats; and extra large UPF 50 plus canopies
- Carry more Gear: Store and organize your gear in the integrated pockets and extra large cargo basket


You can go with any of them because if the purpose is for jogging, then we can start using after the baby is old enough to sit properly on their passenger seat but, if parents want to use the stroller since early days without the need to buy additional accessories, we recommend to choose Bumbleride Indie Twin as you can convert their seats to carry newborn.


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