Cameleon 3 vs Fox 2 

Strollers are very convenient for parents who are often going out with their little one. They will ease some of the weight we have to carry while moving around or walking and traveling from one place to another. Cameleon 3 Vs Fox 2 from Bugaboo are designed to help parents carry their babies without much fuss and they are also easy to use with lots of useful features but, the two variants are different so before deciding the option, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What to Look for in a Baby Stroller
  • What are Cameleon 3 and Fox 2
  • How are the Design of Cameleon 3 and Fox 2
  • How are the Canopy in Cameleon 3 and Fox 2
  • How are the Passenger Seat in Cameleon 3 and Fox 2
  • How are the Folding Mechanism of Cameleon 3 and Fox 2
  • Cameleon 3 Vs Fox 2

Shopping for a Stroller

When it comes to strollers, every parent will need one that can help them navigate out there. This equipment is very useful and we are sure parents will love them but it is not a must as well because we can hold them manually as well. We personally prefer to hold them since this contact is great for bonding between parents and the children but, it is only for a short trip because if it is longer, the weight can be quite a burden to our body.

Strollers have been around for so long and helping parents across generations to carry their little one when traveling out there. The designs are the same however so no matter the stroller types, all of them will be useful but, depending on the family’s needs, the best options may vary as well. A stroller will have a single or dual passenger seat, a reliable frame to hold the weight, handle, and at least three wheels to support the whole unit.

The passenger seat is probably the most important part of a stroller because this is where the baby will sit or sleep. The seat needs to be wide and comfortable enough for them to use it and depending on how old the baby is, during infancy stage they need to lay down so choosing a stroller that can accept an infant car seat or the seat that can be reclined fully until flat will be a great choice. Thus, we can use the stroller from day one.

Next important part is the wheels or type of tires. Most strollers are using forever wheels or solid wheels which makes them durable and low maintenance but, if you will jog or run with them when the baby is old enough, we need the joggers or jogging stroller with rubber and air-filled tires such as Baby Jogger Summit X3 Vs BOB Revolution Pro. This is because while solid tires are great on pavement, rubber tires will be more forgiving for harsher terrain where you may be walking or running on.

Another important part is the additional features and this can be personal based on the parent’s need. Some of us are looking for a lightweight travel stroller so we can carry them with hand if needed while some are looking for a modular type of stroller where the seat can be interchangeable with other types of accessories such as bassinet and car seat. Additionally, the canopy size, handlebar, basket are what many parents are paying attention to as well because they are helpful for the overall application.

 Cameleon 3Fox 2 
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Product Dimensions35.9 x 21.2 x 11.4 inches
41.34 x 23.62 x 34.65 inches
Item Weight38 pounds
48.5 Pounds

About Cameleon 3 and Fox 2

Now when parents already know what to look for or what the stroller must offer, it is time to see the options out there. Since strollers are a mainstream gear, there will be plenty to choose from and if this is the first stroller in the family, it is great to save the time by getting one that meets the budget or those from your favorite brand. Chances are most will be very similar to each other but not exactly the same as well.

For parents who are planning to invest on their stroller, wanting a product that not only works but also lasts long and offers many useful features, Bugaboo is one of the best choices to go for. We are sure many parents are familiar with this brand as well because they are quite famous for the high-end strollers and the only downside is probably the price point. Yes, this is more of premium choice so chances are you will have to spend more than $1,000 to purchase one of their systems.

While they are more expensive than many other brands such as Baby Jogger for example, one thing we do love from this brand is they offer more as well in their strollers including the famous Cameleon 3 and Fox 2. These strollers are the favorite of many for their convenience and we do think these are among the most versatile and easy to use systems as well that you can get for the family. Today the Cameleon 3 is renewed into Cameleon 3 Plus but you may still be able to get the stroller from various retailers.

The two are similarly easy to use and suitable from a very young age in case you want to bring the little one for a stroll and some fresh air outside before they can sit properly. This is what makes the Cameleon 3 and Fox 2 have a long period of usage even without the car seat if you choose to travel light. The biggest difference in our opinion is how Fox 2 is designed to be travel friendly and more suitable for usage in typical crowded cities.

Cameleon 3 and Fox 2 Design

Just like with other Bugaboo’s strollers, the first and most interesting is their fashion because not all strollers can look as modern and as attractive as their design. The color choices are subtle and go well with most colors such as black, dark blue, light blue, or light grey. The fabric is also very soft and thick, you can feel the premium here when touching the material. The Cameleon 3 and Fox 2’s frames are pretty similar however and they are not heavy, only about 21-22 lbs. with everything attached.

Usually these strollers will be sold with two types of seats in the package so besides the main toddler seat we will get the bassinet too for usage since newborn but do make sure to ask the seller first, especially if you will go with Cameleon 3 since the original model has been discontinued. In comparison, the Fox 2 will have a higher weight limit however with the seat up to 48 lbs. and basket up to 22 lbs. compared to 37.5 lbs. and 8.8 lbs. respectively.

Cameleon 3 and Fox 2 Canopy

Now moving forward to the stroller, the next thing we love from Cameleon 3 and Fox 2 is their canopy. If you are not familiar with Bugaboo’s strollers, many of their seat’s canopy can be removed from the seat itself making the overall frame lighter and ideal for strolling when the weather is nice or for indoor use. The canopy is made of two ply which can be extended until touching the bumper bar on the seat so they will cover almost all of the kid’s torso.

The only drawback we see here is the lack of any opening or window on the canopy which is often used to take a peek on your little one as we stroll but, this is not an issue for these strollers as well if what you want to do is talking or seeing the passenger while strolling. However, it seems that the Fox 2’s bassinet and newer variants of this stroller do have the covered window now and larger canopy now.

Cameleon 3 and Fox 2 Toddler Seat

One of the best features in these strollers is because the seat of Cameleon 3 and Fox 2 are removable from the frame and this is also making them reversible to face either the road or the parents. This way, there is no need for a peek-a-boo window anymore since we can just install the seat backward. The passenger seat should be enough until the kid is exceeding the height and weight limit but the manufacturer recommended it until 4 years old. For usage since newborn, we can opt to install their bassinet instead so the baby can lay more comfortably with more room inside. 

As for the toddler seat, these accessories can be reclined until flat on both strollers so we can arrange the seat to be as comfortable as possible for the passenger. Natively, there is no car seat to attach with Cameleon 3 but there are adapters that can transform the stroller’s frame into car seat carrier unlike Fox 2 that can use Turtle Infant Car Seat without adapters or with Maxi Cosi, Chico, Clek, Nuna, Peg Perego, etc. when added with an adapter. 

Cameleon 3 and Fox 2 Folding Mechanism

The last point we want to talk about Cameleon 3 and Fox 2 is the folding mechanism because Cameleon 3 is not as convenient as Fox 2, in fact this stroller is a bit frustrating to fold if you are in a hurry. First we need to remove the seat, second we have to press the two buttons to fold the frame backward and third pull the single frame in the middle of the stroller. This also can’t help the unit to stand on its own after folding so limiting the mobility.

On the other hand Fox 2 is better at least we don’t have to remove the seat anymore since we can just leave it on the frame and while it still requires a few steps including adjusting the handle bar, the stroller can stand on its own.

Cameleon 3 vs Fox 2 

Both of them are good options for parents who want to be at ease while strolling with their kids. The differences are Fox 2 has a heavier weight capacity, has better canopy, has a native infant car seat for the stroller, and has a better folding mechanism compared to Cameleon 3. We do like Fox 2 in comparison and with these additional conveniences, the weight of the unit stays the same.

- This model is specific to the Bugaboo Cameleon3. There are dedicated versions of the Bugaboo High Performance Rain Cover for each stroller. Can be used in both bassinet and seat mode.
- Features a reflective strip for 180 Degree visibility at night and during bad weather and offers easy access with a 180 Degree zipper.
- Provides excellent all-weather protection against rain, snow, wind and cold. It is water repellant and water resistant as well as PVC Free.
- Folds into itself for easy storage in underseat basket and features an integrated zipped pocket for quick access to essentials
- Seamless Maneuverability: For a smoother, more comfortable ride for both parent and baby, the - Fox 2 full-size stroller features durable all-terrain wheels and advanced suspension!
Intuitive, One-Piece Fold: The Fox 2 stroller effortlessly collapses with improved folding buttons, into one piece and has a self-standing option, so it's easy to move and store.
- Car Seat Compatible: Perfect for parents on the go, our infant to toddler stroller accommodates newborns and babies up to 48.5lbs! Adapter sold separately
- Versatile Convenience: New sun canopy with peekaboo window and breezy panel. An included rain cover, machine washable UPF 50+ sun canopy and an extra-large 22lb-capacity under-seat basket, our foldable stroller makes your day-to-day a bit more convenient!


You can go well with any of them based on which seems to fit you the most. The original Cameleon 3 is no longer produced and in comparison the Fox 2 is better as well so if you are in the market for a new stroller, we highly recommend this one.

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