Chicco Bravo Trio vs Britax B Agile

Having a stroller will ease parent’s heavy load when carrying their baby outside for a stroll or just spend some moments shopping and doing other light activities. There are so many options out there to choose when we are looking for a good stroller or travel system set such as Chicco Bravo Trio vs Britax B Agile. Both of them are very stylish and already come with all the features we will need in a stroller. Go check our article below to see what they can offer to you.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a stroller or travel system
– What are Chicco Bravo Trio and Britax B Agile
– What Chicco Bravo Trio and Britax B Agile Look Like
– What Chicco Bravo Trio and Britax B Agile can offer to you
– Chicco Bravo Trio vs Britax B Agile

Stroller or Travel System
Stroller or travel system set is an important gear to have when we are having a children because they are what we are going to use to help transporting our baby from one place to another so we don’t have to hold them all the time. Using stroller is also useful to let parents move freely while doing other activities like shopping and doing some light errand or while jogging because we can secure them on the seat and just push the stroller while moving.

Like everything else, the type of stroller our family needs will probably different from our neighbor because each family may have different preference and activities. This is also what makes it important to choose the correct stroller to match our family rather than just purchasing whatever product looks interesting. There are many affordable stroller or travel system and there are also many expensive ones out there but being expensive is not always meaning we will get the most out of the stroller since even affordable products can provide the features as well.

For parents who live in an urban area where they often commute or walk pass busy roads, a compact, light, 3-wheel stroller can be a great option since they can be easily maneuvered. At the other hand, parents who need a full size stroller that can take more weight and more stable unit will better choose regular 4-wheel stroller while those with twins or near age siblings can opt for double or stackable strollers. However, if you only want a regular stroller that can be used since infant stage, purchasing a travel system will be a great option.

About Chicco Bravo Trio
One of the easiest way to choose a travel system set or stroller is by the brand because with this we can narrow down the option very quickly and the key is to pick the well-known or popular name because they are the most likely to offer dependable products as well. Chicco is many parent’s favorite brand with their huge collection of stroller, travel system and car seat for baby and children. They also have been around for quite some time and proven to always offer many good products with rich features.

If you are looking for a stroller or travel system set, the one you may want to check among Chicco wide collection is the popular Bravo Trio . This stroller is available for purchase just with the stroller or in set with the car seat, making it a travel system and as the seat, they will pair the stroller with KeyFit 30. Buying a travel system set is good since we don’t have to purchase another car seat separately or worry whether we can mount the seat on stroller frame or not.

Chicco Bravo Trio Design
When looking at Chicco Bravo Trio, we are sure many parents will see it as a stylish stroller with a simple yet attractive pattern. Stroller mostly have the same design or frame construction but the pattern options separate them from one brand to another. This stroller is a full size model with 4-wheel design and having a weight of 23 pounds. The weight limit is very standard at 50 pounds while the car seat is design to carry baby up to 30 pounds.

Chicco Bravo Trio Features
The firsts thing we notice when looking at Chicco Bravo Trio is the canopy because this stroller is equipped with a wide, 3-panel canopy that can be adjusted, means we can fold or extend it as we need to protect our children from the hot sun rays especially if our children is fussy about it. Additionally, this canopy also has visibility or peek-a-boo window to check on your baby while pushing the stroller, so we don’t need to stop first.

Moving down, we can see the toddler seat here and they are padded to support the comfort for passenger while they are sitting or sleeping and just like many other strollers, the seat can be reclined until several positions. As it has been mentioned above, the Chicco Bravo Trio is available in a travel system set which means the frame can accept a car seat and what’s great about the option is, we can put the seat with or without the toddler seat.

Moving up, here we can see the handle, and this stroller is using a connected handlebar that can’t be adjusted to be taller but we can still rotate them to be lower or higher for parents who need a height adjustment. In front of this handle, there is a very useful parent tray which we can use to carry small things and beverage cup or bottle on the go for us or or children. There are also children tray available for purchase if you need them.

Below this handle, there is 4-wheels to move the stroller around and just like many other full size stroller, these wheels have different diameter for the front and rear wheels. They are all using forever tires and can be locked on the front when you need more stable pushing while on an uneven surface.

About Britax B Agile
It is good to have another option when looking for something since we can compare them to see if the features from the first product also available on the other and which one of them will be the best option for our budget. If you like the kind of features on Chicco Bravo Trio, then you may want to check on the other option Britax B Agile stroller or travel system. If you only need the stroller, they also have the option but if you don’t want to make another purchase, we recommend you to pick the travel system set.

Britax B Agile is a good stroller and travel system with all the features you need and unlike the first option, this stroller is coming with a 3-wheel design which means they can be a good companion for those who want to move freely or need a light stroller that can be carried easier. The design is also beneficial for parents who often stroll on crowded road or shopping in a store with a narrow aisle space for it is easier to move around compared to 4-wheel models.

Britax B Agile Design
Britax B Agile is an attractive stroller with a sturdy frame to carry our children and other small bags around while outside. The stroller fashion is pretty simple in fact, with a narrower color scheme options to pick. Since it is available in a travel system set, the car seat pair is from the same brand and for this model you will get the B-Safe 35 car seat to help transporting our baby when traveling with car. Read also: Britax B Mobile vs B Agile here.

Britax B Agile Features
On the canopy, Britax B Agile is equipped with a huge canopy made from 2-panel of thick material to help protecting our baby when strolling in summer and since they are adjustable, we can fold or extend them when needed. When the weather is nice out there, we can completely fold the canopy to allow our baby enjoy their surroundings. This canopy also have a decently sized window above to peek your baby while you push the stroller.

Below this canopy, we can find the seat with its five points harness to help keeping your baby in place when they sit on the toddler seat. This seat is padded but not too much and we can adjust the seat to be lower or reclined until several positions to allow children sleep more comfortably. In front of the seat, there is a tray to carry children snack or drink so they won’t get bored while strolling.

Above the canopy, we can see the half circle handle and unfortunately, they are fixed or stationary so we can’t make them go higher or lower. The wheel are in different size between the front and rear while the front is smaller yet doubled for better stability. What we love on Britax B Agile is the lock folding system because there is a lock on the frame to make sure the frame won’t unfold accidently.

Now, let’s compare Chicco Bravo trio with Britax B Agile. As you may already know, the kind of features you want are available in both strollers. What differentiate them the most is on the design because Bravo Trio is a 4-wheel stroller while the other is 3-wheel stroller. Another difference is Bravo Trio let users remove the toddler seat to make it a car seat stroller and to lessen the weight while B Agile seat is non removable yet the stroller frame is already lighter. Additionally, Bravo Trio handle is also adjustable.

Chicco Bravo Trio vs Britax B Agile

- Stroller features one-hand fold, auto-positioning wheels and a self-standing compact folded position
- Stroller includes a convenient parent tray with storage and cup holders. Usage:For Children up to 50 pounds
- Designed exclusively for use with Chicco Key Fit 30 Infant Car Seat. For infants from 4 to 30 pounds and up to 30 inches in height
- Check out our all new B-Lively & B-Safe 35 Travel System! (B07FF5LKCH)
- Travel System includes B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat and base, B-Agile Stroller, and car seat adapters
- Surrounded in safety: Car seat has a layer of side impact protection, steel frame, and impact absorbing base

All in all, both of them can be a good choice for your children stroller. However, if we are to choose, we will pick Britax B Agile because the design is better for those living in urban area or when we need a light stroller with an easy maneuverability.

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