Chicco Bravo Trio vs Graco Modes

If you plan to stroll with your baby or taking them while doing other light activities outside, it is great to pick a good stroller as a companion because they will ease our work and lighten the weight. In the market, there are so many good options such as Chicco Bravo Trio vs Graco Modes. Both of them are already coming with all the features we need and also affordable. If you wonder which one suit your family better, go check them in our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why purchasing a travel system
– What are Chicco Bravo Trio and Graco Modes
– What Chicco Bravo Trio and Graco Modes Look Like
– What Chicco Bravo Trio and Graco Modes can offer to you
– Chicco Bravo Trio vs Graco Modes

Travel System
Having a baby doesn’t mean we have to spend all day at home because we can take them out to nearby park or just for a light stroll in your neighborhood while introducing the world to your baby. Breathing a fresh air is also beneficial for health and a good method to bond with them while playing if they are already a toddler. To ease parents’ movement while carrying our baby, stroller is offered with many features that may differ from one model to another.

This is why it is important to check the product first and look for all the available information before deciding to purchase them because not all family have the same need and we have to pick the one suit our family’s activities the most. For those with twins or have children near in age, we will need a stroller to carry both of them at the same time while those active parents who loves to jog or run will have to pick stroller that can be taken while doing the activities.

If you only have one small children who need a stroller or if it is probably your first children, it is good to choose a travel system set which is consisting of the stroller and a car seat. The benefit of travel system is we don’t have to purchase another car seat anymore when transporting our baby with car or have to worry whether the car seat can be mounted to the stroller frame or not because a set will come with all the matching compartments.

About Chicco Bravo Trio
The choice for stroller and travel system is indeed numerous and it means we have to spend some time selecting from the amount. The fastest way is looking for those from popular brand for they have a high chance of offering dependable products as well and when talking about stroller or travel system, Chicco is among the best. The company have a huge collection of either stroller, car seat and travel system set thus, customers can choose the one they need quickly.

If you are looking for a travel system, one of the most popular set from Chicco will be their Bravo Trio. This is actually a combination of Bravo stroller with the car seat because they are also available for separate purchase if you are interested. Since it is a travel system, Chicco Bravo Trio will come with the brand’s car seat and for this model, they will pair the stroller with KeyFit 30 car seat.

Chicco Bravo Trio Design
The Chicco Bravo Trio picture example in our picture above is in Lilia fashion but the unit is available in a wider choice so we can pick based on our taste and all of them are simple yet pretty. The frame of this stroller is not heavy but are very sturdy printed with the brand’s name. It is a full size, regular stroller and have 4-wheel design with the front part are smaller than the rear part. The stroller weight itself is 23 pounds but the toddler seat can take up to 50 pounds.

Chicco Bravo Trio Features
The first thing we notice when looking at Chicco Bravo Trio is the canopy because they are pretty wide and constructed with 3 panels, making it easier to adjust or extend until full or completely folded when the weather is nice. The canopy is thick to protect our children but can’t fully cover their body, so when the sun ray is coming from the front, they may reach the seat. Additionally, the canopy have a visibility window or peek-a-boo window above to let us check on our baby while strolling.

Moving to the seat, they are well padded and plush but not too much and the harness is also padded for better comfort when securing our children. Just like many other strollers, the seat can be reclined until several position and can go quite low but not until flat. This seat is also able to take the car seat when carrying an infant but what we love the most about it is we can completely take the seat off from the frame. Read also: Chicco Bravo Trio vs Britax B Agile here.

Unlike many other stroller, Chicco Bravo Trio frame allow the toddler seat to be removed from the stroller and give us a lighter unit as a car seat stroller which is very useful when transporting the stroller with car. Moving up, here we can see the handlebar and in this model, they are connected to each other while there is no adjustment to increase the length, they still allow us to increase or decreasing the height by rotating it with a button.

On the bottom area, here we can see the wide main compartment to help us carry diaper bag or even grocery bags when shopping or other items so we don’t have to carry them manually. On Chicco Bravo Trio wheel, what we love the most is the forever tires and all-wheels suspension system. This feature is good to promote more comfortable strolling in rougher terrain for both parents and children while the brake is located at the rear wheel and one activation can activate two locks for more convenience.

Graco Modes About
There are so many other options out there and it is good to consider them as well because we need to check them if they are able to give a better performance, have more features or offer more values for our money. If you like the type of features in Chicco Bravo Trio then, you will want to check what Graco has to offer especially their Modes stroller or travel system set. This product is equally very popular and rich in features.

This travel system set is coming with the very popular SnugRide Click Connect 35 car seat which is the favorite of many parents due to the safety and ease to install. They are available separately if you need only one of them but if you have a newborn it is good to pick this set since all the thing we need are already available on the seat.

Graco Modes Design
The Graco Modes travel system in our sample picture above is in Davis fashion but there are other color options as well if you need an option. The frame is sturdy but light and in color matching with the fabric making the unit very charming. Just like the name, Click Connect 35 car seat will have maximum weight of 35 pounds but the toddler seat can take up children until 50 pounds while the stroller weight is only 21 pounds.

Graco Modes Features
When we first see Graco Modes the canopy caught our attention the most because it looks higher than some canopy from other strollers out there. The stroller have a 3-panel canopy with additional small extendable visor like cover on the tip to provide slightly more coverage when it is hot outside and we can still adjust the length to be fully extended or fold when the weather is nice. The canopy also has windows at the top to take a look at our children when we push the stroller.

Below the canopy is where we can see the seat and this stroller is probably one among those with the most padding because the back and seat are well padded and plush to help our children rest better when they want to sleep featured with a 5 points harness to keep them in place. However, what we love the most about this seat is we can convert it into bassinet because we can adjust them to be completely flat to carry smaller baby so they can move better on the compartment.

In front of the seat we can install a food and beverage tray which is useful when we want to feed our baby while strolling on the park or let them carry their own snack. There is another similar compartment for parent on the handle as well but it is a bit unfortunate that this handle are fixed thus, we can’t adjust the height. Moving down, the tire used for this model is EVA and they are not equipped with suspension so strolling on rough terrain can be a challenge.

Now, let’s compare Chicco Bravo Trio with Graco Modes. As you may already know, the prominent difference between these two travel systems is on the seat because we can remove Bravo toddler seat while Modes allow us to convert the seat into a bassinet. Additionally, Bravo Trio have an adjustable handle, lower car seat weight limit and all-wheel suspension.

Chicco Bravo Trio vs Graco Modes

- The Chicco Bravo Trio System Includes Bravo Stroller, Key Fit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base
- Stroller features one-hand fold, auto-positioning wheels and a self-standing compact folded position
- Stroller includes a convenient parent tray with storage and cup holders. Usage:For Children up to 50 pounds
- 3 Strollers in 1 with 10 riding options from infant to toddler: 1. Infant Car Seat Carrier 2. Infant Stroller 3. Toddler Stroller
- Accepts all Graco Click Connect infant car seats with a secure one-step attachment to create your own travel system
- Reversible stroller seat allows baby to face you or the world and the 4 position reclining seat converts into an infant carriage for on-the-go comfort

All in all, both of them are a good option if you need a travel system. However, if we are to choose, we will pick Graco Modes because the stroller allow us to convert the toddler seat into bassinet which is better for longer walk with smaller baby, moreover, it is more affordable than Bravo Trio.

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