Chicco Bravo vs Cortina

Choosing a stroller for your baby is indeed not an easy task but this is not because of the lacking options but more because there are so many products to choose out there which sometimes can make us confused about which to pick like when you don’t know how to decide between Chicco Bravo vs Cortina. These Chicco strollers are very similar to each other but also different, go check our article below to see which item will with your preference the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Chicco Bravo and Cortina
– What Chicco Bravo and Cortina Look Like
– What Chicco Bravo and Cortina can offer to you
– Chicco Bravo vs Cortina

Baby Strollers
Stroller is an important gear you will need when having a children and even though you can choose from several types of carriers available, only stroller can provide you with the benefit of lessening the burden in your shoulder when going out with your baby or children. Just like many other things, not all strollers are able to perform or serve the same tasks equally because they are made with the standard and each main function differently depend on the model.

Some strollers may be better than the other on some side and this is also why you will need to choose them carefully based on your need, so you can use them until your children won’t need a stroller anymore. There are strollers that are made to be sturdy enough to carry even two seats at once, strollers with air filled rubber wheel to promote better performance when handling all types of terrain and those strollers that can carry infant car seat, so you can convert them into a travel system.

The last is very popular among parents because you can use the stroller even from day one and continues to use it until your children is big enough or until they don’t need a stroller anymore when going out with you. Depend on the package you are going to purchase, if you only need the stroller, they are available in the option but if you also need the car seat, it is better to purchase the one with the seat included or travel system, so you don’t have to make additional purchase.

About Chicco Bravo and Cortina
When looking for something, we often also considering the brand because a good brand or popular name already have a trusted standard to always offer good, dependable items for the market and this is why you will love Chicco. We are sure many parents already familiar with the brand because they offer many popular strollers and infant car seats which is loved by many users because of the complete features and fairly affordable price.

Among those many strollers available in their catalogue, Bravo is probably one of the most popular item with so many good reviews from its user but it doesn’t mean their other strollers are less good because Cortina is coming with all the important features you can have in the other. Bravo itself also available in several other variants such as LE and if you want to know their difference, check our previous article on Chicco Bravo vs Bravo LE here.

Another thing you may want to know is Cortina actually already discontinued by the manufacturer and now currently available on the double stroller variant only but, you can still get the unit in various online store like Amazon. Chicco Bravo and Cortina are travel system friendly since they can receive the company’s car seat and available in the travel system package for both model but with different name since Bravo becomes Bravo Trio and Cortina becomes Cortina CX to separate them from the stroller-only.

Chicco Bravo and Cortina Design
As you can see from the example picture above, both of Chicco Bravo and Cortina are very different from each other and we are sure you can tell them apart just as easily because of the different design and frame. When comparing them side by side, Bravo frame looks sturdier due to the wide form while the other looks slimmer and smaller. They may look just as big when placed together but when you try lifting them, due to the different frame, Bravo is also heavier around 2-3 pounds than Cortina.

Chicco Bravo and Cortina Features
Let us talk about the clearest difference between these two strollers first because this is visible yet often missed by many parents when they are looking for a stroller. This difference is about the canopy because as you can see, both models are coming with different canopies and even from the picture we will notice that Cortina has smaller canopy than Bravo with its 3-panel adjustable canopy that you can extend or shorten depend on the need which is not possible in Cortina.

You can still fold Cortina canopy but since it is only one panel, the option is either full or none at all. Bravo with bigger canopy will be useful when strolling under bright sun rays because they can provide fuller protection for your children. Moving downward, here we can see the seat and both strollers are also very different on this side due to the different mechanism used to recline and make the seat go upright again.

Both of Chicco Bravo and Cortina seat can be reclined but in different way because Bravo use a strap behind the seat while Cortina have something like a panel behind that you can press to lower the seat when you want to place the infant car seat. This seat is actually able to recline very low until almost flat which is good since not all strollers are able to perform the same act. At the other hand, Bravo seat is adjusted with a strap behind the seat and it can’t go very low like the other.

Another interesting thing here is you can convert Bravo stroller into an infant car seat carrier because not only you can remove the canopy, you can even completely remove the seat, leaving you only the frame and main basket below. This feature is great when you want to carry your baby around and lessen the burden by reducing the weight you are going to transfer. However, if you don’t want to remove the seat, you can still instantly attach the car seat with the full stroller still intact.

Located at the front of the seat, here you can find the children tray which you can use to place your baby beverage and snack when going outside to prevent them getting bored quickly. Both of Chicco Bravo and Cortina have this tray and you can attach or detach them easily when needed without any complex process. Moving to the upper part, here you can find the same compartment but for parents at the front of the handlebar, so you can carry drink and snack as well or use it to store small important items for easy access.

Another good thing about Chicco Bravo and Cortina is the handlebar itself because they can be adjusted according to your height with a rotating movement, so both shorter and taller parents can have an option here. Moving downward, here you can find the decently sized main basket to carry your other belongings or other baby needs such as diaper bag and toys or even grocery when you are running for some quick errands outside. The thoughtful design also make it easier for parents to access them from behind.

Another important thing you may want to consider when looking for a stroller is the tires and just like what you can expect, both of them are not equipped with all terrain wheels, so it is better to avoid any rough roads or surface when you are strolling with your children. However, there is some suspension system here to make the stroller at least able to absorb some bumps you will find outside and even though they are coming with one, Bravo is better on this side.

This is because Bravo model use all-wheel suspension system while the other only have suspension on both of its front wheel which is why Bravo can absorb shock better than Cortina. As for the brake, both models are coming with the same brake located at their rear wheels and can be activated easily with your foot. Another important thing you may want to know in these strollers is probably the folding mechanism since we also wish to have something that will take less effort to store or carry around.

In this side, both of Chicco Bravo and Cortina are having a similarly simple folding mechanism because you will only need to use one hand to do so but, only Bravo can be folded while standing while the other will lay down when folded.

Now, let’s compare Chicco Bravo with Cortina. As it has been mentioned above, the prominent difference between two models are the wider canopy and removable seat in Bravo which not exist in the other model. Another important difference is the folding mechanism because Bravo can be folded in an upright position and can stand on its own while Cortina will lay down when folded.

Chicco Bravo vs Cortina

NameChicco BravoChicco Cortina
Features- Innovative fold/carry handle for a one-hand, free-standing quick fold - Accepts all Chicco KeyFit and Fit2 car seats with included adapter (car seat sold separately) - Detachable seat/canopy leave behind a lightweight frame stroller- Aluminum, Polyester, Plastic - Imported - Compatible with our KeyFit and KeyFit 30 infant car seats - One-hand fold and automatic storage latch - Multi-position, flat-recline seat with ''Memory Recline''

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are a good option and you can pick based on your taste. However if we are to choose, we will recommend you to get Chicco Bravo because it is more versatile especially on the car seat carrier mode and has better folding mechanism.

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