Chicco Liteway vs Graco Breaze

The following discussion will help you choose between Chicco Liteway vs Graco Breaze. Both of the two models are lightweight strollers suitable for city use and traveling. They both have reclining seats and storage baskets. And they both are relatively inexpensive and quite budget-friendly. So, which one is actually better?

Continue reading the discussion to learn more about:
– The design and features of each stroller
– The weight capacity of each stroller
– Which model that is generally more portable
– Which model that is generally easier to fold and unfold
– The maneuverability of Chicco Liteway vs Graco Breaze
– Which model that is better and more recommended for you

Chicco Liteway: Design and Features
Chicco Liteway is quite lightweight at just about 17 lbs. It has four large wheels on the rear and two small swiveling wheels on the front. This design has enabled the stroller to be stable enough to glide while still being easy to steer. The rear wheels are equipped with a brake system which can be controlled via foot pedals. See also: GB Pockit vs Babyzen Yoyo.

The handlebar measures 40 inches from the ground. This is suitable for people with an average physicality. The handlebar is not adjustable, so if you are particularly tall or short, you may want to find another option that can suit your height for a more comfortable experience.

The stroller is available in four color choices: Ocean (blue and black), Lagoon (green and black), Fog (gray and black), and Astral (mostly black with a gray hood). Chicco Liteway is quite good-looking although it is not particularly eye-catching and is without fancy luxury features. It is modern and won’t look out of place.

Chicco Liteway vs Graco Breaze is based on a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame. According to the company, it is suitable for a child of at least 6 months old. The maximum passenger weight limit is 40 lbs. This is pretty good. Note that this stroller is not suitable for newborns and small babies, and it can’t hold any car seat.

The backrest has 4 selectable positions to provide the best comfort and accommodate your growing child, but it will not go completely flat. The canopy is adjustable and removable, and is equipped with a peek-a-boo window. There is an adjustable leg rest to support the child better.

The handles are padded for the parent’s comfort, and there is also a parent cup holder for your convenience. Under the seat, you can find a spacious storage basket which is quite handy for supplies and utilities. Of course, the stroller can fold into a compact package with an automatic latch. It also has a carry handle.

Chicco Liteway: Ease of Use
When it first arrives, there will be several pieces that you need to assemble by yourself. The wheels are easy to attach, but unfortunately some other parts are a bit confusing to set up. The provided instructions aren’t much of a help. You will need to find a video tutorial on the Internet or get the help of someone with good technical skills.

The frame, fortunately, is easy to fold and unfold. You can fold the stroller using just a single hand while holding your child in the other hand. The process is really easy and practical. When folded, it only measures 11.4 inches x 11.4 inches x 41.3 inches. The weight is about 17.2 pounds. This is not the lightest model in the market, but it is definitely portable enough and can fit in your vehicle’s trunk.

Both Chicco Liteway vs Graco Breazer come with a five-point safety harness, which is great. The harness works well in securing the child, and is padded to ensure the child’s comfort. The buckles are easy to work with. Unfortunately, the hood is a little bit annoying. It is flimsy, so it doesn’t feel secure when the day is windy. The included raincover needs to be attached to the hood to be used.

Chicco Liteway: Maneuverability and Performance
The overall performance of Chicco Liteway is surprisingly good. It is considered as a lightweight stroller, but the suspension system works really well in minimizing vibration. The stroller is still unsuitable for very harsh or uneven surfaces, but it won’t complain when dealing with some grass and cobblestones. It is really stable on flat, smooth roads.

The seat is also very comfortable. Thanks to the adjustable backrest and the reliable suspension system, your child will be able to nap in the seat. The padding is soft and comfy. The harness straps are also covered so that they won’t irritate the child’s skin.

The stroller is easy to steer. The padded handles help to make the steering comfortable and easy. You can easily maneuver through narrow shop aisles and corridors. The front wheels can be locked with a push of a lever when you need extra stability in a forward direction.

Graco Breaze: Design and Features
Graco Breaze is also a lightweight and foldable stroller. It comes with a durable aluminum frame. The handlebars are 40 inches high from the ground, so this model is suitable for most people with an average physicality. Similar to Chicco Liteway, this stroller also has four rear wheels and two swiveling front wheels that can be locked. The brake is controlled via a pedal, so it is relatively easier to control.

One notable difference between Chicco Liteway vs Graco Breaze is the maximum passenger weight limit. Graco Breaze is able to tolerate slightly heavier children, as the maximum limit is 50 lbs. So, this stroller will remain usable for a longer time until your child outgrows it.

Graco Breaze is currently available in three color options: Pierce (mostly black with a metallic frame), Lake Green (dark gray seat with green lines and a black frame), and Piaza (light gray seat with some bright green parts and a metallic frame).

The seat has multiple recline positions. It can reach a flat position so that your child can nap comfortably. In addition, the seat can accept a Graco Click Connect car seat in one quick and secure step. So, it can form a travel system when needed. This is a big advantage if you don’t want to move your child from their car seat when traveling.

The seat is also equipped with an adjustable three-point/five-point harness system. The straps are padded. A calf support is added for the child’s comfort. The hood is wide and solid. It even has UV 50 protection and an extendable pop-out visor. Under the seat, there is an extra-large storage basket for your items. There is also a removable parent cup holder.

Graco Breaze: Ease of Use
Graco Breaze also requires some manual assembly, but the process is fairly easy. The included instructions are clear and easy to follow. You can assemble the stroller without any additional tool.

The stroller is barely 18 pounds, so it is not too heavy. The one-handed folding process is really easy. Although the stroller does not self-stand, it has an auto lock to immediately secure the folded package. In order to initiate the folding, flick the hand lever. The stroller will collapse on its own. A carry handle will allow you to lift it up easily. The unfolding process needs to be done with two hands, but this is also really easy.

The harness straps are easy to use. You can use a three-point or five-point harness system as needed. The seat can be reclined with a single hand as well. In order to use the stroller as a car seat carrier, you can snap a Graco Click Connect car seat right away. No adapter is needed. The attachment is quick yet solid and secure.

Another advantage of Graco Breaze is that the canopy is actually solid. It is wide enough to provide some shade over your child and protect them from harsh sunlight. The pop-out visor is easy to set on and off. Plus, there is a peek-a-boo window to keep you connected with your child.

Graco Breaze: Maneuverability and Performance
Graco Breaze also comes with an all-wheel suspension system. As a result, the stability and comfort are really good. The stroller can go over flat surfaces and well-paved roads very smoothly. There isn’t much vibration. Your child will also enjoy the comfort of the ride.

Furthermore, the stroller is also easy to steer. Graco Breaze is slim enough to pass through most doors and lifts. You can also navigate through shop aisles and narrow corridors easily.

Graco Breaze is able to go over slightly challenging terrain conditions, such as grass, cobblestones, and gravels, quite easily. You can enhance the stability by locking the front wheels when running over such surfaces. Still, the stroller is not really suited for harsh or off-road terrains. It is intended for city use.

Chicco Liteway vs Graco Breaze

- 4-position backrest easily adjusts with one hand for growing children
- Adjustable, removable canopy with peek-a-boo window
- Adjustable footrest for added comfort and support
- Lightweight aluminum frame
- Ultra-easy one-hand fold makes this the perfect accessory to get out and about with baby
- Easily accepts all Graco Click Connect infant car seats, excluding TRUESHIELD side-impact protection infant car seats, with a secure one-step attachment to create your own travel system.
- Lightweight, sturdy frame for maximum portability, making it ultra-convenient for moms on-the-go
- Holds a child up to 50 Pound, for years of comfortable strolling

All in all, between these two strollers, Graco Breaze is more recommended. It has a higher weight capacity. It also has better features. It can hold a car seat without requiring an adapter when needed. The performance is great; it is easy to steer and very stable.

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