Chicco Viaro vs Bravo

Choosing the most suitable stroller for your family may not an easy task because you will definitely need a good read about their features first before reaching into a final option. Chicco as one of the most popular stroller brand offer many good products such as Chicco Viaro vs Bravo that seems to be able to provide the same functions yet also different on some of its features. If you wonder which unit fit your family the most, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Chicco Viaro and Bravo
– What Chicco Viaro and Bravo Look Like
– What Chicco Viaro and Bravo can offer to you
– Chicco Viaro vs Bravo

Baby Strollers
Strollers has been around for quite some time now and even though the main design is still the same until today, most strollers are equipped with more modern features to allow parents use the unit more conveniently while not forgetting about the baby’s safety and comfort. Just like many other things, strollers are coming in several different types and each one of them may able to deliver better performance at specific side or suit some kind of activities better than the other.

Depend on your need, you will have to consider the features you will want to exist in your stroller since a different design will play a huge role whether you can use them more comfortably or not. For example, if you live in an urban area or often travel with your baby or toddler then you will need a stroller that can be push and carry around in a crowded place easily and for this benefit the best option is 3-wheel stroller.

At the other hand, if you are having a twins or need to carry two children at once, then the best option is the standard 4-wheel stroller because they offer better balance to carry more than one children. For those who are planning on carrying their children on a jog or run, a specific joggers will be necessary since regular strollers are not made to stand the rough terrain or the bumpy roads you are going to meet while jogging.

About Chicco Viaro and Bravo
When looking for a stroller, you may want to consider the manufacturer as well because the well-known names will be most likely offer dependable items as well in their catalogue such as Chicco. We are sure many of you already know this brand very well because they are among the top name in the stroller market with their huge collection of strollers and travel system that made to fit each family’s need, so you can easily pick the one that suit your activity.

Inside their collection, they have Chicco Viaro and Bravo that seems to offer the same features to each other and coming in a similar design which makes some parents confused about which to choose. Both of these models are stroller only but if you want, you can pick the one that already has an infant car seat inside the package when you want a travel system instead, so you can use it with your newborn. In this side, you can use the same seat for both strollers.

Chicco Viaro and Bravo Design
We are sure you can already tell these strollers apart from each other even from the first time because even though the overall design remains the same, there is a big difference here that separate the two visually and yes it is the wheel. As you can see, Chicco Viaro is using 3 wheels system as opposed to Bravo with their classic 4-wheel option. When you compare them side by side, they are about the same width and height but Viaro is slightly bigger in built.

Their front wheels are in the same diameter but as you expect, bravo is using a slightly larger tires on its rear wheels. In term of weight, just like many other full sized stroller, Bravo is heavier compared to Viaro which is about 5 pounds lighter than the other model. Read our previous Chicco article on: Chicco Activ3 vs TRE here.

Chicco Viaro and Bravo Features
Let’s talk about the canopy first because we think that this part often missed by parents even though this is very important to protect your children from sun rays while strolling and some children are more fussy about this stuff, so make sure to pick the one with good coverage. In this side, both of Chicco Viaro and Bravo are coming with a decently sized canopy but also a bit different because Viaro only has 2 panel while Bravo has 3 panel canopy.

Due to this difference, Bravo is able to provide better protection since you can extend the canopy until a little bit further at the front compared to Viaro. Moving below, as for the seat size, both strollers seem to have equally large seat, so your children can sit or sleep comfortably while you push the stroller featured with the same harness to make sure they are safe inside. However, there is a big difference on this side that separate Bravo with Viaro.

This is because you can convert your Bravo into an infant car seat carrier. As it has been mentioned earlier, both models are able to take the same car seat namely KeyFit and Fit2 but only Bravo with the capability to completely remove its toddler seat and canopy to transform the stroller into a lightweight infant car seat carrier system, so when your baby still need a seat, you can carry the frame around in less weight and more conveniently.

When used in toddler seat mode, both of Chicco Viaro and Bravo seats can be reclined and they use the same adjusting system here with the strap behind their seats’ back. Since they are using strap, you can stop the seat at any level you want but then again, they can’t lay completely flat just in case you are wondering if you can convert the seat into a bassinet or similar thing. This system is simple and easy but you will still need two hand to operate it.

In front of these seats, you can attach food and beverage tray if your children loves snacking while on the go and they can be easily detach when you need to remove your children. Moving to the upper part, here you can find the same compartment located in front of the handle for parents to carry their beverage and other small items such as smartphone, so it can be easily accessed all the time. As for the handle, unfortunately, only Bravo has the adjustable height while the other is fixed.

Another important part you will need to consider when looking for a stroller is the main basket since you will most likely carry something with you and a big compartment will be a huge help to lessen the weight on your shoulder. In this part, both models have similarly big basket to carry things such as diaper bag and other of your belongings while the design make it easy to access from the back. The overall capacity of the stroller are up to 50 pounds.

Moving lower, here you can find the wheel and this is what separate the strollers the most. 3-wheel Viaro or 3-wheel strollers in general are seen to have better benefit when taken to stroll in crowded places since the design will give a better maneuverability than if they are having 2 wheels at the front. At the other hand, 4-wheel Bravo or 4-wheel stroller in general is known to have better balance even when temporarily goes in two wheels.

The type of wheels they used are the same and the front part are swivel as well but it is a bit unfortunate that you can’t lock them when needed. Many users feel that the wheels are good when you are on flat smooth surface but they seem to not be made for anything than that since the comfort will drastically reduced when you change to rougher terrain. As for the suspension system, Viaro only has front wheel suspension while Bravo has all-wheel suspension system.

This difference is pretty big and you can instantly feel it when pushing over bumpy road because just like what you can expect, Bravo with all-wheel suspension system will be able to absorb more shock compared to Viaro. Another feature you may want to know is probably how easy it is to fold these two and you will be happy knowing that both of them are capable of doing standing fold, moreover, you can do it with only one hand.

To fold Chicco Viaro and Bravo, all you need to do is opening the flip cover in the toddler seat and pull the handle inside upwards. This act will instantly fold the stroller into half of the initial form and stay standing for easy transferring.

Now, let’s compare Chicco Viaro with Bravo. As you may already know, the prominent difference between the two is because Viaro is coming with 3-wheel system while Bravo is 4-wheel system. Another prominent difference is Bravo has bigger canopy, removable toddler seat, and adjustable handlebar as well as all-wheel suspension system which not available on the other model.

Chicco Viaro vs Bravo

NameChicco ViaroChicco Bravo
Features- Lightweight aluminum frame and sleek 3-wheel design - One-hand, free-standing fold - Accepts all KeyFit infant car seats with easy click-in attachment - Multi-position reclining seat and adjustable canopy- Innovative fold/carry handle for a one-hand, free-standing quick fold - Accepts all Chicco KeyFit and Fit2 car seats with included adapter (car seat sold separately) - Detachable seat/canopy leave behind a lightweight frame stroller

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are a good option depend on your need and preference because if you are looking for a lightweight stroller for urban area, Viaro will be the best option but if you are looking for a full sized stroller with added benefit, we will recommend you to choose Chicco Bravo.

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