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New parents probably will be a having a hard times when preparing for their first born with so many things need to be purchase and learn. Among those many items, stroller is an option for those who want to walk with their baby and toddlers. Popular products like City Select vs City Mini are offering whatever you will need in a stroller and also compatible for newborn until they are heavy enough not to use stroller anymore. Go check our article below to see their difference.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you Need a Stroller
– What are City Select and City Mini
– What City Select and City Mini Look Like
– What City Select and City Mini can offer to you
– City Select vs City Mini

Stroller and Baby Jogger
Stroller is an important equipment to have in your house if you are expecting a baby because if you are the type who love to spend your time outside whether just for a walk or shopping, you will need a carrier to help you bringing them along. Not all parents need a stroller since some prefer other carrier but it can be tiring to hold them all the time and using a stroller will definitely help you lessen the burden.

Not only it will help you remove some weight on your shoulder, strollers are also featured with other compartment to bring along other things such as diaper, foods and drinks which making it even more useful on the go. For those with twins will also need a stroller to carry the siblings together because some items can be used as double carries that able to stack either seat, car seat or bassinet depend on the model.

When looking for some product, most people are also considering the company or manufacturer since this is the backbone of every product. Big companies that already have so much experience and trust along the time are the safest option since they are mostly also offer quality products with much research and good reviews from customers. When it comes to stroller, among those many brands out there, Baby Jogger is already having their own place in many parents heart.

What’s great about this company is they are making their products based on real life experience as parents, so they are already having an idea on how to solve those problems surfaces when dealing with children. Just like the brand’s name, their first product is indeed designed to be friendly for parents who loves to jog while bringing their baby but now they are also offering regular strollers in their line with many other useful features to accommodate growing families.

About City Select and City Mini
Among those collections, City Select and City Mini are very popular among customers especially the City Mini. They are undeniably useful to have and even though the name is similar, they are actually very different in term of functions as well as the appearance. We are sure they are made for different families or parents since the difference is quite huge here. For starter, if you are having twins, the City Select will be more suitable for you because you can carry them together at once.  Read also: Uppababy Vista vs City Select here.

City Select and City Mini Design
Even from the outside, both of these strollers are already very different from each other. As you can see, the City Select is a full-sized stroller which is why the unit overall body is bulkier and bigger than Mini. City Mini is also using 3-wheel system which can have some benefits when compared to other strollers with 4 wheels; one of them is being lighter and easier to maneuver when in narrower space such as in shopping aisle. At the other hand 4-wheel City Select is sturdier and heavier to distribute weight.

However, even though Mini is 3-wheel stroller, its front wheel is doubled and this is where things get a little unusual because the weight limit of this model is 5 pounds higher than the Select at 50 pounds compared to 45. Aesthetically speaking, they are very attractive and with the price you pay, they won’t be looking like a cheap product at all. In term of weight and height, Select is heavier as well as taller than Mini.

City Select and City Mini Features
When it comes to variations, it feels like no one can beat City Select because this stroller is boasting the 16 different combinations you can do in this stroller. This amount of combination is very tempting if you are having more than one baby to carry around because it is practically can fit almost any needs. You can use it with either toddler seat, bassinet, or even infant car seat; the options is all available. However, the bassinet and car seat is not included, so if you want to use them, you will need an additional purchase.

Some of you may ask, what will these many of combination do. Well, it is surely not that useful when you are only having one baby to deal with but with a siblings, things can get rough sometimes. With this many options available, you can design them to face each other when they are in good mood or in reverse when they are cranky. This option is what not available in Mini because it can only be used for one baby except if you are choosing Mini Double that has 2 seats.

If Select is beneficial and good to have with twins, City Mini is more beneficial used by parents living in modern society and for those with back problems because yes, just like the name it is smaller and lighter. Not to be mistaken with a jogger stroller, this unit is even though having 3 wheels, it is not suitable for jogging. People who use this stroller even stated that this one is just as light as umbrella stroller and great to have when you need to hand carry it from times to times.

As for the rest of the capabilities, both of City Select and City Mini are having similar features. Both of them are having a huge canopy and one of the best in the market with peek-a-boo window; what’s different from this side is Mini has 2 windows while Select only one. The big canopy is good to protect your little one from the sun since it can go down pretty far if compared to many other strollers in the market.

What’s unfortunate is they used Velcro for Mini peek-a-boo window, so it will make some noise when used. As it has been mentioned earlier that Select is taller than Mini, well this is because the handle of the stroller is adjustable, so it can go further to accommodate taller parents and the reason why Mini is lower is because their handle is not adjustable. It is still good if you are having a standard height but taller parents may want to have an option on this side.

Being used on its own, both of City Select and City Mini are already having a roomy seat and padded to be soft and comfortable enough for your children. Another unusual thing from these two is even though the size of Select is bigger, the seat is not and in fact Mini has a slightly more room. Their seat can be easily reclined with one hand but they are still not going to get flat which is why they are not suitable for younger baby who still can’t support their neck and head.

As an addition to their main compartment below the seat, both of these stroller also have another pocket behind the seat which is good to keep other smaller items such as cell phone, keys and similar things. The last thing that separate them prominently is on the attachment. We already know that Select can accept either car seat or bassinet but what about Mini. Well, unfortunately it can only use car seat and not suitable with bassinet. You can use their City Go seat or other seat with adapters.

Another difference between these two is on the wheels because Select is using larger, different size for their rear and front wheels just like other 4-wheel strollers but Mini is using same size wheels for all of the three. The wheels in Select is also forever-air which means they will never go flat because they are filled with foam and not air. The front wheels can be swiveled of course but if you are walking on a rougher terrain, they can be locked to be more stable.

At the other hand, City Mini’s wheels is hard rubber, so it may not that suitable for different terrains. The front is also can be swiveled and lock when needed. As for the brake, Select is using hand brake while Mini is using one step break in between the rear wheels.

Now, let’s compare City Select with City Mini. As you may already know, the biggest difference between these models are Select is bigger, heavier, can accommodate more compartments, have different combinations, use hand brake, and is having a telescoping handle as well as better wheels. At the other side, Mini is lighter, more compact, has a bigger seat, and more peek-a-boo window.

City Select vs City Mini

NameCity SelectCity Mini
Features- Stroller: Our most versatile yet, the City Select grows with your family and could be the only convertible stroller you'll ever need. - The Fold: Patented quick fold technology allows stroller to fold in one step- Lightweight Stroller: The essence of urban mobility: lightweight, compact and nimble - The Fold: Patented quick fold technology allows stroller to fold in one step

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, they are made for different parents; it may take times to consider but if you are planning or only having one children as well as need a lighter stroller, the City Mini is a good option to go.

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