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As a parent, we want to provide the best for our children including their protection when on the road. To provide the proper protection, a car seat is a necessary item to have and we can choose them from the wide option available such as Clek Foonf vs Fllo. Both of them are brothers so they can be very similar to each other yet also different in some parts. If you wonder which can be the better option, go check what they can offer to you in our article below.

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  • Clek Foonf vs Fllo

Choosing Car Seat
Children are more prone to harm impact since their body is still not developing fully and we are the one who responsible for their being until they are big enough to protect themselves. As parents, we want them to live a happy and healthy life far from any threatening things such as vehicle accident. Even when we are already driving safely, the chance of getting involved in accident is never zero which is why it is better to be prepared first in case they may happen when our children on board.

We hear vehicle accident in news quite frequently and it is understandable to worry for they can happen to our family. When properly using their car seat, our children chance of getting hurt due to the impact will be lessen and can even save their lives. A car seat is working like our seat belt which is here to help retaining the passenger body in case there is a sudden movement and help to absorb some of the impact or shock so their body can receive less force.

Car seat is made in different fit depend on the model because the fit is one of the main concern why we need them in the first place. Car seat belt is indeed designed to protect passenger but they are made based on adult’s body, thus they are not going to fit children’s smaller bodies and when not fitted properly, they won’t work properly as well. Depend on the model, car seat may or may not have harness but those with the feature is used for smaller children.

Each family may have different needs and preference which is why it is better to list down what we want from the car seat before making any selection to avoid regretting it later. A car seat safety is not only the most concerning part but how our car will take the seat can be a problem as well for we never clearly know if they are going to fit and can be installed properly with our car’s model  with other things like dimension we also often forget.

If we only have one children, it may not be a problem for we can install them in either part of the back seat but if we have more than one or three children who still need a car seat while our car is small, the dimension can be another problem we need to keep in mind. In such case, choosing car seat with a slim body or dimension but without scarifying its safety will be a good idea.

About Clek Foonf and Fllo
There are so many options to choose in the market and due to the huge amount of brands or model, it is understandable that sometime we can get confused when in the middle of looking for the perfect car seat for our family. Among those huge number, Clek can be a great option if you are looking for a stylish yet durable and rich in safety capabilities without being too bulky for your small cars because this brand is well-known with its slim and compact design.

The brand have many collections, but if your children still need harness in their car seat, Clek Foonf and Fllo can be a good option. These car seats are very similar to each other and it is quite hard to tell them apart due the many similarities which often made customers wonder which will suit their need the most. Generally, both car seats have the same capabilities and features with very little difference but it can still affect our decision depend on what we need.

Clek Foonf and Fllo Design
When looking at Clek Foonf and Fllo, we are sure most people wouldn’t able to tell them apart since the design are similar to each other as well as the fabric and fashion option. They are quite different from many other similar car seats due to the look and frame which is more like rectangle compared to other seats. They have built in harness and can be used since our children can sit up straight alone. They may look small in the picture, but as a car seat, they are fitting children’s body properly.

Clek Foonf and Fllo Safety
On the safety side, both of Clek Foonf and Fllo are made to meet or exceed the Federal Motor Vehicle Standards, thus both of them are safe and capable of providing the required protection needed by our children. In Foonf model, the standard safety is increased with side impact protection which is used to protect our children in case there is an accident that hit the vehicle from the side instead from the front or back. Almost all car seats have side-impact protection but this one may be a bit special.

Foonf car seat use energy absorbing EPP foam-lined headrest which is connected into the main frame with steel rods, thus the seat can provide a maximum head protection in side-impact collision. Additionally, there are foam layers on both of the inside and outside of the frame to help the seat absorb more energy and reduce the impact or force reaching our children’s body. The seat also use aluminum honeycomb deformable to absorb more energy which is integrated into the seat base.

All of these safety features is available as well on Fllo car seat but there is a new safety technology here to increase the seat performance when facing a collision called the Revolutionary Forward-Facing Safety which is similar to energy absorbing to reduce the impact or force transferred into our children.

Clek Foonf and Fllo Fit
The best car seat is the one that fit our children’s body perfectly since it is among the main issue why we need them in the first place. Clek Foonf and Fllo are the same in this side by coming with the exact weight limit of 14 until 65 pounds and can be used in both facing options. For rear facing, at least from our baby can sit by themselves without help, they can start using the car seat and the maximum weight limit in rear facing is 50 pounds. Read also: Peg Perego Primo Viaggio vs Chicco Keyfit 30 here.

When they are bigger and can move into forward-facing position, the weight limit will be 65 pounds or until their body exceed the height limit of 43 inches. When their body is heavy or tall enough to exceed the upper limit, these car seats are not going to be able to provide the proper protection so it is good to quickly move into higher level or booster seat that have belt positioner to secure the seat and children altogether.

A weight limit itself is not enough to provide the proper fit and to make sure our children’s growing body can have the same fit on Clek Foonf and Fllo. Both of these car seats are coming with an adjustable height like those in our cars, thus we can always adjust the headrest position to be in the correct height for our children because if they are not properly placed, the seat won’t be able to provide a complete protection especially on the side-impact.

Clek Foonf and Fllo Installation
Since almost all of the features or specification in both seats are the same, we must curious what exactly separate them apart prominently. The answer is on dimension and weight because while both of them appear to have the same dimension, in fact the Foonf model is heavier and taller than Fllo. It is mostly affected by the base because Foonf model has a chunkier installation technology which also making the model more expensive than the other.

Both of them can be installed with either LATCH or seatbelt but as for Foonf, this car seat seems to be designed to work better with its rigid LATCH system. This part is important for not all cars are compatible with the installation, thus it is better to check or ask Clek support to make sure whether the car seat suit your car model or not.

Now, let’s compare Clek Foonf with Fllo. As you may already know, both of these car seats are more similar rather than different. What we need to keep in mind is the height and weight because Foonf is taller and heavier than Fllo. Another difference is on its installation since its rigid LATCH is chunkier which is meant to provide a better installation so the car seat can be installed more firmly.

Clek Foonf vs Fllo

- REVOLUTIONARY FORWARD-FACING PERFORMANCE: The Rigid-LATCH system makes proper forward-facing installation effortless, allowing you to remove and install your seat in seconds and with peace of mind.
- BUILT LIKE A TANK: We built the Foonf convertible car seat to look and feel like real vehicle seats providing a solid feel when the seat is installed in your vehicle.
- MORE ROOM TO FIT 3 ACROSS: The Clek Foonf convertible car seat's compact design provides space that makes 3-across seating possible. With a best-in-class car seat width under 17 inches, the compact design fits those difficult center seating positions
- MORE ROOM TO FIT 3 ACROSS: The Clek Fllo convertible car seat’s compact design provides space that makes 3-across seating possible. With a best-in-class car seat width under 17 inches, the compact design fits those difficult center seating positions
- REAR AND FORWARD FACING FOR LONGER: The Fllo convertible car seat is designed to international best practices for extended rear-facing use up to 50 pounds, and comes standard with a steel anti-rebound for enhanced rear-facing safety performance
- HASSLE FREE GREEN AND CLEAN CAR SEAT: The Clek Fllo convertible car seat is tailored in GREENGUARD Select Certified Crypton Super Fabrics, which provide PERMANENT protection against stains, moisture and odor-causing bacteria; and are free of brominated and chlorinated flame retardants. Add on the Clek Fabric Cleaning + Stain remover Kit to ensure a clean ride every time. Car seat can be recycled when your child has outgrown it through Clek’s car seat recycling program

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because both of these car seats are equally good option. However, if we are to choose, we will pick Clek Fllo because it still have a great safety features while coming in an affordable price, almost half the price of Foonf model.


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