Evenflo Pivot vs Graco Modes

Strollers will be very useful for almost any parents who are going to spend their time outside with their children. There are lots of good models out there depending on what you prefer better and for those who want to use from day one, Evenflo Pivot and Graco Modes are two ideal models to consider. If these strollers are catching your attention as well, see below for what they can offer so then we can choose wiser based on what we need.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Using Strollers
  • What are Stroller Types
  • What are Evenflo Pivot and Graco Modes 
  • What Evenflo Pivot and Graco Modes Look Like
  • How are the Canopy in Evenflo Pivot and Graco Modes
  • How are the Passenger Seat in Evenflo Pivot and Graco Modes
  • How to Fold Evenflo Pivot and Graco Modes
  • Evenflo Pivot Vs Graco Modes

Strollers for Convenience

Being a parent is one of the greatest joy in life as we welcome a new family member who we have been waiting for so long. Taking care of a baby is not the easiest thing to do but we will have to adjust and being a parent is more like a school all over again. Just like everything, your journey will be easier with companions such as gear and tools. They will require some budget but but since we can use them for a period of time, many will be worthy.

One of the most useful gears to have when becoming a parent is stroller and we are sure most parents agree that it will ease your jobs very well. Of course not all parents will need them because we can use baby carriers or hold them in our arms until they are old enough to walk or run on their own. But, for the first several years, a stroller will handle their weight best as you don’t have to worry about back pain or sore muscle anymore from holding their weight.

Strollers can be used from day one depending on the seat type they are coming with. Strollers usually have a fairly upright seat and this one is used by older toddlers but for those that can be reclined until almost or flat can be used to contain a newborn with added padding. We also don’t have to worry when taking toddlers in crowded places as they will be secured on their seat while we maneuver the unit and finish our task.

 Evenflo PivotGraco Modes
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions19.8 x 21.7 x 34.3 inches
22 x 27.5 x 41 inches

Item Weight38.5 pounds
22.8 pounds

Strollers Types

Strollers however, are separated into few types so it is best to find the one that fits with your family’s lifestyle the most. The first type is a full-size stroller which we used in daily activity and mostly have durable or robust frames. They often come in a travel system set as well or can be paired with a certain infant car seat to carry newborn. The next type is a lightweight stroller which has thinner and lighter frame but sometimes can only be used by older toddlers.

In some models lightweight strollers can mimic full-size strollers as well and can even be paired with infant car seats. The last is jogging strollers which as the name suggests is designed to be ideally used while the parents are running or jogging. They can be used since around 6-months or older but aesthetic wise, not very pretty if it is an important point for you. It is however great for those strolling on an uneven surface such as gravel. 

About Evenflo Pivot and Graco Modes

If parents have decided whether they need a stroller or not and have found which type of stroller seems to fit in their application the most, now is the time to see what the market has to offer. There are so many good brands out there but if you want to save time or don’t have any favorite name yet, it is quick to shop based on how many you want to spend or what other parents are currently using.

Among those many well-known brands, Evenflo and Graco are two great options to choose from. Both of them are parent’s favorites when it comes to reliable strollers because their products are not just attractive but also come with lots of useful features. They do carry various models as well for you to match with what you need and what you want from the unit. These brands are not the most affordable however so you may need to spend more yet, it is the price we pay for quality.

If you will be using the stroller from day one, Evenflo Pivot and Graco Modes are two suitable options, especially if you love great design. Both of these models are very useful and versatile whether you want to stroll around the neighborhood, shopping, visiting the newly opened cake shop or just spend some relaxing time in the park with other parents. Overall, we love how they can be useful from day one until several years later or until our kid doesn’t need them anymore.

In our opinion, Evenflo Pivot and Graco Modes are good choices for almost any parent for the versatility but mostly those who live in urban areas. They are reliable as long as you will be using them only on flat surfaces and they can’t be expanded in case you will want to carry another passenger or will be strolling on gravel as the rubber and frames are not robust enough for these applications.

Evenflo Pivot and Graco Modes Design

Many people shop based on how the product looks and one of our reasons to choose these two is because of how pretty they are. Design wise you can see they are modern and the frame is also not too thick yet also not too thin like an umbrella stroller. Side by side they are not the lightest you can find out there but the Pivot is actually about 5 lbs. heavier than Modes in which the lighter is about 23 lbs. already. 

You can purchase them in a travel system set or separately depending on what you prefer better. Their fabric options are good as well because you can feel how soft they are and especially in Modes stroller, the seat padding is very thick to provide the best comfort. You will have two sets of trays as well in this stroller but the Pivot doesn’t come with them and only has the seat handlebar for passengers to hold. Read also: Graco FastAction Vs Modes.

Evenflo Pivot and Graco Modes Canopy

The first thing we always pay attention to strollers is their canopy because it is very important to consider. As you can see, they are very wide and can cover most of the top area but can be retracted as well when the weather is nice out there and our little one wants to see their surroundings better. In addition, the canopy is featured with a small window at the top to take a peek on your kid while you push the stroller. 

Evenflo Pivot and Graco Modes Passenger Seat

Moving further, let’s see the passenger seat because this is what stands out the most in both Evenflo Pivot and Graco Modes. The first thing we love here is you can remove the seat from their frame and install them backwards thus, not only facing the front they are also facing rear which is great in early days as we can see our little one while strolling. Second is their ability to be reclined until very flat or converted into bassinet.

This is ideal for younger babies or newborn who are not yet allowed to sit and secured using the harness as they are not strong enough to hold their head and neck so instead with a car seat, we can use the regular toddler seat to carry newborn as well. Third is their ability to be paired with an infant car seat in case parents want a travel system set or transporting using a vehicle. What’s different is you can put the car seat on top of the passenger seat in Modes.

Evenflo Pivot and Graco Modes Folding System

The last part we want to mention is their folding system and in this part, they are very much simple as well yet, not compact if you are going to use them while traveling or need to hand carry them at some points. Evenflo Pivot and Graco Modes however, are very similar in this part because all of them are folded using a slider or button on the handlebar that when activated will instantly allow the frame to fold into half.

This folding system allows them to keep most of the dimension and only reduced slightly in height then depth but they are still not ideal to be carried around in this shape and if you want them to be lighter, we can remove the seat first before folding. What’s great is they can stand on their own, making them easy to store when you visit a place and removing the child from their seat.

Evenflo Pivot vs Graco Modes

Both of these strollers are an amazing option for parents who want to keep everything simple without having to pay so much. They are easy to maneuver and convenient for various activities but also mostly identical in functions and features. The prominent difference in our opinion is Modes have thicker padding, it also has trays that you can install on the stroller, as well as can stack the car seat into its passenger seat for convenience.

- Flexible Infant Travel System: The Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System is a Car Seat and Stroller - Combo Featuring the Sarema Infant Car Seat and Safe Zone Base, Infused With Parent- and -Child-Friendly Accessories.
Versatile & Lightweight: The Evenflo 3-Piece Stroller Set Features a Modular Frame With 6 Modes. the Reversible Mode Permits Your Baby to Face in or Out, While the Seat Converts to Carriage, Frame Stroller, or Travel System Mode With Ease.
- Easy Infant Car Seat Transfer: This Car Seat and Stroller Combo Has Been Designed With a Stay-In-Car Base That Allows for a Quick and Safe Infant Car Seat Connection From Stroller to Car and Vice-Versa.
- Multiple Handy Features: The Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System Also Includes an Oversized Storage Basket, a Safe-Zone Base, and a Blanket Boot.
- Accepts all Graco infant car seats (sold separately) with a secure one-step attachment to create your own travel system
- 3 Strollers in 1 with 10 riding options from infant to toddler: 1. Infant Car Seat Carrier 2. Infant - Stroller 3. Toddler Stroller
- Reversible stroller seat allows baby to face you or the world and the 4 position reclining seat converts into an infant carriage for on-the-go comfort
- Forward-facing toddler seat includes 3-position leg rest that adjusts for your growing child


You can go with any of them as they are very much reliable and equally good choices but personally we like the Graco Modes better for its lighter weight and extra padding as children love plush seats.


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