Evenflo Pivot vs Pivot Xpand

Travel system is an equipment we have to purchase when having a baby because the set is a very useful items to have to allow parents move and transport their baby from one place to another. Evenflo Pivot vs Pivot Xpand are two great options because they are already coming in a complete set so we don’t have to purchase the items separately but, they are also different in term of capability. If you are eyeing these models, check our article below for more information.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why we need a Stroller
– What are Evenflo Pivot and Pivot Xpand
– What Evenflo Pivot and Pivot Xpand Look Like
– How are the Canopy in Evenflo Pivot and Pivot Xpand
– How are the Children Seat in Evenflo Pivot and Pivot Xpand
– What Type of Wheel and Tire used in Evenflo Pivot and Pivot Xpand
– Evenflo Pivot vs Pivot Xpand

Baby Stroller
Do you have an experience caring for your niece or nephew when doing a family outing or spend the day with the whole family and you have a duty to keep an eye on them. Children are very active and cheerful but smaller baby are not able to walk and run around themselves yet, so we have to put them in a carrier or hold them all the time, depend on what their mood is telling you. The problem is the weight can be very heavy when held for a long hours.

Now when it is our time to be a parent, we have to do all of those tasks ourselves and no matter if you are a mother or father, our duty stays the same which is making sure our kid is safe, happy and healthy. While some parents are fine with holding their children all the time when they are outside, many of us prefer to use a stroller because it can be very less-tiring and energy-consuming, moreover, if you are blessed with twins or even triplets.

If you want to move freely and be less tired, stroller or travel system set is a great item to purchase because they will lift some weight from our shoulder and reduce that back pain. A stroller is also very versatile item since most of them can carry an infant car seat for those who want to stroll with their newborn or even a capability to accept a bassinet so the baby can sleep and move around better especially for a longer stroll.

However, before purchasing the item, make sure to check the stroller or travel system set first since we may need more or less from the unit. For example, those who plan to carry their children to jog when the weather is nice out there will be better with a jogger while those with twins or two small children may want to pick a double stroller with two seats or a stackable stroller that let us to install two seats on board. Read also: UPPABABY vs Bugaboo here.

About Evenflo Pivot and Pivot Xpand
If you already have a certain requirement for the stroller, now is the time to search for the product. Due to the vast option out there, it can be hard to decide which model will be the best option and this is can confused many customers especially new parents who never have a stroller/travel system before. But, in our opinion it is good to look from popular item that loved by other users for they have a high chance to satisfy us as well.

Among those many brands, Evenflo is a nice option to go because this American based company is always offering high-quality products in their catalogue, with an innovative design and fairly affordable price to allow more parent easily purchase their products. They are offering several models of stroller so make sure to check how your favorite item differentiated to the other. If you are interested on popular model, Evenflo Pivot and Pivot Xpand may caught your attention for how stylish they look compared to other common strollers out there.

Just like the name, both of them are a regular strollers and the Pivot itself will relate to how we adjust the children seat and infant car seat which we are going to talk about later in this article. However, for starter, those who are very curious on which part they are separated, the Xpand model is the one you want to have when having more than one baby such as twins or two siblings near in age.

Evenflo Pivot and Pivot Xpand Design
When the first time checking Evenflo Pivot and Pivot Xpand, what comes to our mind is how trendy these strollers look since it used a different design from the one we often see out there. They design the stroller to have a separate connection between the seat and main frame that will benefit how we adjust the seat position later on. From the outer look alone, they are very similar but the frame is a little bit different.

As you can see from the sample picture above, Xpand model has a lower frame that connects right in the middle frame as opposed to regular Pivot which connects to the lower foot. In addition, these two are not a light stroller we can hand carry in a long stairs because the regular version itself is already weighing around 38.5 pounds while the other is even heavier around 43 pounds.

Evenflo Pivot and Pivot Xpand Canopy
The first thing we see when looking for a stroller is the canopy since they are very visible and important to make sure our children get the proper protection for sun ray. Since they are initially the same model, there is no difference in this side from both strollers. Each one of them are featured with decent, thick canopy in 3-ply design which we can fold and extend as needed so when the weather is nice out there, our little one can enjoy their surroundings.
In addition, there is a small peek a boo window at the top to allow parents check on their children while pushing the stroller. Compared to many other strollers, Evenflo Pivot and Pivot Xpand window are actually quite small and located more to the back.

Evenflo Pivot and Pivot Xpand Children Seat
Below the canopy, here we can see the children seat which is the focus of these model. As you can see on the sample picture above, they are featured with a stylish children seat but in term of size, the seat may look a bit smaller. This seat is nicely padded and very comfortable because the material they used is soft and nice to touch. What’s special is we can actually detach the seat from its frame and re-adjust the position to face the front or the parent.

By allowing parent to remove the seat, we can also convert the stroller into an infant seat carrier so we don’t have to carry both the children seat and car seat on board especially when traveling. Additionally, we can also adjust the infant car seat to either face the front or the parent like the children seat. What separate regular Pivot with Xpand is the latter support a second installation of children/infant seat with the help of an adaptor from Evenflo.

This is why those with twins and two smaller children should pick Pivot Expand instead of the regular Pivot stroller. Another special capability from Evenflo Pivot and Pivot Xpand is we can actually convert the children seat into a bassinet by reclining the seat and flatten the bottom then extending the footrest, making these two a complete model with children seat, bassinet and infant car seat.

Evenflo Pivot and Pivot Xpand Handlebar and Basket
Behind the canopy, we will found a nicely padded handlebar in a round design which is the same in both strollers. We do prefer this type of handlebar compared to a forward facing type because it is more comfortable for a long stroll but it also unfortunate since there is no method to adjust the height or how long the handle can go in regular Pivot stroller as opposed to a rotating handle in Evenflo Pivot Xpand.

While it is not a serious issue, those with taller/shorter height may find the standard handlebar a little bit awkward to operate. Below these handlebar, there is a wide main basket to keep your belongings safe and ease some weight on our shoulder. These basket are also designed to be easy to access to be more convenience.

Evenflo Pivot and Pivot Xpand Wheel and Tire
The last is their wheel and tires because it decide where these strollers can be used in. As a regular set, Evenflo Pivot and Pivot Xpand are only featured with a plastic wheel and a forever tires so they can only run on smooth pavement. To ensure a comfortable strolling, they use a bigger wheel at the back and smaller ones at the front. On folding mechanism, we can’t fold them with the seat on but the process is very quick, easy and resulting in a compact fold.

Now, let’s compare Evenflo Pivot with Pivot Xpand. As you may already know, the difference between them is on the capability to handle two seats at once and adjustable handlebar height that we can do in Pivot Xpand as opposed to a single seat only and a fixed handlebar in the regular stroller.

Evenflo Pivot vs Pivot Xpand

- FULL FEATURED TRAVEL SYSTEM: This elegant travel system comes complete with Evenflo's Rollover Tested SafeMax Infant Car Seat and stay-in-car base that accommodates infant and children from 4-35 pounds (Stroller maximum weight is 50 pounds)
- DUAL MODES FOR PARENT'S PEACE OF MIND: This full-size luxury travel system features 6 modes of use - a reversible carriage mode offers 2 options, Frame Stroller, Travel system, and Toddler Stroller. Rear facing height is 17 to 32 inches
- EASY RIDE FOR YOUR BABY OR TODDLER: The Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System features new Cruiser Tires to provide your child with a smooth ride, while also making the stroller effortless to push with its ergonomic handles
- Modular Design: Infant car seat sits directly on the frame, and the toddler seat easily converts to infant mode, cradling baby at a comfortable angle
- Self-Standing Fold: The compact fold conveniently self-stands, with toddler seat attached
- Extra-Large Storage Basket: Expands to over 2 feet in length with front and back access for convenience

All in all, the decision is all yours to make so we should pick based on each parent’s need and preference. The choice is very easy because if you have two small children who still need a stroller, Pivot Xpand will be the better option but for a single child, the regular Evenflo Pivot is a more affordable choice.

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