Evenflo Sibby vs Flipside

Evenflo is one of the most popular brand of baby stroller in the US and they are offering various good quality strollers as well as infant car seat for parents. For those who want to purchase a travel system set for their baby, Evenflo Sibby vs Flipside are two good option to choose. While they are equally dependable, as a different model they also have few different features. If you are eyeing these models, go check our article below to see which the better option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why use a Baby Stroller
– What are Evenflo Sibby and Flipside
– What Evenflo Sibby and Flipside Look Like
– How are the Canopy in Evenflo Sibby and Flipside
– How are the Children Seat in Evenflo Sibby and Flipside
– How are the Wheel and Tire in Evenflo Sibby and Flipside
– Are Evenflo Sibby and Flipside Easy to Fold
– Evenflo Sibby vs Flipside

Baby Stroller
For a new parents, there are several items we have to purchase when preparing to welcome your new member of family to this world and we also have to learn or collect some information to help when taking care of them especially for new parents. For those with more experience or already have children before we must already know what to prepare but new parents often still in the dark about parenting and what needs to be done before carrying our little one home.

However, today we can get information from a lot of sources not just from your parent and other family member but from the world as well. With the easy access to trusted recommendation we can find information quickly. If this is your first children, the gear we have to purchase to ease our job later is a travel system or a stroller with the infant car seat and in addition baby carrier or bassinet depend on your preference.

Even though parent can always go by without a stroller or baby carrier, if you plan to transport your baby with a vehicle, we will still need an infant car seat because it is used to properly secure them when inside a moving vehicle. A stroller itself is very useful after we get out of the car because for a long stroll and activity, it can get very tiring to handle the baby carrier in your arm, moreover, if you also need to complete some tasks out there.

A stroller is a nice addition to your family because its main function is to free our hand from the weight and this mean we can move better even while taking care of our baby. It will also reduce those back pain when they are a little older and already heavy enough to be carried in your arm for a long hours. Another benefit is they mostly last for a long time as long treated properly so the next sibling may still able to use the equipment.

About Evenflo Sibby and Flipside
Depend on the model, some stroller lets parent to mount an infant car seat, convert the seat into a bassinet or even install more than one carrier on its frame. If you are interested on stroller with such capabilities, Evenflo Pivot and Pivot Xpand may suit you but today, we are going to talk about their other sister, Evenflo Sibby and Flipside. The stroller from this brand is quite popular because not only they are affordable, the quality and features are also dependable.

Evenflo offer both strollers and infant car seat system in their catalogue as well as travel system like these models in case parent don’t want to purchase these items separately and worrying if they are going to be suitable with each other. While we can always purchase them separately when parent already have different favorite brand, a travel system set tend to be more affordable than when purchased separately to reduce the expense we have to spend.
Evenflo Sibby and Flipside are regular stroller with a 4-wheel design so they are not suitable for parent who want to jog with their children and more useful to take them outside for a stroll or spend some quality time while introducing them to their surroundings.

Evenflo Sibby and Flipside Design
From the outside, these models are very similar to each other due to be made with the same design but not identical for there are little difference here and there that makes it easier to tell them apart. The most prominent will be their children seat design and the wheel especially the front wheel for Sibby has a double wheel unlike Flipside. However, in weight capacity, they are equally able to carry weight up to 50 pounds and come with the Evenflo LiteMax infant car seat.

This infant car seat is a standard seat which used to carry baby until they are weighing at 35 pounds so it should able to hold your baby for longer compared to those with maximum capacity at 30 pounds. When carried without the base, their infant car seat is only around 7 pounds while the stroller frame itself are around 20 and 26 pounds respectively.

Evenflo Sibby and Flipside Canopy
Let’s see how good the canopies are in Evenflo Sibby and Flipside. Both of them indeed have a pretty wide canopy which we do prefer but the design are not the same because if you see the picture above, Sibby stroller has a 3-ply canopy which is rounder when compared to Flipside stroller with its rather square-ish design and 2-ply design. Both are nice and can cover the passenger when on board but can be folded as well in case they want to see the surroundings better.

On top of the canopy, there is a window covered with another fabric to let parent check on their little one while strolling so we don’t have to stop but this feature is only present in Sibby stroller and unfortunately, there is no peek a boo or additional vent in Flipside.

Evenflo Sibby and Flipside Children Car Seat
Moving below, here we can see the children seat and we do love the seat in both strollers because they are very versatile to use and not only can take bigger baby but also smaller one as well. What we mean is we can actually recline their seat to be flat especially with Evenflo Flipside stroller. This stroller has various modes to offer from the regular stroller, infant car seat carrier, baby carrier and rear facing stroller with only one seat.

It sounds complicated at first since we can’t remove the seat but it is fairly easy when already used to the system because all we need to do is pressing the button on top of the seat part and convert the seat into the mode you need. Its backrest can be converted to lay flat and finally shaped like a bassinet while facing the parent so we can carry smaller baby comfortably when in a long stroll compared to when have to use their car seat.

At the other hand, Evenflo Sibby don’t have a convertible seat but it has another special feature which is the footrest panel because in this stroller, the footrest can be adjusted up to 3 position until flat and when combined with a fairly flat reclining backrest, we can allow our children to nap better inside in a laying down position. In addition, there is a panel we can install at the rear frame to let older children ride the stroller as well.

Evenflo Sibby and Flipside Handlebar
Behind the children seat, there is the handlebar which is also different in both stroller because as you can see, Sibby stroller is featured with a sport-style handlebar and it is actually longer than regular round handle like in Flipside stroller. This handle is thought to be easier to use especially in maneuvering the unit compared to round type but in our opinion, it is very subjective to each parent preference so you may like one of them better or fine with both.
For those who loves to carry their tumbler when going out will happy to see there is a cup holder in both of these handlebar. Below the handle, we can see the main basket and it is quite standard in size wise but we do adore the design because it let parent take and put items inside easier with a wide opening.

Evenflo Sibby and Flipside Wheel and Tire
Another important thing on a stroller is their wheel and tire since these decide where the unit can roll on. Evenflo Sibby and Flipside are featured with plastic wheel and forever wheel that more suitable when used on a flat surface since it can’t handle gravel or harsh ground very well and if we push them on such condition, the tire will worn out faster compared to those with an inflatable rubber tire. The difference is Sibby has a double front wheel and Flipside has one front wheel.

Evenflo Sibby and Flipside Folding Mechanism
In the folding mechanism, Evenflo Sibby and Flipside are also very easy and not different. What we need to do is only fold the canopy back to make it more compact and pull the concealed handle located on their main seat upward. This move will fold the stroller into half and flat enough to be placed in your car’s trunk or in your equipment room so we don’t have to provide much space.

Now, let’s compare Evenflo Sibby with Flipside. The difference between these strollers are on their canopy, seat and wheel but the most prominent is their seat since Flipside stroller allow parent to convert their seat into a baby carrier and a stroller facing the parent/rear without removing the seat unlike Sibby that can only allow a flat reclining position and a flat footrest.

Evenflo Sibby vs Flipside

- Extra-Long Sport-Grip Handles: Comfortable and easy to maneuver, the extra-long sport style grips also allow more space for the additional rider
- Extra Storage Pocket: Mesh pocket on the back of the seat provides extra storage for smaller personal items.
- Large, 3-Panel Canopy: With peek-a-boo window, allows you to keep an eye on our little one while protecting them from outdoor elements
- 2 Riders: Ride-Along Board gives little legs a break and allows 2 children to ride at a time. The board easily connects during set up
- Full Featured Travel System: This elegant travel system comes complete with Evenflo's Rollover Tested LiteMax Infant Car Seat and stay-in-car base that accommodates infant and children from 4-35 pounds (Stroller maximum weight is 50 pounds)
- Dual Modes for Parent's Peace of Mind: This full-size luxury travel system features a carriage and parent facing mode that let's parents keep an eye on their baby, or flip the seat to forward-facing mode for toddlers to take in their surroundings
- Cushioned Ride for Your Baby or Toddler: The Flipside features a front wheel suspension to provide your child with a smooth and comfortable ride, while also making it effortless to push
- Lightweight & Easy to Carry Car Seat: The extremely lightweight design equipped with a padded, ergonomic handle featured in the LiteMax Infant Car Seat is uniquely crafted to make carrying your infant or newborn as comfortable as possible

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we have different preference and need so it is best to match the stroller with your family’s requirement. However, if we are to choose, we will recommend parent to pick Evenflo Flipside because the seat is more versatile.

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