Evenflo Sibby vs Pivot

Stroller is a great equipment to help transporting our baby from one place to another without us having to carry them manually. What’s even better is most of them can be installed with a car seat and making them a travel system. If you want to purchase a set of them, Evenflo Sibby vs Pivot are two great option to go for they are already coming with all the useful features. If you also interested in them, go check our article below to see their capabilities.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a Travel System
– What are Evenflo Sibby and Pivot
– What Evenflo Sibby and Pivot Look Like
– What Evenflo Sibby and Pivot can offer to you
– Evenflo Sibby vs Pivot

Travel System
Travel system is a set of gear we need to have when having a baby because this equipment will have their own task to do when used to transport our baby. A regular stroller is used to carry toddler and since the seat commonly can’t lay flat, infant is not supposed to be placed on their seat which is why when we first time have a baby, we also have to purchase the car seat or bassinet, depend on the parents need.

A car seat is also an important gear to have because it is required to use them as a safety system in your car when having a baby while the bassinet is great to have for a strolling with a stroller frame. It sound like a lot and it is but if you don’t want to purchase them one by one separately and risking an unmatched seat with the stroller frame, it is good to pick the one with all the seat and frame or a travel system.

Depend on the model, a travel system must contain at least 2 seats consisting of car seat and the toddler seat attached to the stroller frame. However, there are also other travel system that offer their set with additional bassinet or even convertible toddler seat that can be set to be a bassinet. A bassinet have a flat surface and is wider than car seat so baby can move freely when laid down for a prolonged time while we push their stroller.

There are so many options to choose when we are looking for a travel system in the market and it can take quite a time to look for their capabilities and comparing the prices. One of the fast method to pick something is by looking at their brand first because well-known name or popular brand commonly have many users and offer a trusted quality, so we can rest assure about how good they designed or manufacture the products.

About Evenflo Sibby and Pivot
One of the most popular brand of stroller or travel system in the market is Evenflo and we are sure if you ever look for the best travel system in the market, chances are you will also find their variants in many people’s recommendation because their travel systems are coming with all the features you will love to have and even though they are not a budget items, their set are mostly affordable, so we don’t have to spend too much.

They have many set of travel system but if you need the one less than $200, the best option will be Evenflo Sibby  and Pivot. Both of them are very similar to each other and as a travel system, we can use them since infant stage for they are already coming with the car seat in the package thus, we don’t need to purchase a car seat anymore when taking our baby in the car. The frame is also suitable for the seat so we can take them strolling on their car seat.

Evenflo Sibby and Pivot Design
As you can see from the sample picture above, both of them are a stylish travel system with a simple yet attractive design. The material to build the frame seems to be made from the same material but the design is a little bit different especially where we put the seat. Pivot stroller have additional support here to make the seats able to be reversed. When lifted, the Sibby model is lighter than Pivot and it also look a little bit smaller.

Evenflo Sibby and Pivot Features
Let’s talk about the canopy first because this is the first thing we usually notice when looking for a stroller and it is also important to check because if our baby is especially fussy about being exposed to sun ray, it is great to find a stroller with a wider canopy. In this side both of Evenflo Sibby and Pivot are very similar since their canopy are made with 3 panel which users can adjust as needed and they are quite wide as well to provide a proper protection.

Some parents may prefer looking or checking at their baby while stopping the stroller first and they may won’t need a peek a boo window. However, we prefer the one with a window so we can see our baby from time to time. Evenflo Sibby and Pivot have a mesh window covered with a fabric on their canopy and since there is no lock, there will be no sound made as well when opening the cover.

However, the design is a bit different since the Sibby model seems to have a wider opening while Pivot is narrower but higher as well. Moving down, here we can see their seats and this is what separate them the most in our opinion because Sibby’s seat can only use as a toddler seat while Pivot’s seat can be reclined fully until they are flat, making the seat a bassinet for smaller babies which is not possible in Sibby.

Sibby’s seat can be reclined until several position to let toddler sleep or resting more comfortably but since they can’t be laid until flat, it is not suitable for baby who still can’t support their neck and head. As it has been mentioned above, both travel systems are coming with their car seat and even though Sibby don’t have bassinet, they can use the car seat for infant and install them on the frame when taking baby for a stroll. Read also: Baby Trend Xcel vs Expedition here.

It depend on the parents, some may prefer bassinet because they have wider surface and babies can lay flat just like when they are sleeping which can’t be done on car seat. There is another useful feature in Pivot seat that you may like which is the flexible position because unlike many strollers or travel systems, this stroller frame can carry both the seat/bassinet and infant car seat in each facing, so baby can face forward or rear, looking at their parents.

Moving up, here we can see the handle bar, Evenflo Sibby and Pivot are also coming with a different design for their handle because Sibby’s handle is not connected and more upright than the circle handle in Pivot. But, both of them are not adjustable, so parents with taller or shorter height can’t get the handle to move into their preferred position. This kind of handle is also available on the car seat but the one there is adjustable and we can move them into several position when hand carrying the seat.

As for the toddler seat, there is also a handle bar or bumper bar that can be installed in front of the seat in case your toddler want something to hold on. In Sibby model, the stroller handle bar is featured with a single cup holder which is nice to place your cup while strolling around with your baby but this holder is unfortunately not present in the other model. Moving down, here we can find a nicely sized main basket to help parents carrying their belongings like diaper bag or grocery.

However, there is another feature here on Sibby model because the stroller is already coming with a ride-along board which mean we can take the older sibling along while strolling with their little brother or sister. This panel is also not available in Pivot stroller and the stroller can’t accept the accessories thus, we can’t made additional purchase for the mode in case you also need the panel.

The last difference is on their wheels because Sibby’s front wheel are double unlike Pivot with single wheel. However, the weight limit of these two are the same which is up to 50 pounds and the break is also the same using the standard rear brake which can be activated while standing with our foot. When folded, we don’t have to remove Sibby’s toddler seat but Pivot’s seat/basket should be removed first before folding the frame.

Now, let’s compare Evenflo Sibby with Pivot. As you may already know, Pivot stroller seat is convertible into basket or bassinet which is not possible in Sibby model while also supporting both facing options. At the other hand, Sibby have additional cup holder and ride-along panel to let older children ride the stroller as well and a simpler folding system for we don’t have to remove the toddler eat first.

Evenflo Sibby vs Pivot

- Extra-Long Sport-Grip Handles: Comfortable and easy to maneuver, the extra-long sport style grips also allow more space for the additional rider
- Extra Storage Pocket: Mesh pocket on the back of the seat provides extra storage for smaller personal items.
- Large, 3-Panel Canopy: With peek-a-boo window, allows you to keep an eye on our little one while protecting them from outdoor elements
- Up To 22 Configurations: The unique design accommodates one or two riders. Infants and children can sit at various heights, upright or reclined, in both parent-facing and forward-facing modes. Rotate handle down until the storage latch closes. You may need to push stroller together in order for the side frame lock to fully lock into place
- Modular Design: Infant car seat sits directly on the frame, and the toddler seat easily converts to infant mode, cradling baby at a comfortable angle
- Self-Standing Fold: The compact fold conveniently self-stands, with toddler seat attached

All in all, both of them can be a good choice for travel system. However, we prefer Evenflo Pivot better because this model also offer the capability of being a bassinet carrier, so we can get 3 compartment in one set.

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