GB Pockit Plus vs Qbit Plus

Choosing the ideal transporter to keep your baby secure and agreeable while traveling can be challenging. Things being what they are, how are you going to start? 

The main inquiry to pose is, how old is your child and in what manner will you use it? Numerous pushchairs can be utilized from birth, while different carriages are reasonable from a half year old.

Some give the alternative where you can fly on a vehicle seat, transforming the surrey into a travel framework, or there is the choice to have a carrycot so the babies can lie totally flat. In case you are lacking in space, you will need to search for a minimal overlay, and in the event that you like to travel, a lightweight casing will serve you just fine.

So to spare you the effort of swimming through pushchair specifications, we have arranged the best of the bundle, namely GB Pockit Plus and GB Qbit Plus, featuring the must-have highlights that may well intrigue you as a parent. Without further ado, let us just jump right in.

About GB Pockit Plus

GB Pockit Plus is an incredible pushchair that immediately turned into a success, yet the maker chose to reestablish this item. Is it really better than the previous version? 

The primary version of the Pockit Plus was a great lightweight carriage, increased in value by parents who often travel with their little ones. All things considered, despite the fact that it was exceptionally famous, there were a few things that required improvement. Read also: GB Pockit vs Babyzen Yoyo

It was for sure an extremely lightweight pushchair, exceptionally smaller in the wake of folding, and fitting the overhead compartment on planes. However, the seat was not generally agreeable.

The sunshade was not sufficient. Fortunately, the brand listened to the parents who brought up that a decent pushchair should be something more than only a mean of transport for the child to get them from direct A toward B.

Both the child and the parent should merit some solace during the ride. The parents were consistent about that and that made the maker concoct the new, improved GB Pockit Plus. 

 GB Pockit PlusQbit Plus
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions15 x 12.6 x 7.9 inches
28 x 19.3 x 41 inches
Item Weight10.8 pounds
14 pounds

About GB Qbit Plus

There are such huge numbers of exciting highlights to love about the GB Qbit Plus pushchair. From its lightweight to minimal folding and the colossal sun shelter, you have more reasons to get this travel stroller.

Aside from the seamless vehicle, simple stockpiling, and amazing insurance for your little ones, you likewise have plentiful space in the enormous stockpiling compartment of this carriage, equipped for holding the entirety of your basic things and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Both the parent and the child are in for some extravagant walks around this pleasant travel stroller.

There is likewise GB Qbit, another variation of this item yet with lesser highlights contrasted with the Qbit Plus. In this way, if it is all the same to you paying 20 USD extra for the astonishing highlights stuffed in GB Qbit Plus, then it could be the better alternative for you.

Sunshade: GB Pockit Plus vs Qbit Plus

You would see that the sunshade is totally updated when the producer displayed the new GB Pockit Plus. GB wanted to keep the little shade from the start, yet fortunately, the sunshade was improved. 

The new GB Pockit Plus comes with a greater sunshade, giving better security from wind, downpour, and sun. Even though the shade is enormous, this carriage is still a lightweight one and for such, it is okay.

The sunshade is t a lot greater than the one in the first Pockit that did not even give any real shade. The new shade gives some better insurance to the child.

It has an adjusted shape and it is made with UPF50+ texture, shielding the baby from sunbeams. The size of the sunshade in GB Qbit Plus is huge, too.

You can have the confidence of all-out insurance against the sun. The plastic peek-a-boo window is convenient in keeping an eye on your little one.

It does not make a difference to what extent you remain in a hurry; your baby will always be well-shrouded by the shade.

Pros and Cons: GB Pockit Plus vs Qbit Plus

Gb Pockit Plus:

(+) May be utilized from the very beginning thanks to the probability of attaching the baby vehicle seat.

(+) Improved, a greater seat that will accommodate a 5-year old child 

(+) Multi-recline gives considerably more solace than the first version of Pockit

(+) Improved materials and delicate cushioning of the seat 

(+) Easy to push with one hand 

(-) Small stockpiling crate 

(-) Small wheels 

(-) Not flexible handles 

Gb Qbit Plus:

(+) Superb appearance 

(+) Folding is exceptionally simple, even with a single hand 

(+) It is lighter and smaller, contrasted with other full-sized or standard pushchairs 

(+) You can have an absolutely level recline and you can change the stool to suit the tallness of your child 

(+) Amazing plentiful extra room, including under-buggy stockpiling which you can access through the back and the front

(-) As observed in most minimized strollers, the stroller is non-particular so it can only face the forward 

(-) You cannot change over this stroller to a twofold carriage and the nonattendance of the board implies it is not reasonable for bigger kids 

(-) You do not get any extras with this stroller because every single accessory can only be bought separately

GB Pockit Plus vs Qbit Plus

- Discover the perfect companion for traveling: ultra-light comfort and ultra-compact closure With its outstanding innovative design, the Pockit + is one of the most compact pushchairs in the world
- the possibility of being used as a 2-in-1 travel system, Pockit + is an essential accessory for traveling
- With the adapters, available separately, Pockit + can be transformed into a 2-in-1 travel system that can be used from birth with a gb or CYBEX car seat and/or Cot to Go bassinet (car seat and bassinet are sold separately)
- It is so small that it can be seen inside the plane's hair or under the seat of the train. ROTATION OF ANTERIOR WHEELS Agile and easy to maneuver
- The luxury traveller The Qbit+ is a buggy suitable from birth and engineered for maximum comfort and convenience.
- The innovative fold technique can be operated using only one hand and turns the Qbit Plus into a compact and freestanding package in seconds
- Spacious and comfortable for kids, compact, light and easy to carry for parents.
- With the adapters (optional available) you can attach a gb or CYBEX infant car seat onto the frame

Final Verdict

In case you are searching for a small and light pushchair that you can fit it into a plane’s overhead compartment or under the seat before you, at that point, GB Pockit Plus will be exceptionally a good choice. It is the world’s most minimized carriage, estimating only 12 x 7 x 14 inches when folded. 

It has a straightforward, two-advance overlay, so going from pushing to carrying takes only seconds. What is more, it sits automatically when folded. 

Be that as it may, you may pick GB Qbit Plus over the Pockit Plus if you need a marginally sturdier travel carriage with a more profound seat.


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