GB Pockit Plus vs Zoe XLC

Traveling with a baby can be quite complex since you will need extra comfort to carry the baby and their stuff. That is why many parents looking for a light stroller to help them with the issue. By having a lightweight stroller, it will reduce the weight they need to carry on and make sure the baby comfortableness at the same time. This makes many baby stroller brands available in the market. Even for a lightweight stroller still, there are quite many brands and types to choose from. Including if you look at GB Pockit Plus VS Zoe XLC. Both products are in the same categories as a lightweight stroller. For more details of information on the features, price, etc., check the below sections carefully.

General Overview

Whether GB or Zoe, both are the common brands for baby traveling stuff in the USA market. Both produce stroller and car seat for daily travel. Therefore, both products try to produce the best and effective series to accommodate the needs of the parents while traveling with their baby. Not only that, but both brands also consider a high safety and comfort feeling for the baby. This makes the products become one of the best brands available in the market in terms of various aspects. Including specifications, features, prices, and safety. For further features of each product, the below paragraph will give detail information. Read also: GB Pockit Plus vs Qbit Plus

Key Features

There are several key features of the brands. Each develops specifically to accommodate various baby needs and its improvement from the previous series. Such as GB Pockit Plus that an improvement from the previous product GB Pockit. The new release brings several key features such as:

  • It has design features that make the stroller look great, including the antler-like handlebars. It also completed with the double wheels, and fully compactness. However, the stroller still looks modern and sleek.
  • It can consider more lightweight and portable with only 13 pounds’ weight.
  • Easy and a fast compact fold. The stroller is able to folds and unfolds easily. It has the most compact fold compare to other strollers in the market.
  • The stroller reclines enough for a comfortable nap on the go.
  • For a compact stroller, the product has a decent amount of under-stroller storage, accessible from both the front and the back.
  • It has small 4.5 inch wheels but no suspension.
  • It is compatible with all GB car seats.
 GB Pockit PlusZoe XLC
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions15 x 12.6 x 7.9 inches
10 x 10 x 10 inches
Item Weight10.8 pounds
11 pounds

While Zoe XLC is a stroller that brings several features below:

  • It looks simple and modern in both black and navy. 
  • Lightweight and quite portable with an 11 pounds’ weight. It is one of the lightest.
  • The easiest folding and opening mechanisms.
  • The Traveler reclines for a comfortable napping position plus an adjustable footrest.
  • It has a decent amount of under-stroller storage. 
  • It has small wheels and rear-wheel suspension. However, it equipped with the rear-wheel suspension to make bumpy rides smoother.
  • The huge four-panel canopy provides great shade.


Even though innovation and research have been performed before delivering the products to the market, there are still several weaknesses appear in each products. Such as GB Pockit Plus that has several concern of:

  • The product is not too suitable for a taller person. The handlebar only reaching up to 40 inches, this is not suitable for parents over six feet tall.
  • The product is not modular and unfortunately is forward-facing only and does not have a parent-facing option. This is standard for compact/travel strollers.
  • No adjustable footrest for this product. The footrest is quite minimal and longer legs will experience issues.
  • The product does not convert to a double stroller and does not have a ride-along board for older children.
  • At the moment, the stroller has no bassinet for the baby. Therefore, the product is suitable and can technically be used for infants. However, a safe and proper bassinet is important to a car seat for infant strolls.
  • The stroller does not come with accessories. Rain covers, car seat adapters, footmuffs, umbrellas, etc. are all sold separately

While if we check on Zoe XLC, it has several lacks as follow:

  • The ZOE Traveler is not suitable for infants since it is not compatible with infant car seats and does not have a bassinet attachment.
  • Since the handlebar reaching only about 40 inches, this stroller is uncomfortable for parents with a height more than six feet tall to push this stroller.
  • The stroller is not quite modular. It does not have a parent-facing option. Hence, it will difficult to always check the baby inside it.
  • All accessories of the brand are sold separately, including the rain cover, travel bag, and parent console.

The Price

Apart from the features and weaknesses above, price is something that mostly driven parents in selecting a suitable product. Luckily that the two brands are not having a big price difference. GB Pockit Plus is selling in the market with a price of $180, while Zoe XLC currently can be found in the market at a price of $130. What is unique is that actually, both have the same official retail price of $230. Therefore, in the end, it can end up with almost a similar price at one store.

GB Pockit Plus vs Zoe XLC

- Discover the perfect companion for traveling: ultra-light comfort and ultra-compact closure With its outstanding innovative design, the Pockit + is one of the most compact pushchairs in the world.
- In a few moves the light stroller is transformed into a package so small that it can be stored in the plane's hair.
- Pockit + is an essential accessory for traveling. With the adapters, available separately, Pockit + can be transformed into a 2-in-1 travel system
- The seat recline belts allow an easy and personalized adjustment of the seat angle from vertical to extended TWO PHASES CLOSING The closure sample turns into a bag-shaped package in two simple steps.
- COMPACT – This single stroller is Disney approved and airplane ready, from easy rolling to easy folding, and can fit in virtually any plane overhead compartment.
- EASY FOR TRAVEL –With a tall handle, extra kickspace, a magnetic peekaboo window, and oversized standard wheels, this stroller can handle anything whether you’re in the city or on the trail.
- ONE-HANDED FOLD – Fold and unfold in seconds with a single trigger button! The self-locking and standing system lets it stand upright on its own when folded.
- HUGE CANOPY – Your child can relax in luxury with a 4-panel canopy, a wide padded seat, a deep recline, a padded adjustable leg rest, and an elastic storage basket for all their snacks and toys.


From the information above, it can be concluded that whether GB Pockit Plus VS Zoe XLC, both are a great product. But if you want to make a selection, then go for the cheapest brand will be an advantage. Not to mention that Zoe XLC is a slight bit lighter than GB Pockit Plus. Then it will manage to help you get a light carry while traveling with your baby.

In the end, it comes to your personal preference and decision. If you’re a fan of GB you might still want to select the brand. This shall not be a big matter. As the budget for buying both products are similar, then you may want to consider the availability next to your region or the color and the model rather than the strength and the performance.

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