GB Pockit vs Babyzen Yoyo

In the following discussion, you can read the comparison between two ultra-lightweight strollers suitable for traveling needs, GB Pockit vs Babyzen Yoyo. We will see their differences in various aspects in order to find out which one that is the best portable stroller. GB Pockit boasts as the world’s most compact stroller, but Babyzen Yoyo is much better feature-wise.

Continue reading below if you want to find out more about:
– Which stroller that is smaller, lighter, and more portable
– Which stroller that is easier and more practical to use
– The weight capacity of GB Pockit vs Babyzen Yoyo
– The comparison of their maneuverability and overall performance
– The additional features of GB Pockit and Babyzen Yoyo
– The available color choices on each model
– Which stroller that is generally better and more recommended

Both of the two strollers here are marketed as portable strollers, so it is a good idea to start by comparing their portability. In general, both strollers are indeed lightweight and compact when folded. They can be very easily carried around. See also: GB Pockit vs Mountain Buggy Nano.

GB Pockit holds the better edge in terms of portability. It has been awarded as the world’s most compact stroller by the Guinness World Records in 2014. It folds into a very compact form of 7.3 inches x 14 inches x 19.6 inches. So, it can easily pass a carry-on when going on an airplane flight. The ultra-compact form also does not require much room in your vehicle’s trunk.

The weight of GB Pockit is only 10.5 pounds. It is really lightweight. You don’t need much effort in order to lift it up. Unfortunately, the folded form of this stroller is not equipped with any carrying strap, and the carry bag is not included in the purchase. Unless you get the carry bag, the stroller will be a bit awkward to bring along.

Babyzen Yoyo is also quite compact, though definitely not as compact as GB Pockit. In the folded form, Babyzen Yoyo measures 7.08 inches x 17.32 inches x 20.47 inches. It can also pass as a carry-on when traveling on an airplane. It won’t eat up much room in your vehicle’s trunk, so you can just keep it there and take it out only when needed.

It has a weight of about 14 pounds. Though there are other models that are lighter, Babyzen Yoyo is already considered quite light by most people. You can lift it up and carry it around easily, thanks to the integrated padded carrying strap.

Folding and Unfolding
When comparing GB Pockit vs Babyzen Yoyo, one notable difference is the ease of folding and unfolding. Some people may argue that having an ultra-compact stroller is nearly meaningless if the stroller is difficult to use. This is probably something that you need to consider, especially if you often find yourself in conditions where you need to hold your child in one hand, leaving only a single hand for doing other things.

GB Pockit is not very easy to fold and unfold. The folding process is a bit complicated, as there are multiple steps that you need to go through. You need two hands to press the buttons on the sides of the frame. This will trigger the stroller to compress and fold in half. Then, there is a manual lock which you need to set to keep the package folded neatly. The folded package can stand on its own.

The unfolding is easier, as you just need to release the lock and flick it up. However, you must always check that the stroller’s frame is properly locked after unfolding. Sometimes, the stroller doesn’t decompress fully so that the frame is not locked in place.

Babyzen Yoyo is much easier to use and generally more reliable. The folding is mostly a one-handed process. You just need to fold the handlebar and press a button in order to trigger the mechanism. The stroller will compress into a neat package with an auto lock. The stroller can stand on itself during the folding, but the resulted package doesn’t self-stand.

The unfolding process is equally easy. You only need to release the clip that keeps the package together. Then, shake it apart. The stroller will return to its full form. You may need some time to get used to the process, but it is quick to unfold nonetheless.

The next thing to consider when choosing between GB Pockit vs Babyzen Yoyo is the capacity. Make sure that the stroller can accommodate your child and provide the best safety. Also, a high maximum weight limit will allow you to use the stroller for a long time.

GB Pockit is suitable for a child from 6 months old. It is not suitable for a newborn because the seat doesn’t recline and there is no infant insert. However, the durability of the stroller is quite impressive, as it can hold a maximum child weight of 55 pounds. In theory, the stroller can last until your child is 7 – 8 years old. But since the stroller is not really big, it is usually only sufficient until the toddler ages.

Babyzen Yoyo has a reclining seat, but it doesn’t go to a flat-enough position for a newborn. Hence, it is also not suitable for a newborn. The minimum age requirement for using this stroller is 6 months old. Meanwhile, the maximum child weight is only about 40 pounds. This stroller can remain usable until the child is about 4 – 5 years old.

Maneuverability and Performance
So, how is the maneuverability of GB Pockit vs Babyzen Yoyo? The lightweight designs make them relatively easy to steer. But there are also a few things that you should consider before choosing.

GB Pockit is quite easy to push forward because the stroller itself is light. However, the wheels are small and somewhat flimsy. The dual front wheel design tends to make the stroller difficult to handle when going over an uneven terrain or bumping onto rocks. The stroller is only suitable for smooth surfaces. It is not suitable for rough terrains at all.

It has a foot pedal for the brake. Unfortunately, this pedal is rather small and difficult to access. The pedal is also a bit stiff. Hence, the brake is not the easiest to use, and you should be careful to keep the stroller in your control.

Babyzen Yoyo has better overall performance. There is a single-action foot pedal for the brake, and the pedal is well-placed so that it is easy to access without getting in your way. The pedal is easy to set and release, and is quite sandal-friendly.

The stroller is very stable and comfortable, thanks to the all-wheel suspension system. It can traverse various kinds of surfaces with ease. It moves smoothly without any problem on smooth surfaces. It can handle slightly rocky terrains without vibrating too much. Still, this stroller is intended for city use, so it unsurprisingly doesn’t handle grass and gravels very well.

Other Features
GB Pockit is equipped with an adjustable harness system. The straps are padded to ensure your child’s comfort. The height is easy to adjust. However, there is no real foot plate to support the child’s legs. Note that this stroller is not compatible with infant car seats.

The seat has an overhead canopy, but this canopy is really small. It doesn’t provide much shade, and it obviously doesn’t protect from wind and rain. Under the seat, there is a spacious storage basket that can hold up to 11 lbs of gear. The handlebar is padded for the parent’s comfort.

Babyzen Yoyo also comes with an adjustable harness system with padded straps to keep your child safely in place. The seat is well-padded. There is an extendable canopy that can provide better shade. You can recline the seat to provide a comfortable napping position for your child.

The storage basket under the seat is also spacious and sturdy enough for holding your supplies. There is a small pouch on the rear side of the canopy. In addition, this stroller can work with an optional adapter to hold a compatible infant car seat.

Available Color Choices
Last but not least, let’s see the available color choices on both models. GB Pockit has 4 color options. On the other hand, Babyzen Yoyo has 7 color options.

The available colors of GB Pockit are:
– Monument Black (entirely black)
– Capri Blue (light blue seat and black frame)
– Sea Port Blue (dark blue seat and black frame)
– Posh Pink (purplish pink seat and black frame)

The available colors of Babyzen Yoyo are:
– Black (entirely black)
– Black/Grey (grey seat and hood, black frame)
– Ginger (ginger seat and hood, black frame)
– Taupe (dark brown seat and hood, black frame)
– Peppermint (green seat and hood, black frame)
– Air France Blue (light blue seat, dark blue hood, black frame)
– Red (red, almost orange seat and hood and black frame)

GB Pockit vs Babyzen Yoyo

- The POCKIT + buttons need to be depressed in order to fold
- The handle bars must be pushed down prior to closing (tip: try pushing the bars beyond the stop to force the stroller to collapse)
- With its innovative two step folding technique, the Pocket+ folds up into a compact, handbag shaped package in seconds
- Cleverly designed to stand alone when folded
- A newly reinforced frame that allows for a higher weight limit of up to 40 pounds
- New suspension that smoothes out the ride even further
- Better storage for all of your baby/kid needs on the go, including a new basket that's 60% bigger than the previous model, and a new storage pouch in the rear of the canopy
- An extendable canopy for more shade

All in all, Babyzen Yoyo is generally more recommended. It is compact, lightweight, and portable. It is much easier and more practical to use. The maneuverability and stability are better. Plus, it has better features, including an extendable canopy, a reclining seat, and the ability to hold an infant car seat with an adapter.

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