GB Pockit vs Mountain Buggy Nano

Need a lightweight and portable stroller? GB Pockit vs Mountain Buggy Nano are highly recommended options for parents who need a practical solution for carrying a baby. These strollers are slim and light, very easy to bring around. However, they also have excellent build quality. Below, you can read the detailed comparison between the two strollers. Continue reading!

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– Which stroller that is generally more portable and practical
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– What color choices that are available on each model
– Which stroller that is generally more recommended

GB Pockit claims to be the smallest and lightest stroller in the market. It was awarded as the world’s most compact stroller by Guiness World Records in 2014. It is also equipped with an adjustable harness system to ensure optimum safety for the child. This is a very interesting option for traveling. See also: Mountain Buggy Nano vs Babyzen Yoyo.

Despite the compact design, it has been built with excellent quality materials. The seat is really durable with two layers of padding. The first padding is polyurethane, whereas the second padding is polyester. The frame is made from durable aluminum.

Mountain Buggy Nano is a bit larger and heavier, but it is still relatively slim and portable. It has a large canopy which is really nice and also beautiful. The seat feels sturdy and durable. It is also easy to clean. The seat is equipped with an adaptable harness system to provide optimum safety for your child. The frame is made from lightweight yet sturdy aluminum to ensure the durability.

Both GB Pockit vs Mountain Buggy Nano are folding strollers. They both are lightweight, and they become really compact when folded. They are ideal options if you need a stroller which is easy to bring around, especially when traveling with your kid.

GB Pockit is currently the smallest and lightest stroller available in the market. It measures 14 inches x 7.3 inches x 19.6 inches and weighs only about 10.5 lbs. It boasts to be the most portable stroller ever. So, it can be a decent choice if you need a stroller for traveling light. It can easily pass as a carry-on item on an airplane.

Unfortunately, the folding mechanism is a bit difficult to use. You need to use both of your hands in order to fold the GB Pockit stroller properly. The unfolding process also requires some care and effort. So, this stroller is only good if you really, really need to save up some space or weight.

Mountain Buggy Nano is not as compact and lightweight, but it is still quite portable. When folded, it only measures 21.2 inches x 11 inches x 20.3 inches. It has a weight of only about 13.3 lbs. So, carrying this stroller doesn’t take much effort. Some airplanes may allow it to pass as a carry-on item, but some others don’t. So, you need to check the airplane’s regulations if you want to bring this stroller on your flight.

The folding and unfolding are quite easy. However, you still need two hands for the task. The folding is a bit difficult at first, but you will get used to it. Mountain Buggy Nano has a manual lock and a self stand to assist in the process. The unfolding also requires two hands, as you need to spread the upper and lower portions apart. Anyhow, it is still manageable.

When choosing between GB Pockit vs Mountain Buggy Nano, the weight capacity is one of the differences that set the two strollers apart. Make sure that your child will fit inside the stroller safely for a fairly long time. In general, a higher weight capacity is better because it will allow you to continue using the stroller for a longer time.

GB Pockit is not recommended for newborns. The minimum age for the baby is 6 months old. Meanwhile, the maximum weight limit of the stroller is 55 lbs. This is quite impressive for such a light stroller. You will be able to use this stroller until your child is about 7 – 8 years old.

Mountain Buggy Nano can be suitable for newborns when used with an infant car seat. However, without an infant car seat, the minimum baby age for using the stroller is 6 months old. The maximum weight limit is lower, which is 44 lbs. This is quite low, but not surprising considering the light nature of the frame. Nevertheless, you should be able to continue using the stroller until your child is about 5 – 6 years old.

Seat Recline
One notable difference between GB Pockit vs Mountain Buggy Nano is the seat recline. Some people prefer a stroller that has a reclining seat in order to allow the child passenger to nap or lean back comfortably.

GB Pockit does not have a reclining seat. You can’t change the angle of the back. This can be a slight issue, even though you can slide the back panel to adjust the torso length. Fortunately, the seat is not too upright, and most children find it quite comfortable.

Mountain Buggy Nano has a reclining seat, which is really great. You can make it lie flat for a newborn by using the carrycot and the accessory. In addition, the back of the seat can be reclined up to 130 degrees. So, you can adjust the seat to provide the best comfort to the child. You can lower the back to allow the child passenger to sleep comfortably.

Other Features
GB Pockit is equipped with an overhead canopy. However, this canopy is rather small. It only provides a small shade to reduce some sunlight. It does not really protect the child from rain or wind. Under the seat, you can find a spacious storage basket where you can put various items, such as your baby’s diaper bag and milk bottles. The storage basket is easy to access from any side.

From the rear side, you can access the parking brake and the front wheel lock. The handlebar is padded, so you can hold it and steer the stroller comfortably without hurting your palms. Keep in mind that the brake is not really designed for stopping the stroller from a high speed. The brake is only for keeping the stroller in place. The front wheel lock is quite useful when you need enhanced stability to move in a straight direction.

Mountain Buggy Nano comes with a larger canopy. It provides a wider shade, and it covers the child passenger quite well. It is still not really useful for shielding against rain and wind, but at least the shade is better. A large storage basket is also available under the seat, easily accessible from all sides.

This stroller has a foot-operated brake. It is quite handy for controlling the stroller’s speed. However, some users complain that the foot pedal can get stepped on accidentally. There is a front wheel lock as well, which is useful for maintaining the stability of the stroller when moving forward.

Maneuverability and Performance
GB Pockit generally has good performance. The best thing about this stroller is the nimble design and maneuverability. Thanks to the slim and nimble body, the stroller can easily pass through all doors. It can glide through store aisles without any difficulty. This is really nice.

The stroller is quite easy to move. The wheels work smoothly. Steering the stroller is sometimes a bit difficult, especially when turning around in a tight space, but still manageable. However, the forward motion is stable, especially if you lock the front wheels.

Mountain Buggy Nano also has good performance. It is fairly slim. It can move through most doors, although there are some narrow doors that it can’t pass. Nevertheless, it is still an easy stroller to work with when shopping through store aisles.

The wheels work impressively. They can turn around smoothly without any slipping. The stability is really good. The stroller does not feel flimsy at all. The forward motion is quite consistent, so you don’t really need to lock the front wheels.

Color Choices
Some parents may have some particular colors that they prefer. Although it is nothing technical, the color of the stroller can also be a deciding factor. So, let’s see what color options that are available on GB Pockit and Mountain Buggy Nano.

GB Pockit has four color options at the moment. There are Monument Black, Sea Port Blue, Capri Blue, and Posh Pink. Those options can suit a wide range of styles and preferences. They are suitable for boys and girls.

Mountain Buggy Nano has more color options. So, it can be great if you want a stroller with a unique appearance. There are plain colors such as Black, Nautica, Ruby, and Silver – these models simply have different hood colors, while the seats and frames are still black.

There is also Multi, which features a beautiful drawing on the hood. It is elegant and stylish. And there are special editions that are designed for Chinese New Year events, such as Year of the Rooster, Year of the Dog, and Year of the Pig. All these options should give you enough freedom in choosing the best-looking stroller for your child.

GB Pockit vs Mountain Buggy Nano

NameGB PockitMountain Buggy Nano
Features- from 6 months up to about 4 years Not just compact closure ultralight easy recline travel system ready - 2-in-1 TRAVEL SYSTEM: With a gb or CYBEX car seat the Pockit+ turn s into a 2-in-1 travel system, suitable from birth - These attach easily thanks to separately available Adapters - ADJUSTABLE SEATBACK : A comfortable, multi-adjustable backrest meets the needs of every child - From upright to reclined positions, the recline strap at the back of the seat unit allows for easy, customized adjustment of the seat angle.- Infant car seat ready ; no need to purchase additional adapters and now has a soft shell cocoon carrycot available (sold separately) for newborns - New, narrower compact size at just Dimension - 12 x 22 x 20 inches (Folded) with 44 lb. weight capacity and suitable for children up to 4 years - Easy two-step, compact fold meets regulations for airline carryon luggage. Travel bag and shoulder strap included

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In general, Mountain Buggy Nano is more recommended. It has better features. The seat has an adjustable recline mechanism, and it can also work with an infant car seat to accommodate a newborn. It has a higher weight limit. The stroller is equipped with a foot-operated brake and front wheel lock. The maneuverability and stability are great.

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