Graco Breaze vs Chicco Liteway Plus

If you need a stroller that can also serve as an infant car seat carrier, you may be interested in Graco Breaze vs Chicco Liteway Plus. Both of these strollers are compatible with certain infant car seats, so they can make practical travel systems. So, which one is better? Read the comparison to find out the answer!

What we will discuss in this article include:
– The size and weight of each stroller
– The weight capacity and build quality of each stroller
– Which model that is generally more portable and easier to use
– The performance of Graco Breaze vs Chicco Liteway Plus
– Which stroller that is generally better and more recommended

Graco Breaze: Design and Features
We’ll start with Graco Breaze. We discussed this stroller in a previous article, Chicco Liteway vs Graco Breaze. This is a lightweight and foldable stroller that has been designed for traveling needs and purposes. It can also hold a compatible Graco Click Connect infant car seat to form a travel system. Many people love this stroller because of the practicality and good overall performance.

Graco Breaze measures 20 inches wide, 27.5 inches deep, and 40 inches tall. It has a weight of about 17.75 pounds. The slim design will make the stroller easy to maneuver. It is not really the lightest model in the market – there are far lighter alternatives available. However, the weight is still manageable. And the heavier body is mostly caused by the thicker, more durable frame and fabrics.

The frame is made from lightweight, durable aluminum. The stroller has a maximum weight capacity of 50 lbs, so it should be able to hold your baby until he or she reaches the toddler age. The stroller has four rear wheels, two on each side, and two swiveling front wheels. You can lock the front wheels for extra stability when moving on a bumpy or uneven surface. On the rear, there is a foot pedal for controlling the brake.

There are three color options. First, the Pierce variant comes with black fabrics and a metallic frame. Second, Piaza has light gray and green fabrics, also with a metallic frame. Third, Lake Green features dark gray and green fabrics with a black frame.

The seat of Graco Breaze has an adjustable five-point harness system with padded straps for the child’s comfort. There is also a calf support. The canopy on the top is quite large and solid, and is given UV50 protection. There is a peek-a-boo window on the canopy. Meanwhile, parents will appreciate the extra-large storage basket under the seat and the removable cup holder on the handlebar.

Graco Breaze: Ease of Use
When you open the box, you will find that Graco Breaze requires some manual assembly for a few parts, such as the wheels. Fortunately, the process is actually quite straightforward. The included instructions are clear and easy to follow. The whole process can be completed without requiring any additional tool.

Both Graco Breaze vs Chicco Liteway Plus are foldable strollers. However, are they easy to fold and unfold? In the case of Graco Breaze, it is definitely quite easy to use. It has a one-hand fold mechanism. In order to collapse the stroller into a compact package, you only need to flick a hand lever. There is an automatic lock that will immediately secure the package. Just keep in mind that the stroller does not stand on its own.

The folded stroller is equipped with a carry handle for easy portability. The unfolding process is actually also quite easy, but this time you need to use two hands. This may be a problem if you are holding your child. You will need to put down your child in a safe place temporarily in order to spread the stroller apart, back into the full form.

The harness system is also easy to use. You can use a three-point system or five-point system as needed. The buckles are easy to attach and detach, yet the fit feels snug and secure. The seat can be reclined easily using a single hand.

Graco Breaze can be a very practical travel system when used with a Graco Click Connect car seat. The huge advantage is that you don’t need any adapter in order to place the car seat. It will click into the place in a secure manner. You won’t need to spend much time in order to get the car seat on and off the stroller.

Graco Breaze: Performance
In terms of performance, Graco Breaze vs Chicco Liteway Plus have a few notable differences. One of them is the all-wheel suspension system of Graco Breaze. Every wheel of the stroller is connected to the suspension system to reduce road bumps and vibration. As the effect, the stroller is able to tackle not only smooth terrains, but also some of the harsher, more difficult terrain conditions such as grass, gravels, and cobblestones. The stroller won’t vibrate much and remain comfortable.

That said, you still need to avoid extreme off-road surfaces. While Graco Breaze is suitable for strolling in a park and city use, it is not really intended for challenging terrains.

Graco Breaze is very easy to steer, thanks to the slim design. It can easily navigate through narrow corridors and store aisles. It can also pass through most doors and lifts easily. Turning is not a problem. The stability of the stroller is very good. When you are moving forward, the wheels will follow the direction instead of twisting around, which is often the case with cheaper strollers.

Chicco Liteway Plus: Design and Features
Let’s now continue with Chicco Liteway Plus. If you have read our previous article about its sibling, Chicco Liteway, you are probably wondering what the differences are between the two models. In essence, Chicco Liteway Plus is better because it has a higher weight capacity and is able to serve as an infant car seat carrier.

Chicco Liteway Plus measures 19 inches wide, 35 inches long, and 40 inches tall. It has a weight of about 19 pounds. Compared to Graco Breaze, this stroller is indeed quite larger, even though it is actually slimmer. It is also a little bit heavier.

Chicco Liteway Plus also features a durable aluminum frame. It has a maximum weight capacity of 50 lbs. It can be folded into a relatively flat package for easy carrying when it is not in use. This stroller also features a dual-wheel design with four rear wheels and two swiveling, lockable front wheels. The brake system is controlled by two foot pedals on the rear.

The seat has five recline positions to provide a comfortable napping position for the child. You can adjust the recline position with one hand. There is also an adjustable footrest to enhance the comfort of the child. The canopy is adjustable and removable, and is also equipped with a peek-a-boo window.

Chicco Liteway Plus can be adapted into a travel system. It is compatible with Chicco KeyFit car seats. In order to place the car seat on the stroller, you need to detach the canopy and fold the seat.

Chicco Liteway Plus: Ease of Use
Chicco Liteway Plus also requires some manual assembly when it first arrives. There is a user manual included to guide you through the process. It may be a bit confusing, but you can get the job done with enough patience. Both Graco Breaze vs Chicco Liteway Plus are easy to fold and unfold. In the case of Chicco Liteway Plus, this stroller can be folded with a single hand.

The five-point harness system is easy to use. You can attach and detach the buckles easily. The straps are padded for the child’s comfort. Adjusting the footrest and the seat position is also simple and quick.

However, the canopy is a bit annoying because it is not fully integrated to the rest of the stroller. It often feels flimsy, especially when there is a heavy wind. There seems to be no way to make the canopy sturdier in place.

The process of attaching and detaching a Chicco KeyFit car seat to and from the stroller is fairly easy. However, you need to spend some time and effort, as you need to remove the canopy and change the seat position before you can put the car seat on the stroller.

Chicco Liteway Plus: Performance
The overall performance of Chicco Liteway Plus is fairly good. It has a rear-wheel suspension system that can help to reduce road bumps. However, the front wheels do not have any suspension system, so some vibration will still come from the front direction. Still, the stability is good, even when running on some grass or gravels.

The stroller is also easy to steer. You won’t find any problem when strolling on a smooth and even surface. Maneuvering through doors and store aisles is also a piece of cake, thanks to the slim design of the stroller. When you need to go over a slightly harsher terrain, you can lock the front wheels to enhance the stability and steering.

Graco Breaze vs Chicco Liteway Plus

- Holds a children up to 50 pound for years of comfortable strolling
- Deluxe padded seat with a multi-position, flat recline for a comfy ride
- Extra-large canopy with a visor extension and peek-a-boo window plus UV 50+ protection
- Exclusive one-hand fold makes this the easiest folding umbrella stroller
- 2 in 1 Stroller and KeyFit car seat carrier to get baby from A to B in safety and style
- Seat folds forward to accommodate a KeyFit infant car seat (not included)
- 5 position seat recline with one hand adjustment
- Features an adjustable, removable canopy with peek a boo window

Both models here are good strollers. That said, Graco Breaze is generally more recommended. It is generally easier to use. You can fit a car seat onto the stroller quickly, without the need of an adapter. It is also easy to fold and unfold. The overall performance is great. It doesn’t vibrate much, thanks to the all-wheel suspension system.

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