Graco Classic Connect vs Click Connect

For a new parent, a stroller only is not enough to carry your baby around because when they are still too young, you will need an infant car seat that can be attach in your car seat system or stroller frame. Two good options out there you can pick when it comes to car seat are Graco Classic Connect vs Click Connect. If you also interested in them, go check our article below to see which car seat will fit your preference the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Graco Classic Connect and Click Connect
– What Graco Classic Connect and Click Connect Look Like
– What Graco Classic Connect and Click Connect can offer to you
– Graco Classic Connect vs Click Connect

Infant Car Seat
Before we can carry our baby around with a stroller, we will need to purchase an infant car seat first because they can’t use the toddler seat yet when they can’t support the neck and head by themselves. An infant car seat is also crucial to have in your car when you have a baby because it is the essential of your child safety system, to protect them when there is an accident or crash. Even when you are traveling with public transportation, an infant car seat is still just as important.

Infant car seat may look the same but just like with everything else, they are coming with some different features to help you use the seat or ease the process of installation since we know that inexperienced users will definitely need a few try and a good reading into both car seat information book and the infant seat manual. Depend on the model, some car and infant car seat may need less or more effort to pair up so make sure to ask professional if you don’t find the answer of your problem.

Different user may have their own main features of a specific reason to pick the car seat that match their preference but the thing people usually consider when looking for an infant car seat are of course the safety side of the seat since it is the main purpose of the unit and the second is how easy to install the seat. Some good and popular seat offer easier installation while some may need more effort or work to complete.

There are so many manufacturers or brands in the market offering various models of their infant car seat but not all of them are dependable or provide you with a good product that can both protect your baby and keeping the installation less confusing. Most stroller brands are designing and creating infant car seat as well and if you are interested in travel system set, they also offer many package that combined both stroller and the car seat so you don’t have to make another purchase.

About Graco Classic Connect and Click Connect
Among those many brands out there, we are sure you already familiar with Graco because their stroller is among the best out there and just like what we said before, this company is among those who offer both stroller and infant car seat in their catalogue. They have a huge collection but two of the most popular are the Classic Connect and Click Connect infant car seat. Both of them are very similar to each other and related as well which is why you can find the same features in both seats.

These both models have been around for quite some time now and the company already upgrade the models since its initial release to offer better performance. They still produce the Click Connect seat but the Classic seat is no longer produced or discontinued by the company. However, if you like the seat, you can try finding them in online shopping platform like Amazon.

Graco Classic Connect and Click Connect Design
As you can see from the picture, both seats are very similar to each other and in about the same dimension. However, they are quite different on overall design because Classic have lining on the seat and in a glance, the room inside look a little bit narrower compare to Click Connect. They are featured with handle to help you carry the seat around when not installed in a car or stroller with a pretty light weight at 7.5 pounds.

Another difference from the design is the canopy because Classic’s canopy is lower to the seat while the other offer a higher canopy from the seat even though they used the same 2-panel canopy that can be adjusted as you need. Coming with the seat, you will get a base in the package to make sure you can install the seat in your car easier. Read also: Graco Snugride 30 vs 35 here.

Graco Classic Connect and Click Connect Features
The first thing you may want to consider when looking for an infant car seat is whether they are safe enough or meet the standard required by government. All the seats in the market are made to meet such standard and only able to be marketed after being tested, so you don’t have to worry about safety as long as you purchase from a well-known manufacturer like Graco. However, just like everything else there are some of them that can outperform the rest when tested.

In this part, both of Graco Classic Connect and Click Connect are fulfilling the requirement and provide a proper protection for your baby but comparing the two, Click Connect have a slightly higher result which means this seat have a little bit extra margin over above the Federal safety requirements. They equally have side impact protection which is how the harness able to retain baby in the event of impact collision but there is no standard requirement for this feature yet.

After we know that the seat will provide a proper protection for your baby, the second thing you should consider when purchasing an infant car seat is how easy it is to install them in your car seat system. LATCH system is an alternative to belt system which should be able to promote easier installation but both seats seems not to be designed well enough to make the process easier because Classic Connect and Click Connect anchors is among the harder to use clip version as opposed to belt style variety.

What makes it hard to attach is because these clips can be difficult to attach to the anchor on vehicle when we can’t see the LATCH points while the detaching will be harder since you need to twist them to the side if the padding on the seat is dense thus, you can’t have enough room to turn them. This problem will occur if you have the kind of vehicle LATCH that are hard to reach or see or located deep into the cushion while if you have the opposite, these seats will be far easier to install.

After you attach the clip, the tightening process follow and to properly do it you will probably need to use knee or foot on the base and once it is tight, undoing the installation will also going to need extra energy. The other method is installing with belt and it is weird that somehow both of Graco Classic Connect and Click Connect are easier to install using this method because most other seats are the opposite.

You can either use lap belt or shoulder/lap combination belt and if you need to choose, the lap belt option is better than the other method. However, when tested, none of these options is able to keep the seat in place firmly. Just like other seats, you can install them without the base and this is probably what you are going to use if you prefer to spend less energy with the base installation and use a public transportation instead of private car.

However, it still depend on the user whether they will love this method or not because both seats use American belt pat with no color coding and the threading is fairly easy as well though the tightening will still require more energy. Depend on the car where you install these seats, you will probably need a towel or two to get the proper installation.

On the seat, what makes Graco Click Connect special is this model have a knob in the base front part which is used to adjust the recline foot up and down and it is also has color-coded guide to help you find the right adjustment depend on your baby’s age/size. This feature is quite unique and not all seats out there have, even the Classic Connect don’t have this function. In ease of use, both seats have the same harness and the middle button falls into the harder side making it not suitable with single hand operation.

Now, let’s compare Graco Classic Connect with Click Connect. As you may already know, both of them are very similar to each other and the only prominent difference between these two infant car seats is only the adjustable recline foot which is available in Click Connect model.

Graco Classic Connect vs Click Connect

NameGraco Classic ConnectGraco Click Connect
Features- Snugride classic connect 30 infant car seat, in metropolis, helps protect rear-facing infants from 4 - 30 pounds and up to 30 " - Top rated by leading consumer magazines and publications - Rigorously crash tested to meet or exceed U.S. Safety Standards- Ultra-lightweight infant car seat is easy to transport from the car to the stroller and everywhere in between - Rear-facing newborn car seat helps protect infants from 4 - 35 pounds; and up to 32", making it an excellent first car seat for baby

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are a good option and you can go with either of them but if you are looking for the better among these two, we are going to recommend you to pick Graco Click Connect Infant Car Seat because it provide a slightly better protection and a function to adjust the recline foot.

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