Graco Ready2Grow vs RoomFor2

Graco Ready2Grow and Graco RoomFor2 are double strollers from the same company that have high weight capacity. Both strollers will remain usable for a long time. So, between Graco Ready2Grow vs Graco RoomFor2, which one is better? We’ll see the comparison of their features, ease of use, and performance to find out which one that is better for the money.

What we will discuss below include:
– The design of each model and its dimensions
– Which stroller that is more portable and easier to use
– What infant car seats that are compatible with each stroller
– The seat and storage features of each stroller
– The performance of Graco Ready2Grow vs RoomFor2
– Which model that is more recommended for the money

Even though it’s been said that both Graco Ready2Grow and Graco RoomFor2 are double strollers, they actually have very different designs. Depending on your need and your children’s ages, either Graco Ready2Grow or Graco RoomFor2 will be more suitable for you. See also: Graco Modes Duo vs Ready2Grow.

Graco Ready2Grow can be a very versatile stroller because it comes with a front seat and a rear seat. So, it can take two children of a similar age simultaneously. However, the rear seat is removable, and you can just use the standing platform if one child has become much bigger and taller than the other. The standing platform is paired with a bench seat.

However, it is also quite big, bulky, and heavy. Graco Ready2Grow measures 42 inches deep, 23.5 inches wide, and 45 inches tall. It has a weight of almost 33 lbs. As the effect, it will require extra effort to maneuver. When you want to turn, make sure to prepare ahead from a distance. It is pretty wide; it should be able to pass most doors, but it won’t be able to pass narrow interior doors.

Graco RoomFor2 is designed for two children of different ages. It only has one seat on the front, which is designed for the younger child. It does not have a rear seat. Instead, it has a standing platform with a bench seat on the rear for the older child. This stroller is not really suitable for children with a very short age difference or twins.

The advantage of Graco RoomFor2 is that it is quite slimmer and nimbler than the other model here. It measures 34.6 inches deep, 20.9 inches wide, and 40 inches tall. It has a weight of about 27.2 lbs. It still requires extra care and effort in order to turn – this is the case with almost all double strollers – but it is more manageable than Graco Ready2Grow, and it can pass most doors easily.

Now, let’s compare the portability of Graco Ready2Grow vs RoomFor2. Both strollers are foldable. However, Graco Ready2Grow is still quite bulky even after it is folded. Graco RoomFor2 is quite more portable.

When folded, Graco Ready2Grow measures 21 inches deep, 23.5 inches wide, and 52.5 inches tall. This stroller won’t be able to fit inside the trunk of a small city car. Fortunately, it can fit inside a mid-size car, although it will eat up nearly all of the trunk space. Putting it into a SUV or truck should be relatively easy. That said, the big and heavy piece is not very practical to bring around.

When folded, Graco RoomFor2 measures 15 inches deep, 21.5 inches wide, and 37 inches tall. It is a lot more space-friendly. This stroller is an ideal choice if you need a double stroller that you can put inside a small car. It can easily get into most cars. It is quite more compact and lightweight, so it is easier to carry around.

Both models have been designed to allow easy one-handed folding. However, Graco Ready2Grow can stand by itself, which is a very convenient thing. Graco RoomFor2 is not self-standing, so the folding process is a bit more difficult and awkward.

Nevertheless, the process on both strollers is quite similar. After collapsing the top portion of the stroller, you will need to lift up the bottom portion. You do this by bending down if you just want to use a single hand. Alternatively, you don’t need to bend down if you use two hands to squeeze the top and bottom portions together.

Finally, there is an automated lock that will keep the stroller in the flat form. In order to unfold the stroller, you just need to release the lock and spread the top and bottom portions apart. It is simple and easy.

Car Seat Compatibility
The next difference between Graco Ready2Grow vs RoomFor2 is the car seat compatibility. This is an important thing to consider if you want to use your stroller for newborns.

Graco Ready2Grow can hold two infant car seats simultaneously on the front and rear seats. It is great for twins. It can be used for newborns as long as you are using the suitable infant car seats. It is compatible with most GracoSnugRide Click Connect infant car seats.

Graco RoomFor2, on the other hand, is only able to hold one infant car seat at a time on the front seat. It can’t hold another car seat on the rear. So, it is not suitable for twins. Nevertheless, if the front seat is used with a suitable infant car seat, it is suitable for carrying a newborn. It is compatible with all GracoSnugRide Classic Connect and GracoSnugRide Click Connect infant car seats.

Seat Features
Graco Ready2Grow has a child’s tray with two cup holders and a small compartment on the front seat. However, the cup holders and small compartment are rather shallow, so they aren’t very good for keeping tall objects in place. The child’s tray is removable to allow the child to get in and out easily.

Both the front and rear seats are equipped with an adaptable 3-point or 5-point harness system to keep the passenger safe and comfortable in place. The front seat has a maximum weight capacity of 50 lbs. The rear seat has a maximum weight capacity of 40 lbs, but the bench seat and standing platform can also hold a maximum weight of 50 lbs.

Both the front and rear seats have a canopy to protect your children from harsh sunlight. However, the open-back design means that it won’t protect the passengers from wind and rain. The canopy on the rear is attached to the seat, so there is no rear canopy if you remove the seat.

Graco RoomFor2 also comes with a child’s tray that has two cup holders and a compartment on the front seat. You can remove the child’s tray in order to allow the child to get in and out easily. In addition, you need to remove the child’s tray in order to install an infant car seat.

This stroller also has a convertible 3-point or 5-point harness system on the front seat to adapt to the need of the growing child. The rear bench is even equipped with a 3-point harness system. Each seat here has a maximum weight limit of 50 lbs. Only the front seat has a canopy. The rear bench doesn’t have a canopy.

The next difference between Graco Ready2Grow vs RoomFor2 is the storage capacity. Graco Ready2Grow has a much larger storage space. Graco RoomFor2 has a storage basket, but it is significantly smaller.

Graco Ready2Grow comes with an extra-large storage basket underneath the seats. It has enough capacity to accommodate a big diaper bag, a light jacket, and a purse or handbag. In addition, there is a parent’s tray that is quite useful for storing small items, although the cup holders are also shallow.

Unfortunately, the storage is somewhat difficult to access. You need to remove the rear bench seat in order to reach the items in the basket.

Graco RoomFor2 has a storage basket which measures 18 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 6 inches deep. It is not as large as the one on Graco Ready2Grow, but still useful. It is sufficient for a diaper bag and a purse. The stroller also has a parent’s tray for storing small items. The storage basket can be easily accessed from the sides.

Both strollers here are designed for city use. In general, both models are able to glide smoothly without any problem over smooth floors and well paved roads. However, they will vibrate a lot when going over a rough or cracked road. They won’t be able to go over gravels.

Graco Ready2Grow will take some effort to steer due to the bulky and heavy body. The swiveling front wheels definitely help, but you still need to prepare from a distance before actually turning. You need to be careful when both of the seats are upright, as the stroller can get too unstable if you are moving too fast when turning.

Graco RoomFor2 is relatively easier to steer. It is nimbler and lighter. You still need to be careful when turning. You still need to prepare ahead of time, especially if the standing children is quite heavy. But it doesn’t require as much effort to turn.

Graco Ready2Grow vs RoomFor2

NameGraco Ready2GrowGraco RoomFor2
Features- Removable face-time rear seat forinteraction with baby; The 1-hand fold with an automatic lock, large storage basket, and snack trays offer convenience, while the front swivel wheels allow for easy maneuverability- Holds 2 children up to 50 lb each - Stroller accepts all Graco SnugRide Classic Connect & Click Connect Infant Car Seats - Padded bench seat so child can sit or stand on platform

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In general, Graco RoomFor2 is more recommended. It is suitable for most parents with two children of different ages. It is more portable and relatively easier to steer. The storage basket is also easier to access. However, if you have twins, Graco Ready2Grow should be your choice.

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