Joovy Caboose vs Baby Trend Sit n Stand

Strollers are designed to ease parents when going out with their little one, especially parents with more than one small child to take care of. For those who are going out with two siblings, Joovy Caboose Vs Baby Trend Sit N Stand are ideal options to consider. Best thing about these strollers is that both children can benefit from their sturdy frame yet, they are not exactly the same as well and before deciding the option, let’s see below about what you can get from the two.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Which Dual System Stroller to Choose
  • What are Joovy Caboose and Baby Trend Sit N Stand
  • How are the Design of Joovy Caboose and Baby Trend Sit N Stand
  • How are the Canopy in Joovy Caboose and Baby Trend Sit N Stand
  • How are the Passenger Seat in Joovy Caboose and Baby Trend Sit N Stand
  • How are the Experience with Joovy Caboose and Baby Trend Sit N Stand
  • Joovy Caboose Vs Baby Trend Sit N Stand

Tandem Stroller and Double Stroller

Even with one child parents have to spend more energy when going out since now we are responsible for another human being, moreover, if parents also have more than one of them whether they are twins or close age siblings. Big brother or sister can help mom or dad push their little sibling’s stroller while going out but how if they are still sitting on their own as well? If so then a double stroller or a tandem stroller will be a great idea.

Double strollers such as Bumbleride Indie Twin Vs BOB Duallie and tandem strollers are suitable for parents with close in age little siblings but they are not for the same family as well so you may be better with one of them.

Tandem Strollers

As the name suggests, they are capable of carrying two passengers at the same time or work in tandem with two seats on one frame. The example is UPPAbaby Vista which you can add another seat on the frame for the little sibling. The best thing about tandem strollers is that they will be narrower than a typical twin or double stroller which means walking or strolling with them will be easier, especially if you will need to get in and out of a building through a door.

The width also affects how they fold because usually a double stroller will fold wider as well since they can only reduce the height. If you are living in a crowded city or often going to the mall, a tandem stroller is a great companion, moreover with their typically wide range of configuration as well as versatile even as a single stroller.

Double/Twin Strollers

When it comes to double strollers, our main favorite aspect is the seats will have the same weight limit which means any kids can sit on any seat. The individual settings are identical for both seats so they will be able to be reclined and there is ample room for their feet, perfect for same age siblings who are growing together. In some tandem strollers, one of the seats is not featured with a canopy but you don’t have to worry about it on the twin variant.

 Joovy CabooseBaby Trend Sit n Stand
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions36.25 x 19.5 x 10 inches
49 x 21.5 x 43 inches
Item Weight35.2 pounds
50 Pounds

On the folding part, while they are not the most compact to work with, most twin or double strollers tend to have a very simple folding mechanism that halves the stroller’s frame and requires the parents to only pull a single lever to collapse the whole unit. Unlike some tandem strollers, with this setup you can always mount two infant car seats as well.

About Joovy Caboose and Baby Trend Sit N Stand

Now when you already decide about which stroller will be perfect for the family, it is time to see what the market has to offer since there are plenty of them out there and if you are here then we assume a tandem stroller will be more suitable. Tandem strollers are popular among parents with children at different ages and in many cases the older sibling is quite older than their baby sister/brother but not old enough to exceed the typical stroller’s seat weight limit.

Depending on the family’s preference when going out, the tandem stroller can have two seats or just one seat and a standing panel. Among those, Joovy and Baby Trend are two famous brands with many popular tandem strollers in the catalog to consider. They can be used by one or two passengers at once but, based on the model you will choose, the type of riding experience may differ for both siblings so we highly recommend asking your kids about how they want to use the stroller as well.

If the older siblings prefer to combine walking and using the stroller when they want or also being old enough to walk on their own, the Joovy Caboose and Baby Trend Sit N Stand will be two compatible options to add in your gear collection. The two are coming with the same capabilities to be sturdy enough to carry two passengers at once and the systems are pretty much the same to each other as well that should be good to accommodate one young and one older sibling.

What slightly different between Joovy Caboose and Baby Trend Sit N Stand in our opinion is the ability of Baby Trend to accept more infant car seats on the frame but, we don’t think the stroller is perfect for twins or same age siblings since we have to scarify one of their comfort because there is only one seat on the unit as they grow up. But, for different age siblings, you can go amazing with either Joovy Caboose or Baby Trend Sit N Stand.

Joovy Caboose and Baby Trend Sit N Stand Design

Before checking what the strollers can offer, let’s first see how they look. The two are not essentially pretty in comparison to most single or modular systems out there but they are decent for typical everyday use. We are not a huge fan of their frame and material but the material seems sturdy and should be able to hold quite a weight with Caboose Stand On at 90 lbs. in total half for each seat at the front and back.

The Baby Trend is also about the same but slightly higher at 100 lbs. with the rear seat or platform can hold up to 60 lbs. As for the overall strollers’ weight, the two seem to be about the same around 26-28 lbs. without the infant car seat. As you can see, the two use a total of 6 wheels with the front part all doubled to hold the weight and a pair of slightly larger wheels.

Joovy Caboose and Baby Trend Sit N Stand Canopy

Moving to the most important part, starting from the canopy, when using these Joovy Caboose and Baby Trend Sit N Stand tandem strollers, we have to make scarifying for the rear seat because there is only one small canopy meant for the front seat. These strollers’ canopies can be removed from the seat to help provide more room for the car seat but compared to regular strollers, they are too small to provide a more decent shade from the sun rays.

Joovy Caboose and Baby Trend Sit N Stand Passenger Seat

Next we want to talk about the seat which is also very limited in space and when it comes to comfort, we argue that they can be as comfy as a twin stroller for example. This is because if both strollers are used by two passengers then it means the front seat can’t be reclined for better comfort and the back seat also doesn’t have a canopy or reclining function for the older sibling to take a nap or just rest their body.

What’s prominently different between Joovy Caboose and Baby Trend Sit N Stand is the type of setup because Baby Trend can accept two car seats on the same frame which means it can be used by newborn twins at the beginning of their life stage. The Caboose can only receive one seat, placed at the top of the front seat while the older sibling will have to use the rear seat but with Baby Trend, the older sibling can use the front seat while their infant sister/brother is placed in the car seat behind them.

Joovy Caboose and Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ease of Use

Lastly about their ease of use, these strollers are featured with front wheel suspension which should be enough for a more forgiving terrain and these two are not made for jogging so any flat and smooth surface are no problem. The folding mechanism is also easy, in fact probably very easy for their large and bulky form factor. The two have a trigger that when pressed will collapse the frame and fold the strollers instantly. Unfortunately, none of them can stand on their own after folding so we need to put them against something.

Joovy Caboose vs Baby Trend Sit n Stand

Both strollers are easy to use and ideal for parents with two small children who still want to use their strollers. The prominent difference in our opinion is only the way Baby Trend can accept two car seats on the frame which somehow useful if you have twins despite the stroller itself not made for the same age siblings from newborn to grow together. The suspension is better in Baby Trend as well when they absorb impact for a smoother ride.

Another useful feature we want to mention is the children tray on Baby Trend can be attached at the back and the two cup holders can be installed at the front or back seat as needed. But, for the footrest area we prefer the space available on the Caboose stroller.

- The lightest weight, most compact, and maneuverable double stroller available allows your older child to sit and stand on the rear platform or bench seat. 22 pounds
- 2 year warranty is 4 times longer than the baby trend sit and stand warranty and 2 times longer than the Graco ready2 grow warranty - Satisfaction guaranteed. Features three point harness in rear bench seat
- Includes parent organizer and a universal car seat adapter that fits most major brands. Check the Joovy website for the most recent list. Never allow a rear seated child to use the canopy as a hand hold
- New rear seat canopy extension protects the rear seated child. Also compatible with the Caboose Rear Seat that adds a full size, forward facing rear seat (if your older child is still too young to stand)
- Accommodates up to 2 children sitting in stroller seats, up to 2 in infant car seats,(sold separately) or one sitting and one standing
- Stroller allows your older child to stand on the rear platform or sit on the rear seat. Features two removable cup holders
- Accepts one or two infant car seats (sold separately) and accommodates all Baby Trend - Infant Car Seats and select models from other brands to create a travel system
- Stroller accommodates 2 children up to 50 pounds each. Front/Back Seat: Sit upright unassisted ~ 50 lbs or 40 Inch. Jump Seat: 2 1/2 years ~ 50 lbs


The two are simple solutions for a growing family and they can provide the same convenience as well but, personally we will recommend the Baby Trend Sit N Stand because the experience with this stroller is better and is also richer in features.

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