Joovy Caboose VS Ultralight

A stroller is one essential thing that needs to get whenever you want to take your baby traveling around. However, there too many brands in the market offer various kind of features. This makes parents sometimes struggling to select the best stroller for their lovely one. Including when need to compare between Joovy Caboose VS Ultralight. For those in the middle of selecting between these two products, it is recommended to read the following explanation first.

About Joovy

First of all, you need to get preliminary information about Joovy. So that you can figure out whether this is a suitable brand for your lovely baby or not. Joovy is an American company located in Dallas. The brand focus to deliver various family gear product with premium features. Therefore, the quality and performance of the brand will not question anymore.

Joovy offers many products such as a play yard, feeding set, toys, and including a stroller. It also has various types of stroller that will suit each child according to specific needs and purpose. Therefore, it is important to check which stroller will fit your baby and which one is aligned with your needs. Otherwise, you will end up with an un-useful product to buy.

 Joovy CabooseJoovy Ultralight
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Product Dimensions37 x 21.5 x 41.5 inches25.6 x 23.6 x 46.5 inches
Item Weight28 pounds22 pounds

This is also applying when you selecting between Joovy Caboose VS Ultralight. Both are recommended and guarantee better and comfortable use. However, they are not exactly similar. For more information on the features and other information, check the following description.

Joovy Caboose Features

Starting with Joovy Caboose that provides tandem stroller for more than one baby. This is suitable for those that have children of similar ages or even twins. So that you wouldn’t feel worried to take both of your babies traveling around since the stroller will fit for two.

That is why Joovy Caboose is one of the recommended strollers for those looking for a tandem stroller. Not to mention that this product also has very nice features such as listed in the following:

  • The product has been including an infant car seat adapter that will benefit to use for newborns. Therefore, this stroller can fit from newborn up to toddler.
  • This stroller also featuring 3-way reclining seats that can benefit naps. Therefore, whenever your baby feels exhausting and needs to take a nap, it can change into a comfortable way to help with this need.
  • Another feature that you can find in this stroller is that it includes a rear bench and standing platform. Plus, it has an optional rear-seat too.
  • One of the interesting things that you can find with this product is that this stroller brings a capacity of a double. Even better, it guarantees without the bulk. Therefore, even you take two babies with you in this stroller, it still compact and slim enough to carry.
  • This stroller can carry up to 90lbs capacity. So that it will strong enough to carry two children at one time.
  • Another interesting feature is that this stroller can have a double safe seat for two babies at once. Either front-facing or back-facing, both will fit and give enough space for two children while using. This makes your children comfortable enough while traveling together with this stroller.

Joovy Ultralight Features

The next stroller that needs to consider is Joovy Ultralight. This is an excellent extra light stroller that can help you to take the stroller anywhere without worry about the weight. Therefore, it is a suitable selection for those parents that prefer ultra-lightweight stroller. Furthermore, this product also completes with the following features:

  • This stroller will fit newborns and kids up to 55 lbs. Therefore, it has a long timing to use for your baby from born to grow up.
  • It completes with a standing umbrella fold which able to keeps it off the ground.
  • Provided with a comfortable adjustable leg rest that can make your children not feel tired even be in the stroller for a day.
  • It also provides an extra-large canopy that gives full protection for the child. Mainly during the hot sunny day, it gives perfect protection from the sunshine.
  • The stroller also completes with kid-accessible mesh pockets. Therefore, parents can put the various thing in this pocket. Not to mention the zippered parent pocket for valuables such as wallet or cellphone.
  • The material is made of water and stain-resistant fabric. Therefore, it is easy to clean and dry when needed.
  • It includes two cup holders that can help parents to put any snack and bottle for the baby. Therefore, no need to bring too many bags for baby bottles.
  • Completes with an easy carry strap that can ease the parents to bring the stroller when folded up. With only 15lbs weight, it is light enough to carry on with this strap.

The Price

Joovy normally delivers a product that has an affordable price. The same way with Joovy Caboose and Joovy Ultralight. Both are not too expensive and reachable by many parents. According to the official webpage, Joovy Caboose is selling at $140 only. While if you prefer to get Joovy Ultralight, it will cost you $150. This makes both in a similar range of price but once again with some different features to count on.

Joovy Caboose VS Ultralight

- TANDEM stroller with space for 2 children
-Forward-facing front seat with rear car seat adaptability
- Foot Back platform and bench for older siblings
- For children 3 months and up to 45 kg per seat or 90 kg; in general
- TANDEM stroller with space for 2 children
- Forward-facing front seat with rear car seat adaptability
- Foot Back platform and bench for older siblings
- For children 3 months and up; 90 kg General capacity


After reading the information above, now you can decide which product will meet your expectation the best. Either Joovy Caboose or Joovy Ultralight, both are excellent to select. However, if you need to select only one product, then you need to precisely compare Joovy Caboose VS Ultralight. Whether in terms of features, necessary needs, or maybe the price.

Be noted that the price is in a similar range, therefore this might not your driving concern. The main difference is that whether you want a single lightweight stroller, or you plan to get a tandem stroller. This is an important consideration. Whenever you want a single stroller, then Ultralight is your best option. But if you have more than one baby and need a tandem stroller, be consider Joovy Caboose for the best performance while traveling with your children.

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