Joovy Qool Vs City Select

Stroller is a very useful piece of equipment for parents who are often spending their time outdoors with their little one. Depending on the type of application and lifestyle, our choice may vary to each other such as the Joovy Qool Vs City Select which are versatile for daily use. These strollers come with lots of features to help parents enjoy the time while strolling with their babies but, they are also different and before deciding the option, let’s see below about what you can achieve with these strollers.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What are Travel System Strollers
  • What are Joovy Qool and City Select
  • How are the Design of Joovy Qool and City Select
  • How are the Canopy in Joovy Qool and City Select
  • How are the Passenger Seat in Joovy Qool and City Select
  • How are the Folding Mechanism of Joovy Qool and City Select
  • Joovy Qool Vs City Select

Travel Systems

Being a parent is an unforgettable moment, especially for the first time because we have to learn so many things and apply it at the same time. For example on what to carry and be prepared for while taking the baby out there such as the diapers, milk bottle, clothes, snacks if they are old enough to eat, and even their toys to keep them occupied while we have to do something like doing grocery shopping or discussing something with friends.

If you are going to carry the baby from a very early age while travelling or being active out there, it is great to choose a travel system instead of regular strollers. They are ideal for use since day one and can still be useful years later when they can walk or run freely. Essentially a travel system is a set of strollers and its accessories so there is not that much of a difference but depending on the manufacturer and stroller’s model, not all will have the same capabilities.

In general the travel system will have one main seat which can be either removed fully from the frame or reclined fully to accommodate other accessories, most importantly the infant car seat. This is necessary for the young babies who can’t sit properly or support their head so they can lay down while we push the stroller. In case the stroller’s seat can’t be reclined fully until flat, we can’t use them for younger babies from newborn up to 6 months without additional accessories.

With a travel system we can utilize the unit from day one and usually they have a long durability as well. Just like when choosing a regular stroller, we need to consider the size and weight, to select which option will be ideal for our type of lifestyle such as whether they fit in your car’s trunk or how much weight we have to carry while having to fold the unit when needed. Similarly, not all stroller frames can handle the same terrain but mostly can do great on smooth pavement.

 Joovy QoolCity Select
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions39.96 x 24.8 x 40.16 inches49.6 x 43.1 x 25.6 inches
Item Weight30.6 pounds29.5 pounds

In addition, also consider the special features you want to have on the strollers such as whether they need to have a large basket for your items while travelling, the handlebar height for shorter or taller than average parents, hand brakes in case your area is hilly, etc. Not all families will have the same lifestyle and which works best for their application but we can always reach the most ideal alternatives as the amount of choice is also abundantly available.

About Joovy Qool and City Select

Now that parents have already decided what they want to have in the stroller, it is time to see what the market has to offer. For many of us the budget will matter as well so we can put a range of prices such as from $100-$300 for example. The more expensive strollers are usually more capable and have sturdier material but in most cases you can enjoy lots of additional features from the system and in some cases are sold with the accessories too.

If you have a favorite brand, it is quick to look into their collection first and see whether they have the stroller that matches with your application and among those many other manufacturers, we have Joovy and Baby Jogger with their huge range of stroller types. Joovy for example is well-known to be affordable and carry some of the most popular dual or stand-on strollers in the market such as Joovy Caboose Vs Caboose Too while Baby Jogger is well-known for their jogging strollers.

The two are great alternatives to many other much more expensive baby strollers at reasonable prices but if you are going to buy a travel system, we also need to invest a little bit more. Joovy Qool and City Select from Baby Jogger for example are very popular travel systems you can get from both brands that can grow with the family as well. These systems are great for families who need to prepare for their first child and their younger siblings.

In comparison, they are similar to twin strollers but without the bulky width which is one of our reasons to avoid using one. The Joovy Qool and City Select are more streamlined and ideal when parents will often go in and out of a building because the width is not much different from a regular stroller’s size. They just tend to be heavier and slightly longer in the depth to accommodate two passengers. The two are currently  available at sub $500 with only one passenger seat.

Joovy Qool and City Select Design

Travel systems with dual seat options are usually bulky and this is our first impression when seeing these strollers; they are also pretty tall. But, surprisingly the main system itself is not as heavy as we thought they would at 29 and 31 lbs. respectively. The frames are similarly thick and we feel at ease when mounting two seats on the stroller’s built as they are very robust. The maximum passenger weight for both strollers are pretty high as well for up to 110 lbs. with each seat accommodating up to 55 lbs.

The height of Qool in open position is about 40 inches from the ground and the width is only 25 inches which is slightly lower than 43.5 and 26 inches of City Select. We also like the material they choose for these strollers because they are thick and feel soft to touch. There is a decently sized basket below the seat but it is easier to access items on Qool because it is shallower and has a wide opening, compared to City Select with tall sidewalls and narrow opening slot.

Joovy Qool and City Select Canopy

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Joovy Qool and City Select can offer starting from the canopy first. We do like the canopies in both strollers and if you install the bumper bars on the strollers, these canopies can go down until about touching the bumper which is great to help cover the kids when they nap or when the sun is too bright outside. There is also a mesh and clear plastic window respectively on these canopies to let the parent see their kids while pushing the stroller.

Joovy Qool and City Select Passenger Seat

Next we want to talk about the seat and this basic passenger seat can sustain up to 55 lbs of weight for prolonged use. What makes them special and suitable from newborn to toddlers is because you can remove the main seat and put other types of seat in place such as the car seat. In single system form, the main seat can be reclined quite low to the back but not until completely flat and this is great for children to take a nap more comfortably.

In dual mode, since we have another passenger on the back we can’t use the seat to the fullest recline but it should not be a problem with an infant car seat. You can also mount bassinet from the same brand for older babies to sleep properly on the stroller but we will have to buy all of the required adapters since none comes in the box. Additionally, the second seat is also sold separately and you can even add another rear platform to carry a total of three young children.

Joovy Qool and City Select Folding System

Next we want to talk about the folding mechanism of Joovy Qool and City Select. The folding system is very easy but you have to remove the other seats on the frame before collapsing the stroller and they are not designed to be compact either because the unit only folds about in half of the height while the length is still very prominent. Do note the Qool is 37 inches in length and the City Select is 32 inches when folded so make sure there is ample room in the trunk to place the strollers and its accessories.

Joovy Qool Vs City Select

Both of these strollers are ideal for growing parents so we can use them for up to three kids. The difference is mostly on how the passenger seat is working but the Qool does have a rear panel seat where the oldest sibling can leisurely enjoy the ride but, in City Select there is only a panel to let the sibling stand. The two also come with typical stroller features and are pretty smooth to ride with but we think the low basket is easier to reach in Qool compared to City Select.

- Together, grow together. The Qool is highly customizable and converts from a single to a double or triple.
- Seat supports children up to 55 pounds with UPF 50 expandable canopy.
- Complement as your family changes and grows. Up to 56 configurations. Add optional seats, car seat adapters, bassinets, child bench seat, etc.
- The seat fabric is removable and machine washable.
- The fold: Patented quick fold that allows the stroller to be folded in one step.
- Configurations: Our deluxe strollers allow you to create a custom system. City Select can be converted to a double baby stroller with 16 unique combinations using second seats, bassinets and car seat adapter kits (double conversion kits sold separately).
- Seat: Multiple reclining positions with a weight capacity of 45 lbs. Per seat.
- Canopy: UB 50 + sun canopy that can be adjusted to different head heights


There is no bad option between the two but we will recommend Qool from Joovy for the overall quality and ease of use, as well as the second seat for this model is cheaper compared to the City Select when you need to add more as the family is growing.

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