Joovy Zoom 360 vs Bob Revolution

Looking for a stroller is probably one of the top thing in many new parents list when they are expecting for their baby, to help them carry their little one on a walk or do some other activities outside. For those who loves to jog especially will need a stroller with the proper capability such as Joovy Zoom 360 vs Bob Revolution. These two are the favorite of many parents when it comes to jogger and if you want to know which unit suit you the most, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Joovy Zoom 360 and Bob Revolution
– What Joovy Zoom 360 and Bob Revolution Look Like
– What Joovy Zoom 360 and Bob Revolution can offer to you
– Joovy Zoom 360 vs Bob Revolution

Jogging Stroller
Stroller has been around since long time ago and it is proven to be still as useful equipment to have if you are a parent with a baby or toddler. Not all parents will need them because there are several other type of carrier you can pick in the market but a stroller will offer better benefit when it comes to lessen the burden in your shoulder and the ability to bring along some of your baby’s needs while you are doing an activity outside.

This is apply to many activity including jogging and since the road you are going to take or the speed of your jogging will affect the stroller, you will need the one that designed especially for the activity. Jogging stroller is also a long popular unit since the awareness to live healthily keep increasing nowadays especially mothers who want to get their ideal body back after giving birth. Joggers are always with 3 wheels but not all 3-wheel stroller are jogging stroller, so you need to pay attention to the product description before purchasing.

About Joovy Zoom 360
There are so many jogging stroller out there from different model to different manufacturer and each one of them may or may not offer a good performance, so it is important to search some information first before deciding to get some of them. The easiest way to get a good product is to ask for a recommendation since if many people are already satisfied with the unit, the chance is higher for you to love them too. When talking about joggers, Joovy Zoom 360 is not an unfamiliar name.

This model is actually one of the bestselling stroller in the category and it is understandable because it is just that good, moreover, the affordable price makes many parents won’t hesitate to pick the unit over the rivals with almost twice the tag. This model is actually has been around for quite some time now and no longer produced by the manufacturer since they are replaced by the Ultralight model with some upgrades on its material and features for better performance.

Joovy Zoom 360 Design
Judging Zoom 360 from the outside, this stroller is a fine looking one with a big seat to keep your baby as comfortable when jogging with you. The stroller is quite heavy actually compared to many of its competitors at 26.8 pounds and the recommended weight is only 50 pounds. This stroller overall design is also long which means you will be okay when jogging with the unit, but it is probably not that suitable for other activities such as shopping or commuting with public transit.

Joovy Zoom 360 Features
Some parents may not paying attention much into their stroller canopy but we do think it is an important part you should consider carefully, moreover, if your baby is fussier about being exposed to sun ray. As for Zoom 360 itself, their canopy is large enough to provide a full protection for you baby with a huge peek a boo window at the top area that is covered with a fabric and locked with Velcro. What’s unfortunate is you can’t adjust it to be half or less when the weather is nice.

As it has been mentioned earlier, this stroller seat is wide enough to let your toddler rest comfortably; it measures around 14-inch wide and 18-inch back while between the canopy and seat is measures only around 20-inch. The seat did win in width but if you have taller children, they wills surely grow to the seat pretty quickly. The best thing about the seat is you can reclined them easily with one hand and put it back in an upright position with one hand as well.

Once you fully reclined the seat, you can see the mesh fabric window at the back seat to allow better airflow when your baby is sleeping. However, since they have no cover, you may don’t want to open it when strolling in winter for it will gets too cold. Moving upward to the handle area, here you can see the non-adjustable handle covered with a durable foam material intended to increase the comfort when you are pushing the stroller. Here you will also find a strap to keep the stroller from running away from you.

Another important part when you are looking for a stroller is probably the basket especially if your baby needs to bring their favorite things or other important needs together when jogging with you such as toys, snacks or even blanket when the weather is colder. Zoom 360 has a decently huge basket to contain all of those things and since it has no cover, you can access them easily from any side of the stroller.

Wheels is crucial to allow you to have smooth maneuver and comfortable as well as light pushing. The stroller use air filled tires and the front can swivel as well as lock straight if you are on rougher terrain. The suspension is however, only located at the rear wheel so they probably won’t provide maximum shock absorption. As for the brake, Zoom 360 has single action parking brake on its rear wheel which is definitely not flip flop friendly.

About Bob Revolution
It is always good to have another option when looking for something since then you can compare them to find which item provide the best benefit for your needs. When it comes to jogging strollers then we can’t leave one of the most popular item available from Bob, the specialist of joggers with their huge collection of jogging strollers made to handle different types of terrains you will find in your adventure. Among those collection, Revolution is standing out with their Flex and Pro model or even the older SE.

This model actually have several types available said before but they are actually very similar to each other except SE for it is the original model and older, so the upgrades you can find on the other two are not available there. The Flex and Pro model are launched at the same time as an upgrade to SE and what separate them the most is the hand brake on Pro model that makes it more expensive than Flex. Read also: Thule Urban Glide vs Bob Revolution Flex here.

Bob Revolution Design
From the outside, there is not much upgraded from the older model to the newer version since they are still having the same appearance and it seems what they have been updated are on the inside. The product available now is 2016 model with much more upgraded sides because when they released it in 2015, the only prominent change is the adjustable handlebar missed in SE model. The design now support easier recline system, more upright position, larger basket, improved brake system, new color option as well as higher weight capacity.

Bob Revolution Features
One of the best thing about Bob Revolution is the huge canopy that can cover almost all the front part of the opening and leaves only a small gap for your children feet to rest. The two panel canopy can be adjusted as you need to be full or in half, so you can let them see their surroundings when strolling or jogging under cooler weather. On the top part there is a decently sized peek a boo window from plastic covered with a fabric and secured with Velcro.

The seat is also quite roomy measuring around 14.7-inch wide and 23-inch high from the bottom to the top of its canopy. There is enough padding here to let them sit or sleep comfortably and with the easy recline system, you now can adjust the seat with only one hand. However, you will still need two hand when adjusting the seat back up. As it has been mentioned above, the weight limit is increased in this stroller and making it able to handle your children up until they are 75 pounds.

The 2015 offer adjustable handlebar and it is kept in 2016 model but now they have 9 positions to offer starting from 34-inch up to 45-inch from the ground to accommodate parents with different height. As for the storage, there is a big mesh pocket at the back of the seat and the main basket below the seat to carry many things such as diaper, bag or other needs. Additional pocket is located in each side of the seat to carry your baby’s favorite things for them to avoid getting bored.

Just like many other jogging strollers, Bob Revolution is also using air filled tires which is bigger at the back than the front. The front wheel is swiveled and can be locked when needed, but the most impressive here is the adjustable suspension system that you can adjust to follow the terrain you are running or walking at.

Now, let’s compare Joovy Zoom 360 with Bob Revolution. The prominent difference between them is first, the canopy since Revolution’s canopy can be adjusted. Another prominent difference is on their suspension system because Zoom 360 use rear wheel suspension system while the other is adjustable.

Joovy Zoom 360 vs Bob Revolution

NameJoovy Zoom 360Bob Revolution
Features- Quick fold design - Aluminum frame with shock absorbing suspension - Extra wide reclining seat, oversized sun canopy - One step link parking brake, large storage basket - Includes parent organizer, running leash, tire pump- Locking swivel-front wheel for stability when jogging and easy mobility while on the go in the city - Air-filled tires and mountain bike-style suspension system offers an ultra-smooth ride, while the adjustable handlebar creates a perfect fit for parents of all heights

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are a good jogging stroller to pick with a complete features for the activity. But, if you don’t mind about spending more or don’t have any issue about budget, we will recommend you to pick Bob Revolution for its adjustable suspension, better canopy, and more weight limit.

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