Kolcraft vs Cosco Stroller

One of the most important equipment to have when you become a parent is a baby stroller for they will assist many of our load especially those made to be lightweight because then we can travel lighter as well. If you don’t want to spend much, Kolcraft Vs Cosco Stroller are two great options to look at because while they are made to be affordable, all basic and necessary features are all intact already yet, see which model will fit your family the most first below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Which Stroller Fits your Family the Most
– Why Choosing Lightweight Stroller
– What are Kolcraft and Cosco Stroller
– What Kolcraft and Cosco Stroller Look like
– How are the Canopy in Kolcraft and Cosco Stroller
– How are the Passenger Seat in Kolcraft and Cosco Stroller
– How are the Compartment in Kolcraft and Cosco Stroller
– How to Fold Kolcraft and Cosco Stroller
– Kolcraft Vs Cosco Stroller

Stroller Types
Welcoming our little one to this work is an unforgettable moment for all parents even though if it is not your first time anymore. However, it is also true that we will need to prepare lots of things especially for first born because they don’t inherit the equipment needed from the older siblings and among all of those useful equipment, baby stroller is one of the most important. We actually can’t imagine living without one for it can put so much burden on our shoulders when strolling outside.

Stroller is suitable for all types of family because they are available in various different types as well, the most common being the full size stroller we often seen being used by lots of parents everyday. As the name suggest they are very sturdy and in general can be converted into a travel system set or on some models can even take two or 3 seats by stacking them together using provided adaptor. But, due to the heavy frame, they are not ideal for traveling or strolling in packed areas.

Similar to full size stroller we also have another useful equipment to help you stay active while also taking care of the baby and it is jogging stroller or often called as jogger. This type of stroller is made to be sturdy but also somehow light and the main goal is to accommodate parents who plan to spend some time jogging or running with their little one. They are very impressive with suspension and air filled rubber tire as well as 3-wheel system to allow users to maneuver easily.

Lightweight Stroller
Besides those two types of stroller we have been mentioning above, there is another popular type of stroller and it is called lightweight stroller or umbrella stroller because of the fairly thin frame and minimum features intact. Some of them can have 4-wheel design like a full size strollers or 3-wheel system like a jogger but the main goal is to make the unit as light as possible and convenient enough for parents to carry around; for example while traveling or hand carry when using stairs.

Not only made to be lightweight, many of them are also easy to transport meaning they have a wonderful folding mechanism like Baby Jogger City Mini Vs City Tour thus, users don’t have to worry about fiddling with complicated system just to fold or unfold their strollers. In addition, depending on the model, while in general not many of them can also take an infant car seat to be converted into a travel system, there are some model that does offer the convenient.

About Kolcraft and Cosco Stroller
Comparing all of the capabilities and cons of a type of stroller, we are sure most parents can quickly decide to go with which type since not all of us will have the same needs and many parents are also utilizing more than one stroller even for just one child due to the difference in convenience and optimum usage. For those who are living in an urban area and need to move quickly or lightly, umbrella or lightweight stroller will be a very ideal choice to go.

Like many other types of strollers, the lightweight models are offered by almost any companies who are doing the business but not all of them will fit your preference and if you are here, chances the light in weight and light in cost are the one caught your attention the most. We have tons of them but two of the most affordable are Kolcraft and Cosco Stroller that you can get less than $50 on various stores including Amazon.

Both of them are a lightweight or more commonly called as umbrella strollers due to the minimum features and amazingly easy to carry frame; even with one hand. They can be a great companion for your full size stroller when taking a quick trip to the store or spend some quality moments in a nearby park but we don’t recommend them for heavier load due to the nature of thin frame thus, we don’t see them as a great choice to be your main strolling companion.

Another thing that we want to mention is their seat because these types of seats are not friendly with smaller babies for they cannot lay down and the seat is pretty upright so make sure your little one can already support their neck and head when using any of Kolcraft or Cosco Stroller. We also cannot fit any infant car seat on the frame or suitable bassinet to carry newborn for there is no suitable accessories whether it is the compartment nor the adaptor.

Kolcraft and Cosco Stroller Design
The first thing that comes to our mind when checking these strollers is the very thin frame which is why they can be so lightweight, in fact some full size strollers can be twice as heavy than any of these two. However, they feel sturdy and reliable enough to carry a total weight of 40 lbs. for both the passenger and belongings or in Kolcraft also on their main basket. Fashion wise, they are looking quite attractive but the pattern or color options are very limited.

Comparing the two, it is easily determined that Kolcraft is also the heavier choice among the two because this model is more complicated and has slightly more features to offer. The stroller is as heavy as 9.5 lbs. while the Cosco model is a little bit lighter at 8.3 lbs. They have the same 4-wheel design and each one of them are doubled so they can take heavier load and maneuvered easily even though nearing the weight limit.

Kolcraft and Cosco Stroller Canopy
When shopping for a baby stroller, we usually take a notice of their canopy first because it is the most prominent feature in the unit. As you can see, the canopy in these strollers are quite thin but we do like the one in Kolcraft because it is wider and made from 2-panel system with flat and reclined part so it can protect the child from sun rays better or when fully reclined can cover almost all of the front opening especially when the rays come from the front angle.

With Cosco, this affordable stroller does have a canopy but besides being very thin, the canopy is also made with only one panel and in our opinion won’t be able to keep your baby from sun rays especially when strolling at summer and probably more ideal for an indoor strolling such as while doing grocery shopping etc.

Kolcraft and Cosco Stroller Passenger Seat
Moving down, let’s see the passenger seat on these stroller and as you can see, they are very thinly padded especially the Cosco one while the former still have slightly thicker foam for the seat yet, only Kolcraft backrest is padded and when you roll this padding, we can see material made from mesh to allow better air circulation to keep the baby cool. There is harness on both models or the standard 5-point harness to keep your baby safe in place while you push the stroller.

Kolcraft and Cosco Stroller Basket
Another feature you may want to know when looking for a stroller is the additional compartment for they can be useful for organizing and carrying several other things. In Kolcraft stroller we have one main basket located below the passenger seat and while it is not as big as what we used to find in full size stroller, it can still take few small bags or your baby’s belongings and in addition we have a cup holder on the handle for hydration on the go.

Kolcraft and Cosco Stroller Folding Mechanism
Last but not least is how to fold Kolcraft and Cosco Stroller and how compact they are after being folded but in general they are operated in the same manner or by using scissors mechanism. On the middle panel between the two rear wheels there is a latch that we can engage or disengage and when you slide this lock, we can push the stroller frame together to fold the unit or more accurately making them slimmer for the initial length will stay the same.

Both of these umbrella strollers can be a nice addition to your full size stroller when need to walk lightly but they are also different because in general Kolcraft is more capable, especially with bigger canopy that when extended fully can reduce the height and cover almost ¾ of the front opening. It also has a deeper seat and padded backrest in which when rolled up can expose the mesh fabric for cooling effect. But, it is also heavier and has bigger wheels.

Kolcraft vs Cosco Stroller

- An extended canopy and a rear hood provides plenty of sun protection, while a Cool Climate mesh material prevents overheating.
- With a 1-step folding design, this stroller makes a perfect travel companion.
- COMPACT DESIGN – The Cosco Umbrella Stroller is lightweight and compact, letting you take it along in the car or fold it down easily and stow it away when not needed
- HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE – This umbrella stroller features an adjustable canopy to give your child shade while you are out and about

There is no bad choice between both models since it all depending on which suit your application the most but, if we are to choose, we do like Kolcraft umbrella stroller better because it has a bigger canopy and more comfortable passenger seat.

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